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Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen $98 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Harvey Norman


Decent deal if you don't want to pay for post from catch / not targeted by catch.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Nooo Harvey Norman I hate Harvey nooooo

    (Thought I'd comment this seeing as someone else is bound to)

  • Very tempting but every application I think of I'd prefer to use a different device

    • They are pretty cool to have at your desk, esp if you have home automation

      • Agree, handy enough device if you have a few other devices and some home automation set up. Plan to put in kitchen (got a free best mini on the bedside). Main thing I wanted was another microphone and to save unlocking phone all the time or if my phone wasn't right next to me (I know you can change in settings to unlock phone but not that keen on it).

        I picked one up from eBay good guys too, but using the afterpay code so think it was $85 or something. The camera on the 10" max version could be handy but they are a lot bigger and not really as good as a tablet. Should have turned up yesterday but think there was a truckies strike.

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    Why would you pay $98 to google that?

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    or eBay Plus. The Good Guys $94 using (MYPLUSMYHNJYZB7M)

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    I have this and wish I had bought the Amazon echo 8 instead. My $10 echo dot 3 is so much more responsive and better than the google hub, at least for my needs. I wonder if I can return to jbhifi

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    • Depends if you got Google devices or Amazon ones in your home. Still annoying when whichever device doesn't understand the voice commands

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        I’ve got two google and two Alexa. Prefer Alexa by a mile. And also I had the google hub gen 1 for 9 months before it started going crazy. Not responding, connection issues.. I was desperate as I use it for white noise for my Bub at night, I picked up the gen 2 straight away. Even the white noise stops for no reason middle of the night.

        • hmm fair enough, was just mentioning it as they all probably work together better choosing one or the other depending what you use.
          bit odd it would stop, unless there are some sleep settings, or it thought you were asleep. sometimes an old clock radio would be better haha.
          Gen 1 hub would have been under warranty still, or hard to prove?

          Alexa would be cool for the joke of the day

          • @G-rig: Yes returned it under warranty. No sleep setting on the gen 2. Sometimes it works through the night, sometimes it turns of without a reason. But I looked up white noise options on Alexa and turned out it crappier than this lol. So will keep this one and live with the issues.

            • @Meenas: Sounds ok, no device is perfect I guess. Assume you're just playing a white noise vid from youtube or another music service that goes for 8+ hours or something? should be alright when it's hot soon and just pump the fan :)

              • @G-rig: No playing white noise which is the google hub feature. One hour of white noise repeats for 12 hours unless stopped earlier. There is a pause every hour as the noise stops and replays.

  • It's $99 at Big W, but combine with the following offer, adding another $1+ item which makes it around $10 off:

    You may also have a targeted offer where you get 2000 Woolworths Rewards points for spending more than a certain amount ($30+) online.

  • Does this really worth for another post? And HN is not the cheapest option at all.

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    Just been testing out the Hub 2. Kind of handy but very basic in terms of youtube. Impossible to get it to play ABC News (australia) live stream by asking, can't navigate to subscriptions or home, find it easier just casting to the device from your phone.

    Netflix isn't signing in and linking in the home settings (in the phone)
    We are having technical difficulties and are actively working on a fix..

    Glad I didn't spend any more on one of these, suppose they are worth twice the cost of the nest mini though. Just nothing like a tablet etc.

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