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Guylian Creamy Milk Block Chocolate 100g $2.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Back in stock and same price as a few weeks ago, I actually bought these last time and thought they were really good quality chocolate and have been keeping an eye out for it. Also I like that they are individually packed so you don't need to finish the whole block at once (But I have a feeling you will!).

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Guylian Dark 72% Block Chocolate 100g $2.50 OOS

Savor Guylian’s new deliciously rich Creamy Milk Chocolate bars with their exquisite taste, created with passion and love by our Master Chocolatiers. Enjoy a moment of pure indulgence when you enjoy this delectable, smooth milk chocolate! Each block contains 4x25g individually wrapped mini bars embellished with the iconic Guylian Sea Horse Guylian Chocolate blocks are made using 100% sustainable cocoa out of respect for nature and the cocoa farmers. Every time you buy Guylian Belgian Chocolate blocks, you are also supporting two incredible sustainability initiatives, Project Cocoa and Project Seahorse!

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  • +18

    1 hour exercise per day and all these food and alcohol deals…

    • +9

      Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

    • Why not 2 then if you feel like more? lol

  • +2

    What the expirations on these? Would like to hoard some for those tough days at work.

    • +2

      Last purchase best before 04/22

  • Dark (not raspberry) appears to be out of stock. I ordered 1 each of the rest and got charged $2.50 for the lot instead of $7.50 - not sure what happened.

    • +3

      You must have had some credit

    • Thanks updated

  • +1

    Thanks OP! <3

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    Ordered this the last time around. Was consumed at record pace. Our household seems to really like it.

    Ordered some more, thx op.

  • What are the best before / expatriation dates likely to be?

    • +6

      We're still in lockdown no expats allowed. :)

    • The one I purchased last time was 04/22.

  • +1

    Looks like the milk chocolate is the worst of the bunch. Everything else is unavailable :(

    • Updated listing thanks.

  • +3

    Moser Roth from Aldi is heaps better

    • Agree, wasn't really a fan of these. Moser Roth is delicious. Almost in par with lindt

      • Dammit, now I have a craving for Moser Roth

      • Each to their own but I feel that Lindt is much smoother and creamier than Moser Roth.

  • Fully gluten free?

  • This grade of chocolate is a bit circa 1990; too sweet, lack of chocolate flavour. Much better chocolate is available.

  • Order placed. Thanks op.

  • Do yourself a favor, and avoid any chocolate where the first ingredient is sugar… More than 50% in this case.

    • +2

      So using the per 100g value for sugar, avoid almost all milk chocolates?

  • Back in stock but only milk choc but good price thx!

  • -1

    milk choc does not taste good