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[Afterpay] Samsung LC49HG90DMEXXY 49" Curved QLED Ultra Wide 3840x1080 $1189.15 Delivered @ Shopping Express eBay


Hi guys, first deal posted here so please be kind.

I was looking at some Samsung 49 inch monitors and stumbled across this deal, which is $1.15 more than the previous deal here:

Although this deal does include free shipping.

Alternatively, there is an open box version with 12 months warranty (don't know how much you would trust that) for $1104.15:

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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    eyeing to buy one but the QHD version. AOC Agon was 1200 few months back but none on stock anywhere closest cheapest is 1400 from digidirect. Just holding as of now. Anyone comment how is 49" on daily life scenarios.

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      I bought that AOC deal a few months ago (which is 5120x1440, not 3840x1080) and upgraded from a Kogan 34" ultrawide. and I gotta say, the AOC is incredible. Working from home/coding on it has been awesome, you get so much screen real estate. Also been quite fun for gaming but did take some getting used to. If you have a pc that can handle that resolution it's 100% worth it. Forza, aoe2, and red dead 2 have been amazing on it.

      • thanks a lot mate exactly what i wanted. I am also using AOC 34" for few months and wanted to upgrade but was not sure how the extra wide is going to feel. You eliminated that doubt. Thanks BTW how much did you pay for your AOC seems everyone has hiked the price right now.

        • Got this deal

          Only thing I'd consider is if your PC up to gaming on it. I've ran it with a ryzen 7 and a 3080 ti and haven't had an issue.

          • @vstratosphere: Nice, this is the post i saw while browsing for the item. The difference is huge if you ask me considering the steam gc. I better wait. Thanks mate

    • Been considering the AOC too as the G9 hasn't dropped yet, despite the Neo coming! ugh!

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    With the Neo coming, drop the price of the G9 Samsung AU! COME ON!!!

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    This is a lot of money for a monitor with only a 1080 vertical resolution. Should be at least 1440p at this price.

  • Well nuts, my first AfterPay purchase can't be for that much :(

  • Doesn't post to QLD South East :(

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    Samsung LC49RG90 can be purchased for $1,444.15 with AFPYDY15 as well. Probably worth a post on it's own.

    • Yep, this is the one I've been eyeing off for a while and now got (using a friends AfterPay account because my limit was too low). Futu won't post to regional NSW, but these guys will (same price, but I'm regional so had to go with this seller)

      • Nice mate, hope it serves you well!

        Tempted to pick one up however being a console player I feel I'm going to regret it with the stretched resolution or otherwise black edges. Should be good for WFH and general usage however.

      • Another way around the limit is to get gift cards (3% off with Suncorp, Shopback, 5% off with but you have to bank transfer and wait for manual issuance so who knows how long that will take).

        the code will work as long as you have any little $ remaining going to Afterpay, so you have to undershoot gift cards a bit.

  • I have had this monitor for almost three years now (2 years 9 months), i know this because I've had to check when the warranty ran out.

    Had the power supply on it die, and take out the LCD, was 2.5 years old, had the local service centre come out to my house within a couple of days and replace all the internals.

    however, looks like the main board they replaced it with was a bit dodgy as when it came out of sleep maybe once a month or so, it would crash.
    called them again last night at about 4, had someone out again today changed the main board of the monitor again all within 24 hours.

    note also when the brightness of this monitor is set to 100, the side over heat…

    now the bad is out of the way, MAN its a nice monitor. nice colour, and best of all for gaming, at 1080P its much easier to drive as it doen't require as much of a powerful graphics card… and really for gaming you cant really tell the difference between 1080P and 1440P anyways… id rather the extra frames and higher quality settings over resolution once you get to about 1080P.

    (writing on this post on it now)

    note ive found if you want to use it for work, its best to plug in two imputs and turn on picture by picture so when you maximize it goes to half the screen, having the window take up the full screen for work is too much… also when you snap to the side it takes up a quarter of the screen which works well too.

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