Which Brands Do You Boycott and Why?

Hey everyone,

I recently thought today of companies that I actively avoid and the reasons why.

Harvey Norman is one for keeping JobKeeper payments and Nestlé due to multiple reasons.

Please explain in the comments which companies you boycott. An explanation and link to relevant documentation/articles would be good!


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            @blehgg: …will still watch… … Rogue One and The Mandalorian were good.

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              @Sidog: I didn't mind Mandalorian until the end of the first season when all the people that didn't particularly like him came in to do their 20 second cameo of showing how "awesome" they are.

              Then when they silenced an actual strong independent woman for her beep, bop, boop joke I knew I was wasting my time expecting anything better from Disney.

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                Then when they silenced an actual strong independent woman for her beep, bop, boop joke

                Imagine losing a job over that, ridiculous.

              • @Skylex: I actually liked season 2 more… it's also a pretty silly show and is more enjoyable when you just kinda go with it.

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      Whats wrong with Yum Cha?

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        I love Yum Cha but I feel it's got a bit expensive and they're way to tight on chilli and soy sauce these days… back in the 90s they'd just leave a couple of bottles on your table… these days it's them tiny little sauce things for like several people.

        • Yeah Yum Cha is pretty expensive to actually get full.

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            @Hellcrusher2903: This is because it is not meant to be a meal to fill you up.
            It's meant to be more of a social experience where you drink tea with family/friends, with some light snacks, you should think of it more as a high tea or coffee & cake.

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          It's called inflation. Google the term.

    • If the price works out to more than $1/ dumpling it's a massive rip off. I wouldn't say I boycott, because if they had a deal where it was reasonably priced I'd still go there, I just wouldn't pay the high price.

      What happened at Burrito Bar? Mmmm… Taco Monday.

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        I had a run of a couple of burritos that were honestly 97% rice… complained got a free burrito… the free burrito was 99% rice… I vowed never again!

        • Fair enough, I don't really eat burritos so haven't tried them. I sometimes get their $2.50 tacos or $1 wings. I wouldn't say they're worth the standard prices.

    • I need to know, why red rooster? I can understand the rest, but they seem pretty innocuous.

      • Probably from their boot chicken

      • Innocuous is a good way to describe them, I just think Red Rooster is the most boring and offensively bland of all the fast food chains in Australia. It’s the fast food equivalent of going to Woolies buying a bbq chicken and a few bread roles… their chips are alright though.

    • Sea World/Dream world?

    • I went to a rooftop restaurant for a mate's Birthday and they were charging $16 for 4 dumplings and I was honestly a little upset. Their cheapest mains were all around the $30 mark as well

  • Qatar Airways

    • For a moment my dyslexic mind thought you hate the short man with his horn glasses. Qatar Air, well when are they coming back?

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    Kogan. Murdoch rags and channels.

    Pretty much it.

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    The Liberal Party

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      The Labour Party and the Greens then.

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        Clive Palmer United Australia Party clearly.
        Got to be united.

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    r/melbourne on Reddit. The mods are hardcore lefties.

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      hardcore lefties

      Colour me surprised.

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      From what I've read reddit is left-leaning in general. But it could also be because some people are so far right that they label anyone who disagrees with them as lefties. Goes both ways of course.

      That's one of my favourite subs on reddit though, the post quality is much better than r/sydney IMO (I follow both because I live in Sydney and am from Melbourne).

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      Oh, sorry Hillsong

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      How do you know someone's a lefty? Don't worry, they'll tell you when there's a tool that's made for righties that is difficult for lefties to use.

      Cut them some slack, life is hard when most things were not designed with you in mind.

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      Given that city people are frequently labelled "out of touch latte sippers" etc, these comments are making pretty obvious that it's actually the minority who don't live in urban areas who are out of touch with mainstream Australia. Just because News Ltd tells you that something is "left" or "radical" doesn't make it so…

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    Kogan - just the worst.
    Kinder - since they moved production to china.
    Weirdly that made me appreciate nestle chocolate bars that are made here. Yes I know - nestle are actually evil with their water businesses.

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    Uber Eats & Deliveroo - They are destroying the bottom line for restaurants and as a result the portion sizes are sometimes smaller. Not to mention the drivers are paid pittance.

    Flight Centre - My experience with them has always involved them adding in extra charges.

    Chemist Warehouse (as much as possible) - They are quite predatory with their business model. I've had friends who have worked for them who don't speak well of their experience. I still buy items from them if they are the cheapest but generally speaking if I shop around I can find a cheaper price elsewhere.

    Lifeline Op Shops - I admit Lifeline provide a wonderful service to all Australians and we should all be grateful to them for that. Like any charity funding is the key to making things happen however I just find prices in their op shops outrageously expensive. At places like Lifeline essential items like clothing and kitchenware should be accessible for those who need it most but whenever I walk in there all I see are prices that are 2, 3 or even 4 times the price of items brand new items from Kmart.

    Most shopping centre sushi outlets - They use very low quality Chinese soy sauce, seaweed and that stuff they masquerade as wasabi. It can sit in the glass cabinet all day, the temperatures in the cabinet can breed bacteria and their staff are underpaid and paid under the table so that the outlet owner can drive around in their luxury European car. If you go to an authentic Japanese Sushi restaurant you'll recognize what quality sushi is and won't go near these shopping centre ever again.

    Any farmed salmon - If you do a little bit of reading you'll see how problematic this industry is. The rubbish they are feeding the fish is beyond a joke. The fish waste and excess food cause widespread ecological damage. These fish farms hunt local/migrating seals claiming they are a danger to humans which is quite barbaric. Happy to look elsewhere to source my protein.

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      Chemist Warehouse - If you are still buying, then it's not a boycott.

      Shopping centre sushi - Show us an authentic Japanese sushi restaurant that has shopping centre sushi prices, and I'll bet everyone would boycott them (Chinese Sushi) too.

      There's a reason why some people drive Ferraris and some people drive Great Wall.

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      Imitation wasabi is hardly unique to those venues though….stuff isn't cheap….

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      Lifeline Op Shops - I admit Lifeline provide a wonderful service to all Australians and we should all be grateful to them for that. Like any charity funding is the key to making things happen however I just find prices in their op shops outrageously expensive. At places like Lifeline essential items like clothing and kitchenware should be accessible for those who need it most but whenever I walk in there all I see are prices that are 2, 3 or even 4 times the price of items brand new items from Kmart.

      I worked in a Vinnies shop for a while.

      They aren't there to help the poor. They are there to generate income for their charity works. We would turn away stuff that was perfectly serviceable for someone doing it tough. Things like lounges with small rips or stains, for example.

      At least the Lady that ran our shop had cheapish prices. The boss came in (long after I left) and said they weren't high enough, so the entire voluntary team quit.

      • I've been in some charity shops and they have staff down every aisle .
        Someone abusing the work for the dole or something in a serious way that costing the taxpayer big time with unnecessary labour .
        Maybe the ghost town stores for staff like Myers and DJ should find out the secret .

        • Someone abusing the work for the dole or something

          Something …

          There just aren't enough projects available to put WFD people into, so places like this will take them.

          The government doesn't care that WFD people often don't gain experience. It's about punishing people for daring to be on the dole.

    • You've misunderstood what charity Op Shops are for. They aren't there to service goods to the poor. They are there to sell goods for a profit, to fund their charitable aims.

      To be honest they are also there to attempt to make a dent in the shocking wastefulness prevalent in our current collective consumption (which is a complicated topic I will acknowledge).

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    Kogan - dodgy
    Harvey Norman - dodgy and difficulties with returns
    Apple - rip off, with subpar products
    NRMA - had a flat battery once charged me new member fee and penalty for using them within 48 hours of signing up.. $400 is cost me, never used them again this was 16 years ago.
    Few burger places - charging $1.50+ for tomato sauce

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      With NRMA, that is to stop people not maintaining their annual membership. Fair IMO.

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    All Chinese car brands

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      Care to explain why? Why Chinese in particular?

        • Did the dog need an operation?

        • Kerpal? Is that you?

    • Do we have a mainlander downvoting?

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      All Chinese brands.
      Everything that can be bought that avoids buying anything Chinese I do, it does make things very limiting at times and cant always be avoided but do the best I can.

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        So.. can you tell us what mobile, tv, fridge, washing machine you're using? Where did you buy your couch, chairs, tables from?

        • Could be Natuzzi for furniture.

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          iPhone & Macbook Pro (yeah China, but work pays for it not me)
          Very old (10+ years) Samsung TV (Korean, but probably with components via China)
          Fridge is a Mitsubishi (Japan)
          Dishwasher, washing machine and dryer are Miele (German)
          Couch is Berkowitz Nora (Australian with NZ Leather)
          Table \ chairs via some Australian small business (can't recall the name) who did timber furniture.

          Cars, Toyota (Japan) and some Euro thing.
          Building a house atm, have chosen Aussie made or not Chinese at every possibility like Aussie made tiles etc.

          Buy once and do it right, all of those things are built to last and in the least possible way support China.

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        I want to do this, but it's so hard.
        I've avoided a few Chinese brands like xiaomi over the past couple years, but still a long way to go.

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      • The Chinese manufacture an insane amount of cars (millions p/y) and have really good standards these days. I think they have a bad rep much comparable to how Korean/JDM cars decades ago but the truth is they're pretty good at making cars these days.

        I used to work at a car dealership network that owned a few Chinese branded dealerships. Spoke to the head mechanic who basically said there were a lot of similar parts used for their cars as other major brands like Hyundai (and if you know how car manufacturing works, brands don't make their own parts). Reliability of the Chinese brands the dealership network owned was pretty good relative to other brands and after operating for several years with the brands, the warranty claims/attempt were pretty much in line with other major brands.

        There are many recalls and horror stories from major brands like engines exploding, etc. People still love and adore these other brands.

    • Fair enough….but they will improve over time. I used to hate South Korean cars as they were awful but now they are pretty good.

    • I was recently in a MG. Eww just ewww

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    Soda stream
    Murdoch anything
    Harvey Norman - F Gerry Harvey
    Apple - Double F the cult of Apple

  • Haier because it's vagina in Canto.

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        Shaved so can't tell if it's Chinese

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    Apple. I dont like Apples recent 'Scan at client side' policy. Even before that, they are against 'Right to repair'. Even for a small key replacement, they change motherboard,keyboard and similar components. Imagine how much waste it produces, even if they recycle it, imagine how much resources they waste unnecessarily. Its waste of money and resources and bad for planet.

    And chines phones and Kmart(from china) cheap things. They are just land fill.

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      I was alllllllllllmost going to give Apple a chance after years of refusing to buy anything from them due to their 'walled garden'/no repair b.s. I quite like some of the things they were saying about privacy and end-to-end encryption.

      But this new concept of them scanning the content on all users' devices and silently reporting people to the authorities has sent me right back to never using them, particularly because it puts in place a system which can then very easily be changed from looking for one thing to looking for another thing as so is ripe for abuse by authoritarian governments.

  • JD Sports. Too many cancelled orders

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    Harvey Norman
    Anything Murdoch, especially realestate
    Google except can’t live without YouTube

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    Hungry jack
    Body Shop
    Hugo Boss
    David Jones
    Cotton on

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      This guy boycotts.

      • LVMH
        Estee Lauder
        Crown casino
        Tab Corp
        Red Rooster
        Energy Australia
        Harvey Norman
        Jb Hifi
        Big W
        Michael Hills
        Dunkin donuts
        Krispy kreme
        Pizza hut

        The good guys
        Gong Cha
        Coca cola
        Aust Post
        Courier Please

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          surely not…

          this goes against "boycott" but…

          Which one's have you shopped at in 2021?

          • @blehgg: Where's 3rd list?

            • @capslock janitor: please ask OP.

              only thing would make sense is if he's migrated overseas :)

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              @capslock janitor: French connection
              Gloria Jeans
              Tom Ford
              Chemist warehouse
              Harley Davidson

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                I'm sure they miss your purchases :)

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          Sheeeeeet, if this guy boycotts all those companies, you have to ask why they’re browsing on Ozbargain.
          Also, where the hell do you shop?

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          can u list what u dont boycott

          might be shorter

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          I guess you boycott commas too.

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          Do you actually buy anything or do you have to mine/grow/ catch/ manufacture everything you need yourself?

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          Kogan … Doordash

          I call BS.

          There's no way you could function in society if you never used any of those places.

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          Aust Post

          Who sends your letters and parcels?

        • Boycotts Optus and Telstra - hope Vodafone never sneezes your way else you'll be in real trouble!

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    OTR for fuel - constantly (profanity) over staff

    • Had them refuse to accept BP fuel cards (prepaid ones), 3 different OTRs in SA did this to me, quite frustrating so will avoid in the future.

    • And the Shahin family controls way too much in SA (Clipsal gone since they opened their racecourse, shopping hours etc). You can't even get BP Qantas points at an OTR BP and BP Australia can't (or won't) do anything about it.

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    How about AGL :( and I’m moving over to Powershop from Energy Australia after their gas plant announcement. Plenty I don’t like but I do boycott Harvey N and Uber.

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      And why would they ? You don't reward incompetence

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          NSW gov aren't interested in helping others. When Vic gov asked for vaccines earlier this year they were mocked by NSW. It wasn't just no, it was disgusting comments.

          Despite all that, Vic was still willing to give vaccines to NSW if they showed their plan to get numbers down and protect regional. They did neither. However, they are finally trying to protect regional, they made a conscious decision not to get numbers down a long time ago (or were too stupid to know they needed to be proactive when contact tracing was about to be overrun, but we've been doing this for a year and a half, there's pretty much no chance that's the case).

          They have also agreed not to screw over the rest of the country any more than is already inevitable. They now have extra vaccines.

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