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Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro 6.67" 120Hz AMOLED, SD732G, 6GB, 128GB US$275.95 (~A$383) Delivered (HK Stock) @ Banggood (App Only)


Cheaper than this deal.

The discounted price only shows up in the App when you select "Ships From: HK".

Keep the currency in USD and make sure the final price in the cart shows as "US$275.95"


6.67" 120Hz AMOLED 2400x1080P Display
Corning Gorilla Glass 5 & Frosted Glass Back
Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G, Adreno 618
Android 11
6GB + 128GB
Cameras - 108MP+8MP+5MP+2MP Quad Rear Camera &16MP Front Camera
5,020mAh battery - 33W wired fast charging
Dual SIM Dual Standby (Nano SIM Card Slot x 2 + Micro SD Card Slot x 1)
Band 28
3.5mm headphone jack

Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's exchange rate on Google, paying in USD.

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  • What's the camera like on these redmis now? I have an 8t and am finding the camera is getting worse! (Slower, fuzzy focus especially for faces). Needs to be a dual Sim phone and thinking under $500….

    • This phone has a great camera! Check reviews on YouTube.

    • The phone is quite zippy so as the camera - most of the time. Have been using it for about a month there were 3-4 times the camera app frozen and need to clear it in the memory.

      Photo quality is not bad, a little over saturated for my liking.

      It has 3 slots in the sim tray(1 for sd card)

    • I use TrCamera 7.4.201 (a version of Gcam) and the photo and video quality has been exceptional.

      • Ill give it a go. Thanks

      • From where have you downloaded the that version?

        • It's the born_to_shot version.

        • Have a look from this page onwards, especially Lubo777's post #151: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/gcam-discussion-thread.42...
          I'm going to try different apps after reading the latest posts. They rate the stock camera highly and while it does deliver excellent photos, I stuck with TrCamera because of its speed and stability.

          • @pangasteve: They rate the stock when in 108mp mode!
            Im trying out the TrCamera newest release (spring) - not sure what all the libs/libs2 versions are - also, no user configs from what i can see.

  • +1

    Not a bad jump from the note 9 pro.
    Camera from 48 to 108 MP, screen from regular 60hz IPS to a 120hz OLED, and assumedly that CPU is an improvement though im not sure by how much.
    Ram, storage, battery, other features all seem basically the same.

    Keen to see how a Redmi note 12 or 13 pro goes when i might want to upgrade.
    Had the note 3 pro for 3 very happy years until i lost it and this note 9 pro for a bit over a year very happily. (LGV20 in the middle for a year too, accidentally crushed that one).

    • Almost the same processor wise actually. https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=10662&idPhone...

      Personally i ended up going the F3 instead for the much faster processors. Hard pressed spotting the difference with the camera comparisons, the 108MP deceptive. It is still only outputting ~12MP and is blown away by 50mp sensors in other phones. (not suggesting it isn't good for the price though).

      • Thanks for the reply mate. I wasn't necessarily fishing for it, but still being kept up to date is good as im the family's go to phone guy haha.
        So really its just the screen thats a decent jump, the other bits are pretty regular incremental updates. Well a bit less impressive then, but nice to see its still a pretty strong line value wise.

  • +1

    Personally id choose the Poco F3 over this for the processor alone. Will see better performance in the long run.

    • +1

      Yeah but for some the processor may not be as important as the camera.

      • +1

        From what i have seen the larger MP in the Note isn't necessarily better, it may overall be a more vibrant camera but its not much better as the MP might indicate, i think its still a capable sensor especially with GCam

    • +2

      I'd trade a fair bit for a headphone jack

      • Thats a good point to be fair, batter is also better on the note!

      • +1

        And even more for Dual SIM and micro-SD slots, which is really rare in this day and age.

  • Yeah, Xioami signal reception is really bad as well as advertisements in most of the default apps which are annoying.

    • +1

      You probably got a Xiaomi phone without Band 28?

  • Wish they did a mi max 4.

    • +2

      I second that! Still love my mi max 3 for browsing and movies. Wish they made a 18:9 7.2 mi max 4! Daily driving a note 9 Pro these days.

      • Yeah I'm still using my max 3 as a daily driver. I use it for work and switching apps is becoming annoying as its a little slow now. I'm probably going to get the note 10 pro so not looking forward to the skinny screen.
        How do you find the note 9 pro speed wise to the max 3 because the note 10 pro has pretty much the same speed specs as note 9 pro.

        • I agree the max 3 is a bit laggy these days switching apps. Note 9 is quick enough not to be annoying

  • I currently have a Redmi K20 Pro (the Indian variant without NFC). Would this phone be an upgrade for me (specifically noting that this has NFC + Side-mounted fingerprint)?

    • +1

      Every review I have seen on side-mounted fingerprint buttons have been really good, NFC is a feature you don't know you need but once you have it you consider it essential.

      • +1

        I actually do need NFC as my primary means of transport is the public transport so NFC would be a big plus point for me. I'm not satisfied with on-screen FP on my K20 Pro as it leads to more complicated options for custom roms. So looking into whether this phone would be a good alternative for the time being or not.

    • THis would be a downgrade in processing power: https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=10662&idPhone...

      • That's okay, I don't really play games or any other heavy tasks so don't think that would affect me in my everyday usage.

    • I have your phone and I believe the K20 Pro processor is better than this one.

  • +1

    Would having 8gb of RAM vs 6gb make much of a difference in performance?

    • +1

      This year and next it should be fine, after that you will have less apps remain in the background.

  • I only see it at US$279.00

    • Are you looking in the App?

  • +2

    Be quick

  • +1

    My Samsung Note 9 is starting to slow, will this be an upgrade?

  • How is this compare to Xiaomi Poco F3
    Camera particularly

  • Would this be China rom or global rom, supporting Google pay/play store?

    • Global rom with Google Play.

  • Any idea how long delivery will take?

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