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Philips Hairclipper Series 5000 $35.70 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys


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for the COVID CUTS, but be prepared for arguments with your partner if he/she cuts your hair.
Philips Hairclipper Series 5000

Trim-n-Flow PRO technology
28 length settings (0.5-28mm)
75 min cordless use/8hr charge
100% washable

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Looks like a good deal. Waterproof? Thanks

    • Yes. Just rinse it under water to clean it.

      Can you use it in the shower? I dont know.

      • Haha yea, i like to use it that way

  • +1

    For our NSW friends who can’t do Cc, Amazon is currently $39

    • why should we not be able to do CC in NSW? LOL

    • +1

      Amazon is OOS

      • TGG is also fall in backorder and they charge in front

  • +1

    We have this, cuts incredibly well! My only complaint is after a year of sporadic use (maybe 10-15 cuts) it's barely able to do one person anymore without struggling badly toward the end. Fortunately you can use it plugged into the wall as well but it does mean it's no longer corless.

    • Oh as in… after about 10-15 charges the battery doesn't hold anymore?

      • +1

        I have this one and cut my hair once a month ad battery is still doing fine.

        • Must just be mine then, I let it charge for a full day beforehand, wife used it on one toddler hair cut (very quick because toddler) and then when I went to use it it died half way through. I guess YMMV then

  • +1

    There is going to be alot of barbers and hairdressers after this lockdown.

  • 8 hour charge time for 75min use. That's quite long.

    • This is why I got HC5630/15 instead, it only requires 1 hour charge for 90min use.
      It was $59 at Myer a couple of days ago and you might want to wait for another deal like this..

      • +1

        Yes I picked this one up from Myer for $59!

    • Yeah its just slow charge and you generally are able to recharge it in between before you need it again anyway.

  • I have these clippers and they're fantastic. They can mow through my hair doing the No2 crew cut on the first run, no problems.
    My two previous 240V wired clippers could not do that. I was very surprised and needless to say very happy.
    Use the clippers without attachments to give yourself a 3 day growth shave, just like George Michael from WHAM !!

  • Or, just go to Woolies and pay $25 for Remington https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/823726?goo...

    • +1

      Or just use one without wires.

      • +2

        I have this Phillips and the remington from woolies and this Phillips absolutely shits on the remington. Only neg is the charging time but if you forget to charge it you just use it corded.

  • Anyone ordered with Amazon and received estimated delivery date?

  • The good guys just refunded my order via paypal with no other comms..now its showing as no stock.. almost 2 weeks after the order (WA)

    Tried submitted a query and received an SMS that they would respond in around 10 business days… wont be buying through them again.

  • Still waiting for my order. No update as to when the stock arrives but GG are waiting on delivery…

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