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[Back Order] Samsung 870 QVO 8TB 2.5" SATA III SSD $899 + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas/ VIC C&C) @ BPC Technology


Samsung 870 QVO 8TB 2.5" SATA III 6GB/s 4-Bit MLC V-NAND SSD MZ-77Q8T0BW
Capacity: 8TB
Form Factor: 2.5"
Interface: SATA 6GB/s, Compatible with: SATA 3GB/S and SATA 1.5 GB/s
Controller: Samsung MKX Controller
Sequential Read (Max): 560MB/s
Sequential Write (Max): 530MB/s
Samsung V-NAND 4bit MLC
Cache Memory: Samsung 8GB Low Power DDR4 SDRAM
Random Read/Write: 98,000/88,000
MTBF: 1.5 Million

Mod Update 13/9: Available on Back-Order. Call for ETA.

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  • +1

    Hats off!

  • Mod, it's free delivery as shown in cart when you enter postcode (Free Shipping (BPC Tech Preferred Courier)).

    • Have you tried postcode 0820, The Gardens, NT?

      • Guess you're right, NT seems to be the only state not free.

  • +17

    wow 8tb SSD, gotta love the direction storage is going :)

    • +24

      I still can't get over microSDs, basically a fingernail that stores millions times more than the first PC I owned did.

      • +9

        Same! I tell my son a back in my day story all the time about how we had 5.25" floppy disks that could store 360kB. It's insane how much technology has changed over 30 years.

        • +3

          floppy disks! Wow … such modern technology you had :)

          We started with cassette storage. I do remember the days of the notcher to double the capacity of floppy disks, though.

          The good ol' days.

          • @photonbuddy: My parents used to bring home boxes of paper punch cards from work mid 70s. I suspect a whole box was under 1kb.

            • @md333:

              My parents used to bring home boxes of paper punch cards from work mid 70s.

              My first year at Uni in '88, they still had a card reader there.

              I still remember the old DEC (who were swallowed by Compaq, who were in turn swallowed by HP) Vax computers we used to terminal off. They had a dot matrix printer that was 132 columns wide, and printed 3 rows at a time. Hearing that printer yanking reams of paper through it was amazing.

        • Didn't you have to turn it over to get the full 360kB.

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    To think we used to carry around our documents in a plastic device which held 1.44Mb… (yes I also have used the 5.25" floppies too lol)

    • +4

      Before the notebook computers we had notebooks.

    • A modern PC I built in 2012 had a modern motherboard with a FDD connector on it. I bought the AsRock Z77 Fatal1ty Professional based on that decision alone.

      It was good fun hearing those drive reading sounds again. Have you ever seen some of the floppy drive music people upload to YouTube?

      • +1

        Still have an unopened pack of 10 x high density 3.5 disks. hehehe.

  • +15

    Ahhh perfect for my porn collection

    • +26

      Just starting out?

    • +2

      You're many to say pron or cat videos

      • +1

        Don't forget, Linux distro's.

  • +3

    Also comes with a free game via redemption. Must purchase before 31st Aug.

  • +3

    Thanks OP, just bought one. I hate how loud my HDD is

    I swear there better not be a better deal posted tmr…

  • +4

    Good deal. Really chasing the EVO though (albeit will have to go the 4TB in that).

  • +2

    Note: QVO is designed for cheaper/slower storage. They are not designed for use for your main OS drive, which demands more performance and wear/lifespan.
    Nothing's stopping you though! :)

    • +2

      this would still overall be faster than your standard 3.5" drives though right?

      • +1

        Yes much faster. Their point still stands though.

    • +4

      I agree, best as a secondary disk but I'd (rightly or wrongly) imagine people in the market for a $900 8TB SSD probably know their way around a PC anyway 😂

    • have windows on a 1tb QVO,
      cant really tell the difference to other SSDs
      have another OS on a 1TB NVME EVO, its ver similar in boot times etc.

  • +6

    thanks bought 4

  • I had 1T, and only 30% full. These days i spend more times on my phone 😔

  • Wow, thats an insane amount to pay for the distros now especially with fast internet and new versions of distros coming in almost every minute. Why store? I paid 2XX bux for a 2TB game drive and thought that was already uber expensive!

    • +1


      Plus Nintendo shut down RomUniverse, who knows when your other distros are not going to be available anymore.

  • Geesus I remember when a megabyte cost $1000 so 20 meg drive was $20,000 large and forget about 5.25" floppy disks what about 8" floppy disks, gawd I am old…I also remember at school punching computer cards out for local university……
    Leisure suit Larry was the hip IBM game…

    • +1

      I can recall the "8 floppy, I was about 8 and went to check out a partly demolished building in an old industrial area, there were boxes of "8 floppies and huge 34"+ yellowish CRT screens. We spend the afternoon frisbee-ing the disks, they are the perfect weight, they go so damn high and so fricken far. I wish now I had foresight and held on to a few as I haven't seen any in existence since.

      • +1

        Just a word of warning if you do a search, be careful to spell 'disk' correctly, as when you put in '8" floppy disk' and make an error you're returned NSFW content 😁🤣

  • The size is right… the price isnt :)

    • Bit of overexcitement IMO. Paid $892 back in March during typical eBay sale - $774 after cashback. It generally sat at just over $900 on staticice in the months since, but eBay coupons could get you below it, although the cashback's long gone.

  • What's the best use of it ?

    • +4


    • +1

      stick it inside a computer maybe

  • I wish the PS3 could support this much internal storage