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Jabra Elite Active 75t $117.67 (Additional 28% off in Checkout) with Free Delivery @ Jabra


Additional 16-31% Father's Day promo on selected earbuds added at checkout which seems to stack with already discounted products at jabra.com.au with Free shipping for orders over $99.

I personally have the Jabra Elite Active 75t and as a replacement for a headset they are a game changer. I bought these about a month back to use for remote meetings as my hair kept getting messed up using a headset. The buttons work well for answering calls, mute, changing ANC etc, and they can be connected to more than 1 device at once. I'm using it connected to both my phone and laptop (the sound automatically switches between the 2 but only 1 can be playing sound at a time).

Also found really useful for jogs and workouts and they feel really secure. The sound and bass is pretty good considering they are ear buds. I already had a couple high end Over Ear headphones both wired and bluetooth and I keep finding myself using the Jabra Elite Active 75t since it's more convenient and doesn't get in the way.

Only main criticism is the ANC features aren't great, they are only a slight improvement to having it off and I still have trouble hearing other people talking when I have hear through mode on. Saying that the feature was added as a free firmware update so it's good considering that:

Jabra Elite Active 75t - $117.67

If sound quality and ANC is really important to you and you don't plan on using them for workouts, then go with these instead:

Jabra Elite 85t - $167.67

More stuff on sale:

Jabra Elite 75t - $87.67

Jabra Elite 85h - $247.67

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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  • +2

    this was just 150 the other day……

    • let me get my time travel clock so I can buy at $150….

  • I just pulled the trigger on the Jabra Elite Active 75t - Navy and it came down to AU$117.67.
    Happy with that price to give it a go!

    • How did you get it so cheap??

      • +1

        I just selected the navy one on offer and added to the cart on the webstie.
        It came down to $131 total discount so I hit purchase :D. Go go go

        • Hey mate,
          Could you possibly post/PM me a receipt or even just a screenshot with the item and the price? (Redacting any personal info, of course).
          The Navy buds were sold out, by the time I found this, and I just wanna make a Price Protection claim.

          • +1

            @sw00p: Send me a PM mate and I'll send it across :)

            • @ExeGNR: The hero we deserve :~)

              Edit: Your account doesn't accept new conversations : (

    • Wow I thought the advertised price already included the discount, but looks like it's an additional 30% off in the checkout. Maybe someone stuffed up there.

      • I've been there and it wasn't nice but hey, Marketing stuff up happens :P

      • The cart is taking off $131.33 per order regardless of what you order or how many things in the cart, so that looks like someone typed 1.3 or 1.33 in the wrong field, or this is some bonus part of the offer (which would be unlikely).

        EDIT: 131.33 is taken off the pre-discounted price, not the discounted price

    • Amazon?

      • No, through the actual Jabra website.

    • Nice find! Yet another Amazon order canceled and another reorder hahaha

  • +1

    Yeah seems like this is double stacking on top of each other, the 85T is also $167.67, the 75T is $87.67 :)

    • Yeah but shipping for below $100 is $20, so I just went with the 75T Elite which is 10 bucks more after factoring in delivery.

      • Maybe you can pick the 75t with wireless charging case.

  • -1

    OP the discount is from 28%($249*0.72 = $179.28) I guessed they round it down to $179

  • Great find! I got the 75T for $149 the other day on amazon and now got the 75t actives for $117 xoxo

  • Is the wireless charger included as per photo?

    • Nope it's an option before you add to cart and it costs extra.

      • thanks!

        • Just in case: the 85t will have an option for including a charging pad, but the active 75t only have an option for 'wireless charging enabled' (which only refers to the case, and this won't come with a charging pad)

          • @Nojas: So I assume that the 85t are by default chargeable wirelessly and you can add the pad?

  • +1

    I got charged $20 for shipping

    • +1

      free shipping over 100

  • +1

    Am I wrong or there is absolutely no discount on the ones with wireless charging?

    • +4

      There is, it should be $137.67 for the 75T Active Navy in Wireless Charging in the cart.

    • +2

      A $131.33 discount seems to be applied to the full price of a cart (i.e., not the advertised discounted price). So you should be able to get that much off the wireless charging versions

    • Thanks both :)

    • It looks like there's no discount but when you check out it's still applied

      • Yeah I noticed now! Thamks!!

  • Dont seem to be able to buy direct from Jabra just directs me to retailers

    • +3

      Only some colours are available

    • Same here just has a 'where to buy' button for me

      • Because some are available to buy direct through Jabra and others not.

    • +3

      change the color selection.

    • Thanks, active 75t only available in the 'less than attractive' colours

  • +1

    Personally would not recommend this product, I have previously owned it and it has this annoying Bluetooth connectivity issue. It keeps randomly disconnecting and reconnecting. I've ordered a replacement via Amazon and it was not any better.

    • +2

      That might have something to do with your phone. The only time I get random pauses is when going through the sensors in front of stores, which usually lasts for a second or 2

    • Common issue with jabra… I've had a few sets… some worse than others

    • That's concerning.
      That said, I had that issue with my Plantronics and Garmin watch, was convinced the Plantronics were dying, until I had to RMO my Garmin watch, then boom, no issues with the new watch, so cut outs were due to that.
      Must be the minority that experience the issues you had.

  • Good deal. Kinda regret not going these instead ..

  • These are great! I use them in the shower with no problems!

  • Just ordered the copper black 75t active for 117 with free delivery to Perth! Seems like a solid deal cheers OP.

  • Got the 85t thanks!

  • wow! no brainer at this price!

  • Thanks OP ordered. Been holding off on the $150-160 deals but gotta pull the trigger at this price

  • +1

    Thanks OP - got a pair for backorder 30/08

  • Seems like the 75Ts are on back order.. Wonder how long the delivery time will be..

    • The non-active version is available inc. wireless charging

  • Thanks. Been holding out and finally pulled the trigger. Navy was sold out when i pre-filled my details. Ended up with the copper brown

  • Bought these for over 200 last year and been very happy, this price makes me want to buy a 2nd pair 😅

  • What is better these or the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live for $147 ??


  • +2

    Thanks Op!, grabbed one 75t active with wireless charging for AU$137.67

  • +1

    OMG missed it by a minute?

  • +2

    Party’s over?

  • Seems to have ended - Was halfway through trying to get a couple as gifts for family, but no luck :(

  • Thanks OP, grabbed some 85t

  • +1

    Omg me to . I was checking out and it went back up to normal price.

  • Thanks OP. Got myself a 85t! Great price. Just managed to complete my checkout before the party’s over.

  • holy fek I'm sad now been holding out for the right price, finally in my range and I missed it by couple of minutes.

  • +1

    Wow was on the toilet when I saw this, went to my laptop to order and gone

  • +1

    The wait begins: will they honour their clearly erroneous pricing or will they blame it on a website error?

  • Yeah seems to be fixed now, regular price showing for all. Wonder if they'll fulfil the errors or refund on pricing error.

  • Seems most just come up as "where to buy". Only few colours available through their site

    Also price back up now. Seems party is over Indeed. Hope they come back to this price through OW or TGG

  • I'd just like to note with the ANC it's best to configure it in a noisy environment eg. public transport, shopping centres which really helps with fine-tuning it to your ears. I would advise not using ANC on windy days due to a conflict with the sensors. They aren't gonna cancel out every bit of noise but Jabra seems to be pretty good with returns/warranty if they aren't to your liking.

    • Interesting what you said.

      Once A.I. creeps more into the ANC space, it would be interesting to see how A.I. would help in configuring what you just described, rather than having the user to do it.

  • +1

    far out, went to make kids lunch, missed on this deal
    been waiting for actives to hit under 150….

    • +3

      Eat their lunches, that'll show em

  • Duuuuuuude it's normal price now.

  • +3

    Just took my eyes off the Ozbargain page for a while and paid the price, damn!

  • Hopefully they honour it. 85t was at a bargain price!!!!

  • I bought Jabra 85t at JB $249 on special. DOA. Left earbuds didn't work at all. No charge, no LED light up.

    • Take them back and get a replacement or refund?

      • +1

        I end up refunding.
        It was my first earbuds so it was disappointing that it happened. Afterwards, I did some research and it seems to be a common issue with all models.

        Would be on the look out for the Sony XM4 earbuds instead.

    • Same thing, bought 75t last week but was dead on arrival, I could never charge the damn buds.

    • I got a pair of 75t Active and the bluetooth died after 3 weeks. Luckily managed to get a replacement

  • Just bought these last week for $177 :(
    Comparing to the XM3 these are very lacking in every way
    ANC seems to do nothing at all?
    the left driver is a bit crackly every now and then and overall sound quality is honestly less than that of my cheapie $20 audio technica wired in ear buds

    I can't recommend these at the price i paid when the XM3 are $250 on discount and are MUCH better in every regard
    is this what all wireless buds are like?

  • Is there any 75t owner out there who has lost their right bud?

    I can’t find my left.

    I’d buy someone’s left from them.

  • +2

    My order has been shipped!

  • Strange, I paid for the order using Paypal.. my credit card (HSBC) has slapped a foreign transaction fee. Anyone else had same experience?

    • Exact same for me, using HSBC via Paypal. Not sure why. I just checked my account and something else I bought in AUD via Paypal also charged a foreign transaction fee a few days earlier.

    • I just checked and Citibank has also slapped me with a foreign transaction fee although I paid with Paypal in AUD. Not sure what to do, I had a similar issue in the past and called Citibank and they advised that although the currency shows AUD, underlyingly it is a direct conversion by the website from a foreign currency and hence the fee. Not sure if this is something we should take up with Paypal, but my feeling is that they will push blame to the card provider as they are only a payment gateway

  • Has anyone else received shipping information yet as me and someone I work with haven't got it yet. I contacted support Tuesday and haven't heard from them either.

    • My order went in at 11:38 and I haven't received shipping information.

    • nothing yet. bought at 11.51. Tracking on their site shows "NEW". Tracking on the delivery site via order number says it'll be delivered in 2 shipment…

      • Yeah I put mine in at 11:20 and same thing with the tracking.

  • +2

    Just got shipping confirmation via UPS.

  • +1

    I got the headphones yesterday . Looks like they were shipped from Hong Kong.

  • +1

    Delivered! By UPS to the wrong address, now missing… This will be fun

    • +1

      does it say where (or an indication?)

      I have had posties deliver items because they can't read upside down… 6 and 9 always being swapped around. Worth going to your neighbours to see if a package has been dropped off incorrectly. Bring ID of course to verify with them

      • Delivered to a local seven eleven (not sure which one) for pickup from a parcel locker, but the call card was given to another apartment (was home all day on the delivery and doorbell never rang)

        I've tried letter dropping and calling apartments with similar numbers but none have seen the call card with parcel locker retrieval info.

        • +1

          bit of an adventure race for you…good luck and hope it works out with UPS/jabra. I'm still waiting for my parcel to be delivered (stuck in clearance)

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