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20% off @ Dell eBay (2721DGF $399 (OOS), S2722QC $369, AW5520QF $2399, AW3821DW $1499/ $1571 (5YR), S2721DS $289, S2722DGM $299)


Note - this promo starts at 10am 26/8.

I've had heaps of queries about when the next 20% sale is so I reached out to Dell to find out. Have spent a couple of days working on these deals to try and get the best prices in the current environment.

Some deals -

T&Cs -

Offer Period. This offer is available from 10:00 AEST on 26 August 2021 for a limited time only, for as long as it is advertised by eBay on the eBay.com.au website (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.
Conditions. The offer entitles 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items sold by the Official Dell Australia store (“Seller”) except for the Exclusions, with up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction during the Offer Period. Multiple items may be purchased in up to 5 transactions per person (with a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

As announced on Best Aussie Markdowns.

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      • Not "competitive" exactly, I've had no issues with 1440p.. I find 1080p a bit unclear at 27".

        • +1

          But what are you taking advantage of exactly? If you're not competitive and you aren't even sure if it's input lag or frame refresh issues that are holding back your performance then you are upgrading for no reason.

        • I'm running a 3080 and it's not worth upgrading to a 240hz display, in most cases you won't go over 165 frames unless you have a very strong cpu. Even with the best cpu you won't get that many frames on anything but a few esport titles.

    • i'd only get the aw2721d if you're playing competitive titles like CSGO, Valorant, R6S etc.

    • Nah I wouldn’t bother. You’ll hardly notice beyond 144hz at that res and that GPU. It’d be unlikely you’ll cap 240 using the 3070.

      If you want to try your hand at competitive FPS etc I believe higher refresh rate 1080p (25”?) monitors would be better.

      • Yeah, 240hz monitor is just another marketing tool for monitor manufacturers to try to convince gamers to spend more money again to upgrade from their current 144hz monitors, where the benefit is negligible as almost everyone cannot tell the difference between 144hz and 240hz. Suits gamers with more money than sense, so they can boast to their mates they have bigger e-penis.

    • youre not gonna get anything close to 240fps unless esports shooter like csgo or rainbow

    • I did this exact upgrade and have not regretted it, granted i do use it mostly for apex and cs which do take advantage of that extra refresh rate. The chin on the alienware is really something, and having them side by side the difference in smoothness is noticeable too, with a 3070 i would say go for it.

    • +1

      I wouldn't recommend it, games are only going to get more intensive on the GPU as time goes on, so if you are already saying "most" games then I would stick with the DGF and upgrade the GPU first personally if I had to upgrade, but it sounds like youve got great specs as it is, i cant see it being worth upgrading anything at the moment.

  • Ah man, literally just bought an s2722dc yesterday. Deal through work for $385… but the qc for $10 more is such a good deal! Shame my dell order shipped already :(

  • -2

    Is this a further 20% off existing price or the RRP?

  • Any deals cheaper for the 4k 27inches IPS? Or just the QC at this point?

  • +3

    Kicking myself I didn't just grab the AW3821DW for $1200 while I could have.

    • +2

      I don’t think it was ever $1200 - $1299 is the cheapest I’ve seen and could find via search.

      • +1

        Sorry, $1299 you're correct. Still kicking myself.

    • +3

      wait for black Friday

      • That's what I'm banking on!

    • -1

      Just buy it - you won't regret it even for an extra $300. I got the 60hz version of this one a year ago for something like $1600 and it is great. If you work or study from home it is awesome and could only be bettered by something like a 46 or 55 inch version and you can go full Minority Report with all sorts of stuff visible on the screen at once.

  • still waiting for my S2721DGF from the last deal to be shipped. but tempted to get another one to make a dual screen setup. would a dual screen be better than a 17" laptop screen and external monitor?

    • +1

      I think you know the answer 😎

    • +1

      I am running dual DGFs and they are absolutely fantastic, I see no value in upgrading any time soon personally.

    • +2

      i mean… cannot see how 2 is worse than 1 lol. i already have the DGF and picked up the DS in this deal. i'm only gonna be gaming on one monitor and so i didnt need another 165hz DGF and just opted for the cheaper 75hz DS. though one's black and other's white, it doesnt really bother me. might be worth the cost saving if u dont really need another 165hz monitor, though ofc having two of the same monitors will be better for consistency.

      • +1

        I did the same. Can write DS off on tax next year too while will still be depreciating the DGF I bought in one of the original deals for it.

        • damn i didnt know to write off my DGF for the recent tax return period… ill hopefully remember to for the DS next time

        • Just write it all off lol

  • 3x 27" DGF better than 2x 32"?

  • Which of the 27 inch is the better deal?
    Productivity and light gaming, no fps.

  • Is the New Dell 27 Curved Gaming Monitor – S2722DGM better than the Xiaomi's?

    Even though the Xiaomi is expensive, are Dell's generally the go to?

    • +3

      Dell are much better - I’d just avoid VA unless you really need contrast, go for IPS.

      • Ultrasharps for work, VA for games
        Mind you have never worked anywhere where you got a monitor as good as a curved DGF etc, let alone x2. 3000:1 and 165Hz nothing to sneeze at, look up recommended settings in NVCP

        • Nah it's for work. Ultrasharps and IPS to look for it is. Thanks guys.

          • @PeeDee: Yeah I'll probably get the same next time, as much as 4k is overrated could use the real estate (just has to be >38" if not running duals, those 43-49"ultrawide ips look great.
            Dells are worth it for the warranty and overall quality either way.

            • +1

              @G-rig: Went with the S2722QC for work!

  • Is the price difference between S2721DS and DGF worth it? It's just 75hz refresh vs 144hz? I'm using it mostly for work, but want to be able to play games too.

    • +1

      Worth it, the higher refresh rate and lower latency is much better for gaming - assuming you have a graphics card that can push higher frame rates at QHD resolution though

  • How compare the S2722QC with S2121QS , any idea guys

    • S2722QC comes with USB-C DP alt mode input, while S2121QS don't.

    • Also contrast ratio seems different
      QC = 1000:1
      QS = 1300:1

  • Any advice on which one of these would be best for an Xbox Series X? Mainly for warzone and will just continue to use my tv for single player games.

  • +2

    Worth getting S2722QC over S2721DS? But no tax deduction (>$300). Does the 4K resolution noticeable compared to 1440p?

  • Do these monitors ever come before the estimated shipping date?

    • +1

      They do.
      When I bought my AW3821 they said something like 4-5 weeks delivery, but it arrived in 12 days.

    • They'll ship them out as stock arrives. The estimate they give you is the worst case scenario.

  • Will there be better deals on Black Or should I pull the trigger?

    I'm so confused between s2721dgf and s2722dgm

    Most websites saying VA panel is suggested for gaming (better in dark rooms) but most people here suggesting to get IPS.

  • Get IPS if you can the glare factor alone makes it so much better

  • No deal on the S2721D? Want to buy a few at the ~$230 rate

  • +4

    Everyone who isn't sure about getting the S2721DGF for gaming (or work + gaming) - you won't regret it. It even comes with a good length DisplayPort cable for free. This is a great monitor - I use the Dell Manager software to boost contrast and brightness automatically between applications and the 165hz refresh rate is buttery smooth for gaming. 2K at 27" is a perfect sweet spot, I am yet to find anyone with any complaints about this monitor except it does not have in built speaker (oh no!) I paid $500 a year ago and it was worth it, $399 is a steal.

    • The 32" @ 2k is great as well, still more screen door graphics stuff

    • Can you connect external speakers to the monitor?

      • It has a headphone jack on the bottom of the screen.

  • ah spewing, just bought the S2721Q - if anyone wants that PM me, will let it go cheap.

    • What getting instead

      • i wanted a USB monitor at the time - S2722QC looks the goods. I'm SW Sydney.

        • True, USB C handy if you use a MacBook or a laptop

  • +3

    Any chance we add a ultrawide option here? Looking for the 34 inch option.

  • The DGF I ordered last deal hasn't shipped yet, so going to cancel it and get the S2722QC instead for that USB-c connection (monitor is for work). Thanks!

    • Just got dell confirmation my previous order for the DGF monitor last week will be cancelled and went ahead with purchasing the S2722QC. Thanks again dealbot.

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/333942119141?_trkparms=aid%3D111...

    if 20% discount applies on this, will come down to $4800 is it a good buy???

    • +1


      • if i put together similar specs and build it buying individual parts, it will cost way more than this, considering RTX 3090 GPU is retailing no less than $3000

  • Sigh, still waiting for a great laptop deal

  • I bought the Dell 27 4k S2721Q last sale and they said stock wasnt available until October 17. So i got a refund 2 days ago and this came at a perfect time to get its peer USB C version! Thanks!

  • Any 32+ monitors in this sale? Would they be announced later?

    Especially ones that would beat https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/647003 the price and/or quality?

  • +1

    Is the extra 2 years warranty on the AW3821DW worth $72? 🤔

  • +1

    Is the S2722QC overkill for office use?

    Worth the extra money over the S2722DC?

    • +1

      Depends if your device can power it at 4k and also if you don't have a dock, the QC will be handy.

  • +3

    Will we likely see the S2721DS for 250 again or is 289 the best?

  • -1

    Made an order last Friday, still haven't heard back from Dell for dispatching my AW3821DW!

  • S3221QS will be $448. Not as good as last months $369 but a reasonable price if you need one now

  • The lead time is 1 month! Really that long?

    • Nah it's quicker.
      They said the same when I ordered, but ended up getting it within 2 weeks.

      • +1

        thanks AFAR85!

  • on a good day takes about 10 days to get it from dell, but pretty sure during the lockdowns in VIC and NSW its going to be about 3 weeks before you get it, at worse you get it in a month.

    unfortunatlly its just going to get worse the more NSW cases go up.

  • Has anyone ever bought the 55in OLED AW5520QF here? This is the cheapest offering I've seen listed here I think, just wondering if anyone has first hand experience with such a large dedicated monitor.

    • +3

      Get LG 55 OLED, cheaper

  • Thanks @dealbot! Any possibility of getting the S2721H at the $179 price point anytime in the future?

  • Time to see whether a good gaming laptop will pop up cheap this time!

  • +1

    Thank you! Purchased one S2722QC

    • +1

      Same here. Thanks dealbot!

      • Me too! Also managed to get 3% off in gift vouchers, so a pretty good deal for a 27in USB-C, 4K IPS panel!!

        Thanks dealbot! :)

    • Hi did you have any problems with the code?

      • I did as I was using account created in different country. Switched to an Aus created account which I used with no issue. Might help

  • Are the bezels on most dells the same? Looking to mix and match a few of the monitors. From the pictures they all look the same to me…

  • Thanks dealbot. Been waiting for the S2721QS but pulled the trigger on the 22QC :)

    • Whats the difference between the two? I have S2721QS and want to get a second monitor, if no size difference side by side, I don't mind getting a USB with different pixel rate.

  • thanks dealbot. Appreciate it mate. Was looking for 4K monitor. Bought S2722QC.

  • Not happy with Dell. Ordered S2721DS for around $330 from official Dell Australia site yesterday and had a online chat with them few minutes ago in order to request the refund for the price difference. The online agent says they don't price match with Dell Australia Ebay although their terms and conditions don't state this exclusion… The price match states the Dell will refund the price difference within 30 days of purchase. very poor service.

    • I'm not sure how this is poor service. You should have requested a cancellation.

    • Can't you just cancel and order from Ebay?

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