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Microsoft Surface Go 2 - Intel Core M3/LTE/8GB/128GB SSD $921, Intel Pentium 4425Y/8GB/128GB SSD $675 Shipped @ Microsoft Store


Called up Microsoft Store yesterday to see if they would price-match the current Harvey Norman discounts on Surface devices, in particular the Surface Go 2. Got a call just now from the rep I was speaking with yesterday that they not only approved my price-match request, but lowered the price across the board (for Surface Go 2, at least) to match Harvey Norman.

Two reasons I called Microsoft:
Firstly, didn't want to buy from Harvey Norman… :P
Secondly, Microsoft is currently running a trade-in program for older devices on Surface computers purchased from their Microsoft Store that give a way better price than can be had selling second hand on Gumtree (eg, my gen 1 Surface Go with 8GB/128GB SSD in working condition with charger is valued at $343) - https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/store/b/microsoft-trade-in?O...

With Cashrewards at 1.5%, and the trade-in, I'm getting the Surface Go 2 LTE for $566, with the added bonus that I can just use the Signature Surface typecover and pen I had before.

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    I love my Surface Go 2, I had a Surface Pro, but it's just too heavy in tablet mode. Galaxy Tabs I'm always trying to do desktop type things and found if I had one light device, it would be this. That said, when I travel heavy I have a Fold 2, Kindle Oasis, Tab S7+, Surface Go 2 and a gaming laptop. It's obviously scalable depending on time/task/weight.

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      What is your occupation seems to be paying very well….

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        curious also, that is a whole lot of high end gear to travel around with.

        • What if they just simply like and appreciate technology?

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            @magic8ballgag: I do and I don't really have any other vices. Some of them are depreciative tax write offs in their first year used 100% for work. The Tab and Go I got cheap from eBay in the US. I'm middle aged and should be paying off a house or something but I'm in property settlement no mans land…that's the back story, nothing exciting. I work, like many, for the government.

        • Curious too, how do you find the time to use all the product? Btw, good that you post about trade in etc, you sounded like a tech guru.

    • I like you choices. Thoughts on the Fold 3?

      • I'll probably upgrade to it because of the additional waterproof rating. Great device if you want a portable tablet like experience with the cost and weight being the trade-off. I'll be sticking with this range until there is a better foldable or rollable.

    • Hi. I never owned laptop and am considering this Go 2 M3. Can you please advise what accessories would be the most helpful/useful to add-on, esp. among

      Surface USB-C to Ethernet and USB Adapter OR
      Surface USB-C to HDMI Adapter or
      15 months Microsoft 365 for the price of 12 ?


      • Top of the list should be the keyboard.
        Wifi is very fast so wouldn’t bother with the Ethernet adapter.
        If you want to plug into a screen regularly probably better getting a USBC dock that enables external mouse and keyboard as well.

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    Yeah, good call to boycott HN. I'm still holding out for the Surfacebook 4 because I want portable creative capability but this sounded good!

  • They have also reduced the cost of the surface laptop go as well to match HN for $798

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    Worth keeping in mind that the much improved Go 3 is imminent, hence the deal price.


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      Yes I am also tempted but want to hold off for the Go 3, I almost bought this the other day (price match HN) and saw this article feeling a little relieved I didn't buy, the Go 2 was 20% off this time last year too, and I missed out, and feel like I'll have regrets if I buy this, just as the 3 is announced.

    • Thoughts on potential impact of increased performance to battery life? I am happy with reduced performance if it meant longer battery life…

      • As long as the watts are the same it wont make any difference.

        For example my Intel 6th gen laptop cpu takes the same power draw as my 9th, so the only difference is going to be thermal design (fans/pipes etc) and bios limits.

        On top of that, you can always specify the max power draw if you want by using the program throttlestop.

        It’s worth noting that this gen is a very substantial upgrade. I would definitely hold off for the new version unless you have a hardcapped budget.

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      Oh sweet - thanks for the heads up, I was looking to update my Go 1 with the Go 2 M3, but I'll hold off.

      FWIW, it's still an amazing device - great performance for the form factor, excellent screen, and the performance improved under W11.

      I'd expect most Go 3 reviews to be as bad at the Go 2 reviews, most of which tended to focus on the bottom end devices…

  • Can we use the student pricing on the top?

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        I tried, no extra discount.

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      The good news is that you don’t try to fix old technology any more, just upgrade to the newer, lighter, thinner version! So convenient. Turns out that the labour costs for the glue melting and desoldering, etc., are more than a shiny new one! As a huge plus, any large holes in the ground can be filled quicker than ever before.

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    they also matched the price for the Surface Laptop Go! $798 for i5/8gb/128GB SSD

    To be honest, I would choose Surface Laptop Go over Surface Go with LTE any day.

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      • solid find! thank you kind sir Hellfire

      • For anyone getting this, you can update from Windows 10S to Home, which should be done when you setup the device as it requires a reset.

        Leaving S mode on by default locks out installations from outside of the Microsoft App Store.

      • ZipPay eligible or not?

      • 1098 now.

    • Considering to buy something compact for low level use. Can you please explain why choose Surface Laptop Go over Surface Go with LTE any day?

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        for these reasons:
        - real i5 CPU so better performance
        - windows sucks in tablet mode
        - using laptop on your lap is usable thanks to the rigid hinge - as opposed to fumbling with a tablet and detachable keyboard
        - LTE is nice but why? extra sim card and account to worry about. enabling mobile hotspot on my phone takes 3 seconds, and I am online, so LTE is a liability really, not a benefit

        there we go

        • what do you mean by liability? LTE just enables faster internet, nothing extra you have to do or?

          • @amorn: LTE means it has a mobile broadband modem

            just like your phone does

            it needs a SIM card to work, just like your phone

            I used to have a laptop with LTE and I can't say that I was using it much, it's easy to enable mobile hotspot on my phone and that's it, I am online

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    Upvoted just for not buying from HN

    • Me too. Rudest staff/managers there.

    • Harvey Norman is a joke, last thing I bought from their website was refunded a week after it should have arrived because they didn't actually have the stock.

      My friend bought a $3,000 Sony TV in-store to be delivered, it took 3 months of calling them asking where it was with the sales person literally laughing at him on the phone. They offered a different TV that was 5' smaller for same price as he paid, when it finally arrived it was missing the included 4k movie P pack.

      A few months later the TV got a green line and he knew it wasn't worth it taking it back, given the repair stories from other friends where worse than his experience.

      How is Harvey Norman still in business, I've never heard anything but horror stories.

      • 5' smaller, how big was the original TV?

        • 70' to 65' back in 2014.

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        One to add: I opted for click and collect and a week or two passed before I realised "hey that's weird, I haven't got a pick up notice" called the store and the product had been out of stock for over a month. Told to ring Gerry's special number for a refund, which they said would take 5 business days or so. Got busy again and didn't realise for a few weeks there hadn't been a refund.

        On the phone I go again and they tried to tell me I had actually collected the order and since it's 28/30 days (can't remember) past the invoice they don't refund. Eventually (after several phone calls) got my refund and a $5 'apology'/f##k you gift card from upper management. Never again.

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        "How is Harvey Norman still in business.. ."

        Getting $22m job keeper handouts from ScoMo certainly help.

  • Realistically many years will this m3 processor take me without becoming slow and laggy? Similar to the chrome duet perhaps?

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      The m3 is already a dated processor, released in 2018.

      • both of these are only for people with very very low performance expectations or kids

  • Thanks for posting. Get an upvote for your effort. Did consider but for my fully working 2017 Surface Pro i7/256 which I use daily and still works like a boss I only get $180, so not worth it for me, but trade in option may tempt others.

  • I got the surface book 1 and I really like everything about it. Would this be better, lighter and faster?

    • It would be smaller but not faster. The m3 CPU version is actually pretty decent for web browsing and office work. The for factor is fantastic as the whole device is very small and the kick stand and windows makes it more versatile for work than an iPad in my opinion

  • Not a fan of the surface go. The type keyboard is kinda fidgety. I also find the screen way too small. For this size, i find better for app type OS than a full Windows. Sold mine after a month of the surface go 1

  • Any deals on getting the Go Laptop for this price :)

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    Surface Pro 4 trade in value $178. Meanwhile battery replacement $400. Microsoft 😂

    • Alienware 18 laptop with twin R290x GPUs, 32GB memory, 3x 1TB SSDs, fully working with PSU… $70.31 trade-in. Yeah, nah.

      • How much do you want for it

    • Do you have link to find out trade in value? Weird someone below said surface pro 3 has 285.50 trade in. Wouldnexpect surface pro 4 to be more

      • yeah, the link is the actual link where you find out the trade in value. I would've thought the obvious thing was to try the link first before asking here!! :P

        • yep guess what people lie surface pro 4 trade value 440+

          • @aussman: Doh. My bad.

            "What device did you purchase from Microsoft Store?"

            I originally selected Other because I don't know what Microsoft device I'd buy nowadays and it displayed $178.

            My SP4 is i7 512GB/16GB.

            I went back after seeing your comment and selected the first Microsoft product instead of Other and it displayed $478.

            I think I'll avoid anything that involves soldering RAM, or gluing batteries, and making the device a pain to repair.

    • I'll remove the battery when it eventual expands and keep using the SP4 until it dies.

      Probably can't trade it in anyway with Windows wiped off it and replaced with Linux. 😂

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    My surface pro 6 has some janky ass surface connector issues. Wish it had usbc

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    $285.80 for a surface pro 3 trade in with or without type cover is not bad

  • Does it come with keyboard if not how much extra?

  • -3

    I'm not gonna be the Apple fan boy but… I actively avoided iPhone and iPad after having both in early 2010s. Mainly because they were so locked down in terms of MP3s and other media content, repairabilty, price etc.

    So last year I wanted a travel device. Agonised between the Surface Go or an iPad Air.

    I got the iPad Air and it is truly the best portable/companion device money can buy. It's such a lovely device to use with the pencil. No regrets whatsoever. In fact all the Google suite is on their now as well, Maps, auto backup to Google Photo, Chrome etc. And nowadays with all streaming services, I don't miss the file sharing downfalls on Apple.

    The only reason I'd consider a Windows laptop is the office suite for word processing or spreadsheets.

    Even the Microsoft Office suite is now cloud based, I interchange between my Pixel phone, Lenovo laptop and iPad all day, instantly syncing OneNote etc.

    Get an iPad Air or even latest gen iPad. They crap all over the Surface Go.

    • cool story bro

    • your specific use case is your specific use case. Just because it works for you, doesn't mean that it extrapolates out to everyone else.

      No one said don't buy an iPad, or that the Surface Go is better. At this point, most people know what they need. So no need to make comments that assume your needs replicate everyone else's.

      As a point of reference, I am fully in the Apple eco-system (watch, phone, tablet, computer, etc), and don't use Windows at all. But this is for my father who has tried an iPad, didn't like it, and loves his original Surface Go. In his specific use case, the move up to the Intel M3 Surface Go 2 with LTE is a no-brainer, while your recommendation to forget about it and get an iPad Air is utter garbage.

  • Has anyone traded in?
    Do you have to wait for the item your ordered to be delivered first before you can upload your receipt as mine still says pending


    • required documentation to ship my trade-in device was provided immediately on uploading the pending Microsoft purchase order.