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$20 Discount to QF/JQ Flights or 1000 Qantas Points or 15 Status Credits for Fully Vaccinated FF Members @ QANTAS


As reported -

From tomorrow, fully vaccinated Australian-based Frequent Flyers who are 18 and over will be able to claim their reward through the Qantas App by choosing one of three options:

  • 1000 Qantas points
  • 15 status credits (which help Frequent Flyers move up between Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers)
  • $20 flight discount for Qantas or Jetstar

Australians can claim their points, status credits or flight discounts and be automatically entered in the mega prize draw by downloading the Qantas App (via the App Store or through Google Play), using their Medicare app to access and upload their COVID-19 digital vaccination certificate and selecting their reward choice. Vaccination certificate information will be deleted upon verification

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  • +3

    Can Scotty run a deal to get all the anti-vaxx covidiots off Ozbargain?

    • +7

      I heard there are autism-causing chemtrails hidden in the spaces between the 1's and 0's on the OzB servers. Mainstream media not reporting it because they want to keep the sheeple in blissful ignorance, but I know better because of this YouTube video I saw that somebody posted in a Facebook group.

    • I prefer the term 'Freedummies' these days

  • If I get 6 shots can I redeem this 3 times?

    • Once you have 2 you are fully vaccinated, boosters might not count

      • Tell that to the Israelis…

    • I know someone that got both AZ and Pfizer, double the protection LOL

      • I know someone that got both AZ and Pfizer, double the protection LOL

        In Australia? The TGA has not approved mixing vaccines here, so any medical practitioner doing that is risking their job and a lawsuit by doing so.

        • Yeah, apparently he lied about it and somehow ended up able to get both

  • +6

    My 5G reception has definitely improved since everyone started getting vaccinated ! I thank you all for your efforts

  • +6

    Can’t wait till Qantas announce mandatory vaccinations to fly internationally and domestically! Enjoy your lack of travel freedom anti-vaxxers!!

    • Don't think anyone will be travelling soon anyway. Nothing stops people from getting the vaccine just before travelling. When the time comes, they can our enlarged heads 2x the original size and they can reconsider say no.

      Btw HIV Pfizer trials have started. If it works can't wait to see anti cancer treatments.

    • +3

      Aircraft rely on science to fly - I doubt they'll take up the offer.

  • Whilst I am skeptical of Qantas is main motive. Good for them to encourage more people to get vaccinated.

    It’s a shame the government hasn’t made it mandatory or made it hard for anti vax people to not get vaccinated.

    Hopefully this will encourage more and more big businesses to make vaccination mandatory.

    • Does the vaccine actually decrease the viral load threshold to get infected though? That is the question. If it doesn't. It doesn't really matter what they do right?

      I actually am out of the loop and haven't done in depth research as ot recent… Genuinely curious

      • Today, some of those data were published in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), demonstrating that Delta infection resulted in similarly high SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated people. High viral loads suggest an increased risk of transmission and raised concern that, unlike with other variants, vaccinated people infected with Delta can transmit the virus. This finding is concerning and was a pivotal discovery leading to CDC’s updated mask recommendation. The masking recommendation was updated to ensure the vaccinated public would not unknowingly transmit virus to others, including their unvaccinated or immunocompromised loved ones.

        • Don't tell the sheep… at best it might reduce the fatality rate which is also in question. It does nothing to reduce the spread.

          • @hippyhippy: If it spreads the same.
            Does it not reduce the chance of getting the infection or is the same?

        • I don't get how this is hard - the vaccine isn't a magical cure - it protects people from serious illness and it seems to not spread as much between vaccinated people (though we need more data on the last point). Different countries are seeing different results depending on when you got the vaccine. A booster shot will only further increase it's effectiveness (Israel is seeing 5-6x more protection with boosters).

          It's the same reason why it's recommended to get a yearly Flu shot, and not a one and done goal.

      • +5

        It does help, as the bodies immediately recognise and attack the virus upon infection viral loads are suppressed better and symptoms are reduced, and with low viral load it's much harder for a person to transmit.

        There's false information being peddled by DainB etc all around but at the end of the day the vaccinated have a much lower chance of transmitting than the unvaccinated

        • -3

          but at the end of the day the vaccinated have a much lower chance of transmitting than the unvaccinated

          Lol, you really have no idea what you are talking about…

      • +4


        Despite similar Ct-values, we demonstrate lower probability of infectious virus detection in respiratory samples of vaccinated HCWs with breakthrough infections compared to unvaccinated HCWs with primary SARS-CoV-2 infections. Nevertheless, infectious virus was found in 68.6% of breakthrough infections and Ct-values decreased throughout the first 3 days of illness. We conclude that rare vaccine breakthrough infections occur, but infectious virus shedding is reduced in these cases.

        The current research says vaccinated people with a breakthrough infection may have similar viral loads, but lower shedding, and clear it faster.

  • What's this distributed through our newsletter as well because I didn't get it.

  • Why not bring those 34000 people home to Australia, then allocate some affiliate program, good one qantus, why not give those people the free points.

    Given the cost to return is 50* higher then computer components.

    • This is more of a program to further their goal of 80% vaccination so air travel can happen again.

  • +1

    Qantas benefits from more people being vaccinated, air travel can happen earlier and vaccine passports mean people can fly freely.

      • +4

        That's because of the state government's border closure not Qantas.

  • +9

    All the anti-vax comments here have proven Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is so wrong.
    Pretty sure apes are smarter than Anti-vaxxer lmao

    • +5

      Maybe they are on their way to extinction. Give them no healthcare to fasten the process.

  • The vaccine certificate has your Individual Healthcare Indentifier. Should we be worried sharing this with Qantas?

    • No. Qantas should know you full medical history for your safety.

      • +3

        an identifier does not give them your full health care history anymore than your OzB id.

    • What if there was a data breach at Qantas, and all these details were 'shared' with unknown others. Couldn't they perhaps use this identifier to reconstruct a list of "valid" certificates, for evil purposes?

    • You will EVENTUALLY be required to share this with them (not a screenshot) if you wish to travel, but no that doesn't give them access to your medical history.

  • stupid question but what is the difference between qantas points and status credits?

    • Need status credits to move across tiers.

  • I also read free flights, accommodation and fuel, here

  • +5

    Do we have a thread for vaccination freebies/incentives?

  • +3

    Just a tip for those who aren't Medicare-eligible (e.g. temporary visa holders): You can access the same COVID vaccine certificate via the Individual Health Identifier Service (IHIS), on myGov.

  • +1

    Just curious what everyone thinks when we will be allowed back out and in on a regular basis as in:

    A) when will we be allowed to leave the country without applying for permission?
    B) when will we be allowed back into the country without hotel quarantine (perhaps still required to self-isolate at home)
    C) when will we be allowed back into the country without any quarantine (perhaps subject to a negative rapid test)

    In the interest of making it easy to see trends, could you please reply in the format of my own guess here:

    A) March 2022
    B) early 2023
    C) some time in 2024

    • Survey replies only please:

      • A) March 2022
        B) early 2023
        C) some time in 2024

    • Discussions here please, anything you'd like to say other than survey reply.

    • +3

      You might be better off posting the poll on the forums under Health & Beauty or Travel, you probably won't be getting many responses on the second page of the comments on a deal post.

    • Mid 2022 I reckon. By then 80% should be vaccinated, and when others can't travel if they aren't vaccinated then I reckon that number will only go up. They're going to start testing Home Quarintine soon, so lets see.

  • has flu just died out? no one seems to be interested in flu deaths anymore!

    • +7

      Yes. Australia has had about 400 flu cases so far in 2021, compared to a 5-year average of about 50000. None of those cases in 2021 have been hospitalised or led to death, when in the average year there’d be about 150 deaths. 2020 also yielded a similarly precipitous drop in cases. Masks and social distancing absolutely cratered the spread of flu over the last 18 months.


        • +8

          It is surprisingly unfishy. Covid is much more contagious than influenza.

          Turns out with a lack of international travel brining in a new seasonal variant, and social distancing, influenza just doesn't spread that well.

        • +11

          It's almost as if implementing preventative measures to address a much more serious disease simultaneously knocks off less severe ones that share the same transmission vector. What a wild and crazy conspiracy.

          • +2

            @NamTaf: Shhhh you can't talk logic and critical thinking with conspiracy theorists.

            They won't even understand addition and subtraction.

            • -6

              @MagicMushroom: Read a book by George Orwell called 1984.

              • +2

                @IceTooth: You're not providing much discussion here.

              • @IceTooth:

                Nineteen Eighty-Four, often referred to as 1984, is a dystopian social science fiction


                • -1

                  @MagicMushroom: I wouldn't call it science fiction especially with the current state we're living under.

          • @NamTaf: Also, we vaccinate for the flu every year lol

      • Nice copy & paste!

        • +1

          Copy and paste? From where? Hacker News, where I posted the same comment, under the same alias, answering the same question, 2 days ago?

          How truly dastardly and lacking in academic integrity of me.

          • -4

            @NamTaf: insanity is posting same comment over n over and expecting different results

      • Link is broken

  • +7

    Heads up: the 15 status credits DO NOT count towards lifetime status: https://www.qantas.com/au/en/frequent-flyer/member-offers/be...

    Status Credits: 15 Status Credits will be credited to your account within three days of your completed application for a reward. Status Credits will not contribute towards any Platinum or Platinum One Bonus Rewards, Loyalty Bonuses, Lifetime status and any Qantas Status Accelerator."

    What a pain in the arse, I hate this new category of second-tier status credit rewards.

    • Yep tight arse qf.
      Will they carry over to count towards status next year?

  • I don't like the 70% opening up figure where minors aren't even counted and long covid doesn't seem to be in the discussion's and Delta showing overseas is effecting kids .

  • +2

    Could have used the 15 status credits back in 2020 to get to silver. Now have to start again.

    • +7

      Try reading the article again.

      What you said is all irrelevant to the article and they also disagree with you.

      • +2

        I find it hilarious how these people try to link sources that back up their points, but whenever you check the source it actually refutes their points.

  • -1

    well done, looking forward to international travel,
    actually you can book flights from January so they have some insight that it will be sooner than later.

    • +4

      No, they have no more insight than you or I do. It is available for booking because Qantas are hoping suckers book in hope, and that you're essentially giving them an interest free loan.

      • They already have some in this thread lol .

      • The more people that book, the deeper the pockets of Qantas / shareholders get. If Qantas didn't allow bookings for future flights, shareholders would be up in arms with Alan, demanding he make it happen!

        (But the reality is not the same as taking early bookings. They can still get cancelled)

    • Wouldn't likely expect International travel to start (in smaller capacities) mid next year at a minimum.

  • +3

    pretty underwhelming considering how much they benefit from everyone being vaccinated and being able to fly again..

  • +7

    I feel like this "discount" is actually extremely measely compensation to essentially risk our lives to sit with persons of unknown vaccine status. If they don't let unvaccinated people without exempions on board to begin with, then I would value that more than a $20 discount.

    Hopefully, in time, the government will take the reigns from Qantas and make it mandatory to be vaccinated to fly.

    • Don’t worry it will be. It’s in the works…..

      • +1

        Unfortunately I DO worry. They really seem prepared to “give up” at 70% vaccinated… I would really like 100% vaccinated on a flight. If you don’t want to be vaccinated then you can get private transport to your destination.

        • My comment was more directed at the airlines. It WILL be a requirement to be vaccinated to travel domestically. It IS in the works!

  • -2

    It’s not a race, what’s wrong with you people.

  • +1

    Cant live in a bubble, need international borders open.

    • +2

      That's uh, kinda the point.

  • +1

    can we legislate to exclude the unvaccinated people from Medicare and public hospitals when they are infected with covid?

    • +2

      Sure. And why don't you legislate the unvaccinated to have a number tattooed on their arms or they can where a band with a star on the other. Sounds like your trying to go down that path.

      • +3

        I was thinking a big tattoo on the forehead saying "I don't believe in science" might be a good start

        • over 50% of australians write on the census form 'i don't believe in science'. shouldnt be a huge shock that so many of my colleagues are covidiots

      • sigh

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