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[Pre Order] Samsung 75" QN85A 4K UHD Neo QLED Smart TV $3124 Delivered @ Appliances Online


Estimated delivery date: 12th October 2021

Lowest price I have seen; previous cheapest listed at $3298 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/641721

With 0.7% cashback (SB or CW) brings it down to $3102.

Bonus 12 month subscription to Binge or Kayo — expires 5/9/2021

Eligible for up to $400 cashback when purchased with eligible Samsung sound bar — expires 30/9/2021

Was deciding between this and Sony X90J and viewed them both at JB-Hifi. To my untrained eye, the 'inferior' IPS panel on the Samsung really pops. Colours on the X90J looked a bit washed out and the X9500h next to it had much deeper blacks. The X90J screen is also more reflective than the Samsung which may be a factor for some.

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  • Was waiting for a good deal on a Sony X9500H. How does this compare?

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      If you're looking to watch sport, I'd recommend the Sony. Sport on my Samsung's (tried 2) was so bad I switched them out for the 9500H.

      JB guy said he would only ever recommend Don't for sports lovers.

      • Yes, sport is important to me. Thanks for the tip.

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          I'm sitting here now in front of my 75" 9500H and feel content with life.

          I sat in front of the Sammy's for 3 months and everytime I'd be like…. $3k for this crap, surely this isn't right?

          Best advice I got (after buying on impulse last Black Friday) was get the type of media you want to watch on a USB, go in and get them to put it on the different TVs your looking at. I found they rarely have HD/4K sport hooked up and the stuff from the manufacturer demo reel is deceiving.

          • @UnderwaterHaze: May i know why Sammy's so crap? I have similar opinion with Ops, looking at this TV and Sony 9000h side by side 9000h looked washed out. Initially I was keen on Sony but now back to drawing board.

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              @Bargain-er: It could just be my bad luck, personal experience, but the dirty screen effect (DSE) and judder on sports was literally unwatchable across soccer, cricket, Aussie Rules, Rugby even when I'd optimised settings as recommended off the internet/Samsung themselves.

              Had a technician organised by Samsung visit my home and he said he would not accept the performance of either TV unit I got (Q80T). He followed up by saying Samsung would tell me the performance was within specification for the tv and DSE was a "known limitation of the technology." Word for word that was their stance with no offer of regions our a different model. JB were now than happy to swap out the unit, no questions after seeing the screenshots/videos.

              The colours really did pop and movies looked great, but as it was for sport 80% of the time I just found it bad.

              I have a theory that last year's Q80T was a bad batch as they seemed to be the most heavily discounted model.

              Here is a sample of the motion judder,


              When the Sony arrived, I plugged it in, didn't touch any settings and saw no judder or DSE. I really wanted to love the Sammy, but just lost trust. I'd be keen to see if NEO QLED fixes their DSE issues.

              FWIW - I found the motion handing on the Sony 9500 much better than the 9000 when side by side. They have a great program they can run in JB with a wall of Sony all running the same media at once so you can see it for yourself.

              • @UnderwaterHaze: Thanks for your input so jb let u swapped the sammy to sony or u need to repurchase. Also, i think Sony is better in dark room scenario while Sammy is better in bright. However, i also put off by the ads run by sammy. I might just stick with Sony. I like 9500 but no hdmi 2.1? Not really a gamer but does it mean i can't run ps5, newer consoles like xbox? Thanks

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                  @Bargain-er: I negotiated down to $300 extra instead of $1k extra for the 9500H.

                  I'm not a gamer, so not having the 2.1 HDMI want an immediate issue.

                  I can't reiterate enough, put what you like to watch on a USB and go and try the TV's out. If I'd have done this first up, I would've saved so much time. Everyone's different too, you might be in luck and like a $1500 tv the best…. Then you can load up on a soundbar! 😁

          • @UnderwaterHaze: Well they're not going to put up low quality DVB signals lol might as well show them what they're capable of πŸ‘ As for the store modes Samsung set themselves to dynamic which is just god awful Sony's have a more natural picture mode and people see the vivid colours of Samsung and for some reason are attracted to them

          • @UnderwaterHaze: You make a very good suggestion !!!!

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    only thing that stops me from buying samsung is they do not supporting dolby vision.

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      Good point. Netflix uses Dolby Vision.

    • Yep this a a HUGE issue for me as well. Same for Sony and the lack of VRR. Easy to see why LG have held their high prices for so long now.

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      They've lost of my support since they added in built ads for thousand dollar TVs

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    Hisense have Dolby vision and Atmos and VRR

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      TCL as well? And 3 years warranty too.

      • TCL 85C825 checks all the right boxes. Just waiting for the prices to drop to below $4000

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          I ordered the 75inch from Jb and it is coming in November no stock anywhere… It is one of the most anticipated TVs on the market currently. Got it for $2900 hehehe

    • Which hisense do u have

    • Yet they don’t have Android/Google TV.

      • Was told chrome cast is the answer by a JB rep :)

        • Of course a salesperson would tell you to buy one more dongle to hang off your new tv when you can just get a Sony tv and not have anything dangling off it.

  • Can someone please recommend a TV to purchase at the moment either 50 or 55 inch (preferably 55 inch) somewhere around the $1,500 mark? Not massively fussed on pircture quality as much as I am keen on smart featured/easy to use for apps etc
    Thank you!

    • Anything LG is good I love webOs

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    If you are looking for almost OLED like blacks and better contrast then the 85" is the way to go as it comes with VA panel. I have this TV at home and can genuinely recommend it. We had a Sony A90J 83 and a C1 77 (x2). All with issues such as terrible vertical banding. Gave up on OLED this year. Happy with Samsung bundled with their Q950A soundbar ($600 cashback) made it a sweet deal.

  • How does one achieve purchase it for $3,102? "With 0.7% cashback (SB or CW) brings it down to $3102."

    Linked site says $4,240 atm

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