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20% off Withings Smart Watches (e.g. 42mm Black Scanwatch $319.20) + Delivery ($0 to Select Areas/ C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Received email from JB HiFi this
morning with exclusive code for 20% off Withings today

42mm Black Scanwatch $319.20

Cancelled my Amazon order (already lowest price ever @$376) for this watch and saved another $50 with this deal

From the email:

For One Day Only get yourself 20% off^ the current ticketed price of Withings Watches & Health Tech. Simply buy online by visiting jbhifi.com.au, adding the product to your shopping cart & entering the Exclusive Coupon code in the space provided at checkout.
Limit of 1 each per Coupon. Available online only. While stocks last. Offer ends Sunday 29th August 2021. Excludes Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer.

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    Here's the coupon I received


  • If anyone needs a code feel free to use 9268OCI8CK7YWC

    Might be worth commenting I'd you use it so others know

  • What's the advantage of this over something like a Samsung? Longer battery life with less functions?

    • It looks like an analogue watch. Some (incl me) don’t like the look of apple/Samsung wrist devices

      • I had one of the first smart watches (moto 360) but changed to a Fossil Hybrid gen 1 for that reason (looks).

        I considered getting a Gen 2 as it has 3x e-ink displays, but still limits as a notification only device.

        Ended up pulling the trigger to preorder a G Samsung Classic Watch 4 LTE so I can use it for more than notifications. Will see if I can get over the black screen on my wrist.

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          Samsung watches have always-on display.

    • I have a Samsung Galaxy watch 2 LTE and a Scanwatch. Although they have some functions that are common to both e.g. time functions including alarm, heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, text/e-mail notifications (Scanwatch can't reply and phone needs to be nearby) etc - they are very different products from my perspective. I'd describe the Galaxy as a true smart watch, whereas the Scanwatch is more of a watch with some very smart functions.
      I bought the Scanwatch specifically because of its ECG functionality - something my Samsung doesn't (currently) have. It has enough of the functions I want along with ECG to be my primary watch that I wear pretty much 24x7. I still use the Samsung, mainly when I want to have it on as alternative to carrying my phone (for receiving/making calls, receiving/replying to texts) e.g. when exercising or mowing lawns (wear on my right wrist).
      You need to decide what you want in a Smart watch and determine which has the functionality that best suits your needs. YMMV

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        ECG is now available in Samsung Watch 4, just in case if you want to use 1 instead of 2 watches

        • Yeah, Apple and Samsung have had ECG functionality for a while but was disabled in Australia as wasn't approved for use by TGA until recently for Samsung and earlier this year for Apple. Software updates will provide functionality for some past models, but seemingly not mine.
          I'll probably stick with my Scanwatch and occasional use of Galaxy 2 watch for a year or 2 - unless Scanwatch needs replacing before then or something significantly better comes on the market. The long battery life of the Scanwatch is a major plus

  • 92G8R7Q1UBXFIJ


    • Thanks - I used this code

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    If you use the code, pls comment.


    • Thanks, your code worked well for me.

  • Anyone able to DM me a code? I’m looking to order one later in the day. Thanks!

    • Yep I'll DM you

      • I already sent mine. May you can give yours to someone else :)

    • Check your inbox

      • Thanks guys. Appreciate it :)

  • My code.. 92LSIZ8YK0V1IH

    Please reply to the comment and let people know if you have used it.

    • thanks for the code

      • My pleasure :)

        Thank you for commenting and letting people know it's been used.

  • Is 42mm the biggest version?

    I have the Whithings steel HR and I don’t like it because it’s too small. But I like the look of this if it’s actually bigger

    I checked and it is.
    But only 2mm bigger than the Steel HR which I felt was too small. I really wish I could go in store and try this on..

    • +1

      No ECG, No SpO2, just heart rate

  • 922HV5WQC42J3F

  • I wish these watches had a second hand

    Here’s my code:

  • 92BTFU25NB1YPE

  • Good price, bought my Scanwatch for $399 (ouch) but really like it, coming from a Fossil Gen5.

    • Great price! I paid $499 but used 15% off gift cards to reduce cost and have had the benefit of it for 6 months - so no regrets. Great watch, especially having ECG function on my wrist for when I need/want. As a consequence, I use it ahead of my Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 LTE

  • Here's my code, 92ALIM21W5KSWI. Please kindly comment if you've used it so others know.

  • Here is mine 92ECWAMTQGB6L0 please comment when you use it.

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    Here’s my code. Feel free to use it: 92U5HLVQQUS6JG

    • +1

      Thanks OP. Been waiting for a deal like that for a while. Thanks for the code @prisonmike :-)

  • Can these be used without processing on a cloud service or on a vendor specific app?

  • Here’s my code

  • 928206GDIBM3UC


  • Anyone tried the sleep tracker before?


  • +1

    Please comment when you use it. Cheers

    • Used - thanks so much for sharing this!

  • This or Fitbit charge 5….

    I like the look of this and was really set on it but the quantified scientist (YouTube) has made me think twice.

  • combo this with Zip pay deal for another $30 cashback for spending $150 and over.

  • Used to have the steel hr but had to return it. It has inaccurate step counts if that feature is important to you

    • Seems this model does step count well, but everything else is poor, especially heart rate tracking. Shame because I was tempted to get one.

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    Is anyone able to provide a screenshot of the email? Thanks :)

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      Check yo pm

    • Received, thanks!

  • Really good price, it’s an elegant watch with ECG and SpO2, has pdf ECG reports,
    Issues I had were:
    * Step count at home not that good, I get up in the morning and after half an hour doing stuff still is zero
    * Also does not track REM sleep and sleep monitor in general is the most inaccurate I have seen
    * Heart rate also not that accurate, sometime shows 40 bpm when you check and all of sudden pick up to 80bpm,
    I had to return mine for falling behind but turned out was due to side button being pressed unintentionally,

  • 92H8JE51ZMJQAN

  • Had my eye on this thoroughly when it came out and for months later. I was very tempted to get this deal, had it in my cart with one of the codes and I went over several technical videos about it again. But unfortunately, the black variant is too similar to my current watch.

    Much thanks to the OP and EVERYONE for sharing their code.

    Several of the codes that up still work, in case any new readers are wondering.

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