$20 Discount to QF/JQ Flights or 1000 Qantas Points or 15 Status Credits for Fully Vaccinated FF Members @ QANTAS


As reported -

From tomorrow, fully vaccinated Australian-based Frequent Flyers who are 18 and over will be able to claim their reward through the Qantas App by choosing one of three options:

  • 1000 Qantas points
  • 15 status credits (which help Frequent Flyers move up between Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers)
  • $20 flight discount for Qantas or Jetstar

Australians can claim their points, status credits or flight discounts and be automatically entered in the mega prize draw by downloading the Qantas App (via the App Store or through Google Play), using their Medicare app to access and upload their COVID-19 digital vaccination certificate and selecting their reward choice. Vaccination certificate information will be deleted upon verification

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      Dunno why you got negged… here's a +

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      New ad released today.

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        Ahh s*** that got me, thanks

      • Ah yep. That got me too. :-(

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      Let's not forget that when the pandemic occurred Qantas refused to refund customers for their cancelled flights. They forced customers to take vouchers that they make impossible to redeem because you need to wait on the phone for 8 hours to redeem them. Will never use them again if I can avoid it.

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        Yes, because it would have been better for them to run out of cash and go into administration like many other airlines… at which time the administrators could well decide not to honour your fully-paid bookings at all.

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        can confirm, this happened to my folks. Up to 6 hours waiting each time. In the end they went to the ombudsman and got refinded

      • I didnt have an issue getting a refund if Qantas canceled the flight, but it took a while to be processed. If you cancelled it before they did then you had to take a voucher.

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    The duplicate post is getting more upvotes and comments.

    • It is dealbot post. Also the other one received more upvote but also more report. Ozbargainers prefer dealbot, the other one is associated so could have access to more info and in a better position to clarify things. I don't mind both post, does merger exist for post in ozbargain? Just food for thought.

      • Merger does exist, one of the deals is inserted in to the comment section.

        • But then who gets the internet points?

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        "ozbargainers prefer dealbot"??!

        Not sure how you've come to this conclusion.

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    Great work Qantas. As soon as everyone has had the opportunity to get vaccinated, I hope non-vaccinated people are denied entry to cinemas, concerts, sporting events, etc. People have a right not to get vaccinated (and this will continue) but other people (the majority) have a right to not be exposed to these higher-risk individuals.

    • I totally and completely agree with your general sentiment about incentivizing vaccination but in regard to this:

      As soon as everyone has had the opportunity to get vaccinated

      Has everyone had the opportunity to get vaccinated? Maybe that is true in the US as they are jabbing people left right and centre. But here in AU, that's just not the case and never has been until 4 or 5 days ago that Australia to opened Pfizer jabs to 16 to 39 year olds.

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        Everyone has not had the opportunity to get vaccinated here, hence the use of "as soon as". As for this deal, everyone above the age of 16 will have the opportunity from August 30th, and I presume this deal will be running well into the future.

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          As soon as everyone has had the opportunity to get vaccinated

          Reading comprehension has finally kicked in. Thank you. This is what I get for posting on OzBargin before I've had my morning coffee!

        • I think everyone over 18 can get AstraZeneca anytime if they speak to GP. especially the people in Sydney.

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        'as soon as' are the relevant words here

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        Why wait until everyone has has the opportunity? Start now. Tough luck. You could die. Stay home until you get a booking.

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        This promotion is set to run until 31 Dec 2021
        pretty sure we have a total supply of 40 million jabs by then
        I would expect new laws to apply restrictions on those high risk animals by Q2 next year

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      great work Qantas ? They have had their mitts in jobkeeper since February last year ! Watch them price gouge you into oblivion with your precious little frequent flyer points.

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        I don't support everything they do but I do support this policy.

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        You're complaining about Qantas getting Jobkeeper? There are plenty of big corporates who have taken Jobkeeper and didn't need it but surely workers in the airline industry need it. Think about how many employees have been stood down.

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          This. Particularly given many, many of them qualified and claimed JobKeeper based on their FORECASTED earnings rather than their ACTUAL - and as it turns out 2020 was an excellent year for many businesses as people used their disposable income on other items. Yet businesses like Harvey Norman and Premier Investments (Just Jeans etc) are keeping the money despite posting massive profit increases, paying dividends, executive bonuses etc. At least Qantas actually needed the money.

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      What difference does it make if someone else has been vaccinated or not to you? If you have had the jab then you should feel safe from getting it. Realistically the only true claim they are saying about the vaccine is that it may stop you from or going to hospital.and ending up in an ICU ward.

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        It does make a difference. I'd rather have the ICU wards dedicated to people that actually require treatments rather than idiots from University of Facebook.

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          Then you are the perfect candidate for this experiment then You might not end up in ICU for covid but it might be for something else vacine related that they haven't picked up on yet.

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            @Beeker: Smallest possibility of future illness vs certain permanent lung damage plus other irreparable side effects (and dying)? I know which side I'm betting on.

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              @Erkel: So it's a bet for you is it? Sorry, I don't gamble with this sort of thing until I'm sure of it and this is still in it's early stages.

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                @Beeker: Yes it is a bet, so is everything else in our life because nothing is 100% certain.. it's just that getting vaccinated is the safer bet for now (based on my own research and knowledge)

                • -3

                  @hengzhan: And I completely respect that and I am in know way an antivaxer. But based on my past experience and the knowledge I have with what is going on I choose to wait it out. But unlike the rocket scientist below "Erkel" takes it personally and he is the sort of person who needs to vindicate themselves that they might have done the wrong thing. I'm sure he has posted on facebook a selfy of his second jab and he's waiting on all of his "likes" so he can sleep at night.

                  • +3


                    I'm sure he has posted on facebook a selfy of his second jab and he's waiting on all of his "likes" so he can sleep at night.

                    Holy shit, if that's all I have to do to get you anti-vaxxers all upset I know what I'll be doing on social media.

              • +8

                @Beeker: Nice try trying to deflect my reply to focus on 'betting'.

                Says he won't gamble with vaccine, but gambles with catching Covid and getting sent to ICU. Real genius at work here.

                I don't live in a fairytale, nothing in life is ever 100% risk free. But I do know which option poses the considerably greater risk.

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                  @Erkel: You mad bro?

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                    @Beeker: Based on the negs heading your way, it's fair to say that most here think you are ;) You clearly don't care about those around you. Such a selfish attitude "bro".

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                    @Beeker: Triggered. Anti-vaxxers are too easy.

                    I won't even remember you, but you will remember this when you're in ICU.

                    • -1

                      @Erkel: Triggered? I don't think so bro. I'm as calm as here watching you justify your ignorance. Your on tilt mate, not me.

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              @Erkel: Let mix fix that up for you :-

              certain permanent possible lung damage plus other irreparable side effects.

              You said it yourself in the comments below that nothing is 100% certain so lets take it back a notch and word it properly.

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                @Beeker: Right, the fact that you resorted to personal comments and even typed out my name means you are calm. Like I said, triggered.

                Symptoms of permanent lung damage and other side effects such as loss of taste and constant fatigue plus possible death from suffocation. 100% real and are facts.


                Remotely possible symptoms in the future from vaccine. Pure speculation.

                Take your pick. And yeah, I know which one I'm betting on.

                • +1

                  @Erkel: Go for it then buddy. You are in Sydney so really don't have much of a choice. Let me know how the next 1/2 yearly booster shots go for you.

                  • +3

                    @Beeker: Man even got you looking up my location, this is too good. I won't even remember you tomorrow, but you obviously got pretty worked up, so feel free to dm me in 6 months to see how I'm doing.

                    You don't need to wait for me to let you know, you'll see it on the news and everywhere when I get more access to facilities and privileges than unvaccinated people.

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        What difference does it make if someone else has been vaccinated or not to you?

        If a person vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine (e.g. Pfizer) does get infected, they are less likely to transmit it to others.

        The Cairns pilot who caught the Delta strain earlier this month was vaccinated, but according to Dr Young he had a low viral load so his own family members did not get infected.

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        The less people are vaccinated, the more covid circulates, the more likely we will have “breakthrough cases” as they’re calling them.

        Anything less than 100% vaccination is not good enough, and unlikely to return us to normal life.

        • +7

          worse, the less people are vaccinated, the more chance for additional mutations….

          Vaccination reduces this risk.

    • -60

      You are watching too much TV im afraid.
      if you think that getting vaccinated will "set you free" you are dead wrong my friend. Vaccinated people can still get sick and spread the virus…this isn't going to end once we are all vaccinated. why? because of new variants.
      https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/18/world/middleeast/israel-v... you can find a ton of material if you care to look…and I'm not talking about jimbo jumbo wesites….

      The positive thing is that by doing "the right thing" you can consider yourself as part of the biggest medical experiment done on humans so far, which is a great achievement indeed! Worthy of telling your kids or grandkids…if you get to live long enough.
      Probably like yourself, many others, are too busy to think why there hasn't been a single debate about this? Coincidence? The narrative that the mainstream media push to us is sooo bloody obvious that is almost funny to watch.
      Like they say…ignorance is bliss

      • -5

        It's called herd immunity for a reason.

        • +2

          That's True.
          but im afraid there is no such thing as herd immunity for a flu-like virus or RNA virus since they mutate too quickly
          So to answer your statement, there isn't going to be any herd immunity for Covid, we need to live with it like we previously lived with the flu

        • +8

          And how is it called when you choose to remain vulnerable to a deadly virus despite having the vaccine available?

          Is "stupidity" good enough or we should create a more elaborated term?

          • -3

            @this is us: Studies show that 900 million of Indians (68%) have had this deadly, as you call it, virus.
            They survived, most of them actually were not affected by this deadly virus to even go and get tested.

            • +13

              @DainB: (profanity) me if you're using India as an example, with their mass graves because of all the deaths they suffered, you're beyond help.

              Enjoy the COVID and the taxpayer funded ventilator you'll be needing.

            • +6

              @DainB: You do whatever you want with the information that you have.

              Qantas is doing what they want with the information they have.

            • +2

              @DainB: 4.4 million deaths globally.

              Yes. It's deadly.

          • +3

            @this is us: Flu is deadly too, although it seems it magically doesn't kill people anymore! Isn't that amazing?
            The term I'd use is choice.

            • +7

              @Maledetto999: And I support people's right to make their own decisions. That's why I think we should define a deadline, hopefully end of October, to accept that some people don't want to get vaccinated.

              Once everyone had the chance to get the vaccine, we should open borders, stop lockdowns, and keep recommendations, not rules.

              Businesses should be free to implement their own rules as well as its in their own interest to have people moving around and spending money. I don't think it's discriminatory in any way to offer benefits to those who are vaccinated. It's business… It's like offering a discount to fathers on father's day, or to health workers during the pandemic, etc.

              The main problem here is that the unvaccinated will end up in hospital, the health system won't cope and leaders will eventually step back and use lockdown again. Therefore, everyone will be again paying for those who don't want to get vaccinated.

            • @Maledetto999: That is because since we all locked down and started washing your hands and wear a mask people are not catching the flu. That’s the amazing part.

      • +18

        No one ever said vaccination was a cure, nor is there anything stating that you won't catch it whilst vaccinated. Hospitalisations and death is what vaccinations will definitely help with.

        What then are you suggesting will help us out of this pandemic, if not vaccination? Our immune systems?

        'Biggest medical experiment'? You know reseearch and testing of mRNA vaccines has been going on for decades now right?

        • prove me they have been tested on humans before

          • +13

            @Maledetto999: There is no point proving anything to you as your mind has already been made up and nothing will change it.

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