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[VIC] Seagate One Touch Portable Hard Drive 1TB $40.70, 2TB $62.30, 5TB $113 & More @ Officeworks (Wodonga)


Finally went into OW to look at picking up a few of the recently discounted external drives, only to find they have been discounted even further!
Also, Toshiba 2.5 Canvio Advanced 1TB - 4TB and Canvio (STD) are heavily discounted as well.

Price update

Seagate One Touch - 1TB @ $40.70
Seagate One Touch - 2TB @ $62.30
Seagate One Touch - 4TB @ $109.00
Seagate One Touch - 5TB @ $113.00

Toshiba Canvio Advance - 1TB @ $46.75
Toshiba Canvio Advance - 2TB @ $89.25
Toshiba Canvio Advance - 4TB @ $98.45

Toshiba Canvio - 1TB @ $44.00
Toshiba Canvio - 2TB @ $59.20
Toshiba Canvio - 4TB @ $108.00


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    I'm not familiar with this term "in store" can you elaborate?

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      Yes, please elaborate… do I say I'm here for click and collect but browse their clearance section?

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        ahhaha… Sorry for those that are not allowed in store. Country Vic. Perhaps ring your local and see if they have stock and will allow click and collect…
        Happen to be in Wodonga.

        I'd expect and imagine that other OW's are at the same price…

  • Which is more reliable Seagate or Toshiba?

    • I'd say, same same/near enough…

    • +9

      Don't rely on any manufacturer. Have back ups

      • And which manufacturer are your backups 🤣

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    Damn, the moment I've been waiting for months and can't event go to a store due to lockdown. Could i maybe buy some cheap thing online and then, while click and collecting, look at the rest of the store?

  • https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/seagate-on...
    1 touch 5GB is $175

    More details needed, store/state/location, else this is something that is not possible to buy.

    • The title says in store, not online

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        Which store, state, details?

    • +1


      • Sure… Where, proof, details?

  • i dont see this price5TB $119 on officework website, can you share screenshot from where you see this price

    • Says in store on the title

      • bingo! 👍

    • OzB wouldn't allow the upload for some weird reason…
      "*Sorry all, couldn't get the images to upload for something weird reason, so you are just going to have to believe me!"

      Happy to send images to anyone that has some cloud storage and wants to post up as a link.

      • When posting the deal you should specify where you found the item

        See also the posting notes:

        • Clearance prices are denoted by a yellow tag and are national prices. No need to note the store in the title for clearance but please mention the store & quantity left in the description.

        • Clearance prices denoted by a white sticker (about 2cm x 1cm) are for that store only. Please mention the location in the title

        To upload images, you can either use the ozbargain media uploader or upload to imgur https://imgur.com/

        • +1

          Unable to advised on qty - as they are held behind the counter.
          From the images (that wouldn't upload) there was 5+ of each!
          Stickers are taken on each size - again, couldn't upload. Reduced sizes of image(s) also and still wouldn't upload. So gave up!

  • Which one is best to shuck?

    • Apparently the Seagate ones, from what I've gathered in previous posts

      • Thx. Gonna check it out then

  • Seriously OP at least tell us what state and what store in the title.

    • read up. 👆

      • Why not just make a quick edit in the title?

  • Anyone that wants to upload some images, I'm happy to send over!
    Simple… otherwise give your local store a call!

    • imgur or pictr is your friend

      • Don't really have time right now… but here you go sweetheart!

        Perhaps you might want to edit your above comment?

    • Can't you upload a receipt or invoice onto imgur?

    • Thank you.

    • Y'all right, OP. Thank you

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    we're a feisty bunch tonight aren't we

  • Hoping OW NSW will price match these online.

  • -3

    Yeah what's the point if it's only ONE single store in the country????

    • +2

      Agreed, OP shouldn't post for ungrateful people anymore!

      • Haha thx!
        Should have though about buying all the stock, posting on ebay for +5$ each drive! Hahaha

        I'd imagine other stores would be the same price or match!

        Not normally in Wodonga for this long. Guess there is a upside occasionally…

        • From past experience, price matching with other Officeworks branches is 'hit or miss'.
          Doesn't being a "clearance" product disqualify it from the Price Beat policy?

          • @sam buster: Can confirm my earlier comment.
            I tried to get a %TB Seagate Touch, it scanned at $199 at checkout. Even when I produced the image of the Shelf Edge Label above, the cashier scanned it and it came up as $131 rather than $113.
            He told me they wouldn't price match clearance lines even at other Office Works.

  • +1

    RIP anyone in Albury who wants this

    • I'm guessing the would be the same price…

  • Anyone confirm this is in any stores in QLD?
    JB has them for $119 https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/seagate-4tb-one-touch-por... - $5 post but would be nice to get the 5tb one at $113 in this deal

    • Yes it would be nice 👍😁

    • If you see my double post above, made and hour and a half before your query, Officeworks doesn't have a policy of price matching Clearance lines, not even from it's own stores. The label for the 5TB drive is in the system as $131.
      It's pot luck if the cashier will match it.

  • Are these ok for PS5

  • $53.40 for 2TB version in Hobart store.

  • Anyone tried getting the 5TB in QLD (Brisbane) Officeworks?
    They aint answering the phones, may be a waste of a trip driving down..

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