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Ozito Power X Change 18V Cordless 5 Piece Kit $229 @ Bunnings


18V 13mm drill driver & 18V impact driver
18V 165mm circular saw & 18V 115mm angle grinder
18V Detail Sander
1 x 4.0Ah Battery & 1 x 2.5Ah Battery included
1 x Compact Fast Charger included

Sort of price matching with Aldi deal.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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  • +10

    Damn that’s tempting.

    • +3

      Been resisting, as I already have drill and impact drivers.

      Just got my tax refund

      Resistance is waning….

  • +22

    Good lord this is dirtily cheap… Must… stay… within…. ryobi ecosystem… 😣

    • -5

      Ryobi is much better

      • +13

        Depends on your needs. Bought one of these 5 piece kits on sale a few years ago and have used the tools extensively on a whole range of large and small DIY projects. Have since added 2 more tools and 2 more batteries. They've been perfectly up to the task and very reliable. The bang for buck is ridiculous, especially with the 5 year warranty. The bushless range is a step up again. Waiting to buy the 2 x 18v brushless mower when it comes back in stock.

        The only tool that I've been mildly disappointed in is the circular saw. It's really only good for cutting fence palings and pieces the size of your arm. It struggles with larger cuts. But that's more a symptom of cordless not the brand. It's made for convenience and portability, not power. So I'm probably expecting too much from it. It did a fine job cutting down six green bins worth of tree clippings!

        • +1

          No. My AEG cordless saw is great.

          • @wfdTamar: Yeas have to agree, I have a Hitachi 18v cordless which will cut through very large timber. The cheapie 18v saws like this one and Ryobi too just made to a price and give up too quick.

        • +1

          I've got the 2 x 18v brushless mower. It's great. Much more torque than the Victa 2 stroke it replaced and there's always plenty of reserve battery at the end of a heavy mow of a large urban block.

          I'm so glad to be done with messy fuel, frustrating starting and temperamental carburettors. Just pop the batteries in and go, anyone can use it. Might even get the kids interested.

        • I've been very impress too, particularly with the brushless driver.

          I have one of the circular saws with a decent thin kerf blade it goes pretty good. Has cut through plenty of 7035 and 9035 and 17mm ply. A good quality blade makes a big difference.

          While I'm no tradesman (obviously not the intended audience) I have built 70% of a house with them without an issue and don't forsee any coming up.

          That being said the combination nail and staple gun is crap, can't even drive a pin nail flush in pine and the crown staples sit way too proud. Returned it and stuck with my air one.

      • +6

        I don't know why the downvotes. The ozito stuff is incredibly good value and it's the ecosystem I've bought into, but the Ryobi is better in every way except price. If you stick to drilling or sanding you probably won't notice. If you compare the circular saw, impact wrench or impact driver they are worlds apart.

      • Had a feel of its side ratchet and it has now fallen below Ozito quality! Other stuff is a step above, and the range is better.

      • Ozito is designed for low torque and low speed compared to ryobi and anything above.

    • +1

      Yes, I am following Makita 18V, however not as good as expected.should joined ozito.

      • +1

        i have makita, bosch and ozito BUT only went for brushless in ozito , keep wishing ozito release a brushless circular saw and brushless reciprocal saw ….have the brushless ozito angle grinder which seems to have disappeared off their range ….might be ozito customers don’t like paying $90 for brushless angle grinder and it was slow moving item.

  • I don't even need the drill or impact driver but it's so tempting with the rest.

    • +9

      I don't need ANY of it and it's still tempting lol

  • +3

    Perfect - much rather secure this than take my chances leaving the house to go to ALDI

    • -1

      what's the story with Aldi?

      • +2

        Probably lives in one of those places with COVID and lockdowns. Or perhaps ALDI has no chance of stock?

        • +1

          All of the above sadly

        • +4

          more likely to have 0 stock than catching COVID at ALDI.

          • +1

            @pinkybrain: I wouldn't know. No COVID or ALDI here.

            • +1

              @Clear: Good to know that you are in the clear

            • @Clear: so, no pressure to make rash decisions then.

  • +7

    God it's times like these I regret buying into the Milwaukee system. Yeah the tools are great but they never go on sale/clearance. Wish Bunnings stocked them.

    • +6

      True, Good brands are too expensive for home users, we don't need them eveyday.

      • +1

        Milwaukee ain't what it used to be. Seen alot of comparisons of Ryobi and Rigid outperforming them

        • +3

          I don't know what planet OzBargainers are on.. but every Ozito product I've bought has been a piece of junk. I've broken every Ozito tool in less than a month. I'm on a rural property but Ozito products can barely drill a hole or drive a screw. Milwaukee on the other hand. Beautiful every time. You get what you pay for.

          • +8

            @bpitt: True, you get what you pay for, but how on earth are you using things such that they don't last a month or even do their job?
            I'm not at all gentle with my tools but I've had no concerns with Ozito kit. I did think I was being a bit optimistic about the SDS drill, but even that had managed to go through stuff with almost as much ease as my corded Bosch SDS drill.

            • +7

              @banana365: Agreed.
              I use my Ozito range 2-3 times a week and I have no clue how you could burn through a tool in a month (if you're using the right tool for the job and using it correctly). My Ozito tools have been solid. The drill driver has drilled a stack of 20mm holes through hardwood house framing no problem. The impact driver has done an entire hardwood decking with SS screws and a couple of hundred roofing screws without skipping a beat. The angle grinder and recip saw have cut and grind through all manner of crap and still going strong. They shouldn't fail… and if they do, take it back under warranty. But heck if you've got the $$$ to pay for Milwaukee then go for it. But I can get 5 ozito tools for less than the cost of one Milwaukee, so it's perfect for my needs.

              • +4

                @stuckster: Totally agreed the Ozito PXC range has been great. over the last 7 years, I have transitioned all my power tools to PXC and they have all been awesome. I all that time I have one battery that failed and when back to Bunning and they replaced it on the spot.

                I've built a kitchen, deck, retaining wall, flower beds and a bookcase and use the driver, mitre and circular saw most weekends and have never had an issue. I even replace my petrol mower with the PXC and that too is so good.

                The PXC is a rebadged German brand called Einhell which has been going since 1964 and make great quality products. The price point it's sold at here is a reflection of Bunning buying power. Bunning uses it as a loss leader to keep places like Aldi at bay and keep people like me coming back to the store every weekend.

            • @banana365: Same I built so many things with it and no issues. Great around the house for the occasional diy

          • @bpitt: I dug an enormous trench with my little Ozito PXC (red/black) hammer drill - through terracotta pipes and heavy clays/shales.

            Head to toe in clay-mud and it never missed a beat.

            But the Ozito grey/black seems to be trash.

            • +1

              @Telios: curiosity: how do you dig a trench with a hammer drill?

              • @cholas: yes Id like to know too

                • @dealmaker: I'm guessing with one of those planter/auger drill bits

              • @cholas: SDS drill possibly. Hammer drill on steroids and only a little bit more expensive. I've used mine for hacking holes in concrete.

                • @banana365: Tempted now to get the ozito brushless for it, but im collecting drills at this point. I have a hammer drill and for concrete is fine, is not fast but im not in a hurry. Now digging is another story, im suffering with roots and clay, if I can use the drill for that it would be amazing

                  • +1

                    @cholas: Collecting drills? I know that problem. I'm pretty sure mine self replicate/breed when the garage light is out. I think they also cannibalise the older drills as I can't find the one I've had for over 20 years. Poor old Bosch blue, dependable drill. I hope it was a painless end.

    • Sale through repco when they mess up and have thr discount on them

    • +1

      yeh unless you're using it every single day for numerous hours Ryobi is absolutely all you need.

      If you aren't a tradesman anything more is a waste of money IMO.

    • +5

      Same here, Milwaukee are the Apple of the hardware world, even when Sydney Tools and Total Tools run their trade nights (up 20% off store credit) they always exclude Milwaukee gear. Wish I went Dewalt or Makita as all hardware stores stock their gear and between them all you can get some great deals

      • Huh? I don't know about Total Tools but as far as I know Sydney Tools does not exclude Milwaukee from their trade nights and they also have special Milwaukee Roadshows every once in a while.

    • +1

      lol what? I started with Ozito and have upgraded to Milwaukee as I've outgrown each tool. Though I still use some of the Ozito stuff regularly. But they aren't even in the same universe. Yes Milwaukee kit is 3 times the price. But it is more than 3 times as good. I don't regret it at all. Have a look on facebook marketplace. You often find folks selling Milwaukee kit new lower than retail. I think they buy the packs and sell the the individual tools for a profit or something.

    • +1

      I've gone down the Dewalt 18v path in the past 12 months, still need a circular saw and angle grinder. Good tools but the first charger that I got became faulty after about 11 months - changed over at Bunnings no problem

      • I got the Dewalt mower 36V which is actually 2x 18V 5Ah batteries, then a drill/driver combo kit that came with 2x1.5Ah batteries too. Wasn't cheap to get started but first house and needed a mower anyway and both were reduced. In comparison the Ryobi had 1x36V battery so it wouldn't go into the other tools anyway.

        Family has dewalt tools as well so I can borrow whatever I need. I keep and eye on Marketplace and Gumtree for second hand stuff, ended up picking up a used cordless circular saw for $70 or $80. Add a new blade in it and it's as good as anything.

  • Not in stock, not available for delivery, and not available for click and collect for my 4 nearest stores in rural NSW..

  • +1

    Not sold in my local Bunnings, not available for click and collect and not available for delivery. Boo!

  • father’s day promo from makita, bosch, dewalt will be trickery this year with lockdowns , hope they still try to do something even if it’s click n collect or for those with power pass who look for clearance labels in the tool shop when buying tubes of silicone, nails or paint.

    last week i bought the bosch brushless bundle for $299 clearance ….hammer drill, impact driver, angle grinder and 4ah battery in the hawthorn store.

    • +1

      Geez that's a good deal. I only need the angle grinder but could sell the rest off and get it for free!

  • +2

    That's a crazy good deal if you've been tempted to join the ozito ecosystem.
    I've got both Makita and Ozito. Obviously the Makita stuff is better, but the ozito gear is good value and mostly does the job very well.
    If I didn't have all of these already I'd buy this as it is a great starter pack.

  • Everyone is talking about how good ryobi is, but what about this ozito?

    • Better than Aldi (in terms of quality and warranty) but they are DIY grade tools with brushed motors and not too powerful.

      • -1

        i have the aldi brushless drill/rattler combo and it's definitely better than ozito in terms of quality

        • +1

          I have an older version of Aldi's 5 pc kit similar to the one advertised here (drill, impact driver, circular saw, sander & work light) which I saw on clearance for $100 and could not resist. The drill and impact driver are junk.

      • I'd expect Aldi gear to be of better quality than the equivalent junk from Bunnings. In my experience.

        • In many cases they are made by the same manufacturer, Einhell, as many other home brand power tools.

          • +1

            @bio: Aldi's brand is called Feral?

            • @Dark Zeus: Ferrex, Workzone, they have many names, made by various manufacturers.

  • Can we also have that 5 or 10% extra discount as a "tradie"?

    • +15

      Don't use your trade card for ozito. It voids the warranty as it implies the item has been used for trade use.

      • I've heard that but as there is nothing in the Powerpass T&C to say you can only use it to buy stuff for use in your trade they can't justify it and would lose if you took them to fair trading.

        I've heard of people having some issues but not once they push it.

      • I think that might be illegal for bunnings to void warranty

      • They train their staff to bully you over this, but just ask them to show you something in writing…

    • +4

      None of the Ozito gear gets a discount anyway, at least the ones I've checked - which are several. So you may as well just not use the Powerpass card on them.

    • No discount for Ryobi or Ozito

  • +4

    Would I be able to make an iron man suit with these tools if I was stuck in a cave?

    • Only if Bunnings are happy to deliver to terrorist strongholds ;)

      • +2

        Like Victoria

    • +2

      By "cave", do you mean anywhere in WA?

  • no stock anywhere

    • There’s stock in my local store (Footscray)

    • lots in WA

  • +5

    Interesting comment about the negative review given - only 1 warranty claim allowed per kit. If the drill fails and then later on the circular saw you'd not be able to claim the saw if you had already claimed the drill? Sounds kind of shit and maybe illegal?

    • +4

      That makes no sense. If a product has a 5 year warranty you can't only claim on it once. So if it dies after 1 year that doesn't remove the warranty for the next 4 years.

    • I've been able to claim warranty on individual items in a kit before so YMMV.
      I guess comes down to his friendly you are with the staff.

      • I've done this with Ryobi before but they were pretty pushy for me to bring in the whole kit when it was 1 battery that was faulty.

    • +2

      I think you’ll find that claim is against consumer law

    • +1

      That claim is false - I've had a few things eventually fail from a few different kits and claimed without issue.

      Sometimes it's easier to get the staff to "buy then refund immediately" for the equivalent skin that's busted. That way they can have a tracked refund without refunding the entire pack of tools - especially if you only brought the broken skin.

      Always be polite and offer staff solutions that minimise their work

    • I got it in writing that each part can be individually replaced at different times without having to return the whole set.
      YMMV but thats good enough for me.

    • +5

      I read this three times and still don’t understand the question.

      • +1

        I think what he/she meant is because they (he/she) bought the drill and driver kit and not required those two from this kit (from this deal) can they get discount ?

        • +5

          It's like asking for a discount on a McDonalds meal deal because you bought fries a few hours ago

          • @leTintin: No its, he bought the McDonalds meal and did not want the fries and wanted it cheaper. It's different.

            • @fredk1000: but the burgers are better at Hungry Jacks .. why Maccas?

              • @Niroshansira: You meant the voucher deals are better at Hungry Jacks. This is ozbargain after all.

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