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Band 3 Discounted Parcel Post Rates for 12 Weeks (e.g. Same City Metro from $6.41) @ My Post Business


Want cheaper shipping rates from Australia Post? Get instant access for up to 30% off the regular postage prices. Usually you’ll need to send at least 80 parcels per rolling 8 weeks to qualify for Band 3.

  • Parcel Post 500g — regular $9.15 —> discounted to $6.51 (same city), $7.81 (other major city), $9.02 (rural)
    (Rates updated 6 Sept 2021)

More info here

You don't need to have a business, nor ABN to register for a My Post business account.


  1. Sign in to your My Post Business account
  2. Click the arrow next to your name, and click "business details"
  3. Go to "promo codes" and enter code: Retail$B311
  4. Message should pop up saying "Promo code applied! It will be ready to use in the next couple of hours."

You’ll also receive an email stating “We're increasing your MyPost Business savings”. Note: the increase is for 12 weeks only.

It appears if you have used the coupon code before, you cannot apply it again.

Credits to original Tiktok poster

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  • "This code has already been used"

    • If you’ve applied for a mypost business account at a post office, they might have applied this code already. Try on a new account and it should work

      • This code has already been used.

        I applied online and never knew there was a promo code section even lol

        Edit: works great on a new, second account

  • +1

    Something's gone wrong and we're working hard to fix things. Please try again later.
    When we're back, please log in to restart your session.
    Got this error msg
    Edit - my bad. Didn't enter details. All good. Working now. Thanks op.

  • Go the code to work.
    Says i can use it in a couple of hours.

  • +2

    Worked. How long doe this last for?

    • +2

      Going by the email I received and the description, it's only for 12 weeks.

  • is this for an account with monthly invoice?

    • +1

      By default no. You pay using card or PayPal. you can apply for credit if you do more than 1k/month I think.

  • Invalid code. Please enter a valid promo code.
    I think they've pulled the pin on this code, unfortunately.

    • +1

      Cancel that, I think I had an extra space on the end of the code when I copied it.
      Worked. Thanks for this.

      • ok i'll try again

  • thank you.

  • +1

    It’s works. Thanks OP.

  • Failed for me. I've never entered any promo code before.

  • +2

    Credits to original Tiktok poster

    Of course Tiktok the new go to source for business bargains.

  • Wow OP must be rewarded for this !
    I did print something at 11pm though At $9.15 hahahaha
    Code applied successfully.

  • Still working, Cheers OP. Amazing find.

  • Not working on my wife's business account. She's gotten to band 1. Bummer. Wonder what the difference is? Maybe because she is already band 1?

    • yes it will not work if you are in band1. The code was meant to be given to new customers or customers who has not used their account for over 12 months if I remember correctly.

      • +1

        A shame to penalise actual customers.

  • Thanks OP

  • Worked for me - thanks!

  • I wonder what services is available?

    Currently work from home and send about 5 express post A4 envelope per week using company paid prepaid envelopes. Will this help?

    • No, the discounts apply to parcels only. The discounts don't work for prepaid parcel satchels either.

  • Worked. If you get an error message just make a new account :).

  • I order 5 toothpaste around 500gm weight and paid $5 to Amazon for free shipping… How on earth they afford it when 500gm shipping cost them $6.40 in postage ?

    • They're losing momey on your order. Especially when its just small stuff in low qty

    • +1

      Bargaining. Amazon can negotiate delivery companies to the brink of profitability.

    • +5

      Bargaining + most metro deliveries done by Amazon's own delivery folks getting paid hourly.

  • Thanks OP. Siged up again as I already had one before I think.

    Remind me again, the QR code will be emailed so it can be used to scan at the post office when posting right?

    • not too sure but you can certainly access it from your send and save tab in your mypost account.
      Alternatively, you can access it from your mypost app under the account tab which should show MyPostBusiness.

  • error :(

  • 3 months it lasts and it hasn’t expired. Who reported that shit anyway -_- muppet

  • Thank you. Got confirmation email about the increased savings to Band3 at 8.30am (added the code to my account around 1am)

  • Awesome, works for me. Thanks !

  • Worked, thank you!

  • +1

    Worked for me (MyPost business account a few years old, only used a couple of times in that time)

    EDIT: you can check what band you're in by logging in and going Dashboard >> Send and Save. At the moment I'm still in band 0, waiting for the offer to activate.

  • So I'm sending a ~2kg parcel with charity goods to NT from NSW. Can I just wander into my local PO and pay the discounted rate at the counter? (I've registered for this deal now). Thanks :)

    • +2

      yep, go to send and save tab, and there is a QR code which you can show counter to scan

    • +1

      If you can wait until September 6th, there is a new pricing structure which brings down the cost significantly for parcels 5kg or less to NT.

      Postcodes 800-801, 804, 810-814, 820-821, 828-831, 851, 861, 871, 906-907, 909-909 only.

      • Hey thank you! Doesn't look like '0852, Mataranka' is covered by that rate drop? :( One bloody suburb over.

  • Thank you OP <3

  • Cheers buddy!

  • Nice one, already saved me a bunch just in shipping today

  • Cheers OP. Works on a new account

  • do we get discounts on international posts?

    • Yes

  • Would you use this instead of printing out labels via eBay's system?

    • +1

      Nah once you have the My Post Business account, you can setup eBay integration. So you do all your posting from the Australia Post site.

      Log into the My Business account, click on the Orders tab and then "Import from eBay". Once you finalise the shipping, you print the label from the site and the tracking automatically adds to the eBay sale. :)

    • Yes, if you send even 5 parcels a week then switch over, as you'll reach tier 1 and start receiving the discounts.

  • Didn't work for me, my local post office applied it to my account 4 months back and now expired.
    Had a good run at least

  • Says this code has already been used.
    This is odd as I never even knew there was a code section. I created my account myself years ago - wasn't done through a post office.

    I did reach band 3 last year for a short while due to volume - maybe that has something to do with it.

    • that may be why. this code is only meant for new accounts or an account that has not been used in years.

      • I'm tier 2 and it didn't work - I wonder if it is only working for people on tier 0 or tier 1

        • That is right. It will not work if you are already receiving discounts. The code is meant to be for new users or users who have not used their account for over 12 months or something if I remember correctly

        • Makes sense.
          I'm band 2 at the moment

  • Noice, thanks Skiddo!

  • Thanks OP :-)

    How does this compare to Sendle?

    • +2

      Just compared a sample quote for 5kg same city, sendle $10.85, Aust post $13.05 after the above discount.

      • i think this deal is really good for most of the small parcels. For large, it depends.

    • +1

      Sendle will be slightly cheaper than Australia post most of the time… but once you go rural or if the courier doesn't have a standard service in the area Australia Post is cheaper.

      Which is why I use Sendle for metro cities and Aus Post for rural, PO box or parcel locker.

    • +2

      The difference is your customers will hate you if you use sendle

      • +1

        I usually avoid buying from retailers that use sendle, if I can get the item from anyone else

  • Thanks OP , great deal !

  • -1

    Does this include international shipping from australia?

  • It is showing me $7.69 for even same city.. anyone know how to fix it ?

    rates for other states is good.

  • I get 15.28 vs 15.75 for a 3kg parcel - sydney metro to regional qld.

    Doesn't seem like much of a discount.

    • Rural is always hard to get discounts. Best to use a different method for rural

      • Best to use a different method for rural

        Like? All the couriers to rural are super expensive.

        Feels like even with this 30% discount, AusPost is still similar pricing to sendle/couriers please.

        • good price for metro delivery only.

        • If you are a business / company. It may be worth looking into other options. Like third party logistic companies. If you are doing less than say 100 sales a month. Maybe Australia post is your best bet.

          I get options what would cost 8.60 to rural. Cost me just $5.60 and sometimes less depending

  • Saved me $10 for a small 500gr International Express parcel

  • +1

    Prices are increased now , not as much benefit as before, but still better than paying full price :)

  • Thanks OP!

    This is a great last minute find.