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[eBay Plus] HYCHIKA 12V Cordless Reciprocating Saw $30.99 Delivered @ Hychikashop eBay AU


Original Coupon Deal

Buy quick as they are known to jack the price.

Included Components:
1 x HYCHIKA Reciprocating Saw
2 x 12V/ 18V 2000mAh Batteries
1 x Fast Charger
4 x Saw Blades
1 x User Manual

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  • +1

    I bought it during previous deal. The build quality is quite good. I haven't used it much, but it helped few times. And I am still surprised how you could get tool, 2 batteries with charge indicator, charger and 4 blades for 30 AUD..

    • I think people were able to secure for less than $20 in last so that was great bargain.

    • +4

      when i think of quality i think of HYCHIKA

      it would be awesome if you could use those batteries on other stuff because the chances of you needing to flatten two batteries end to end on a body dismembering operation is rather slim

      • Does the battery work for HYCHIKA drill?

        • +1

          Nope. Drill uses the old Hychika battery. Confirmed with their store and also from Amazon reviews

          • @julz: Thanks, almost jumped on this deal.

      • It looks very similar to the ozito 12V range batter but I'm sure they offset the pins to make them incompatible

  • +1

    Almost jumped on it, bit I need a jigsaw more than this…

    • I use my jigsaw for basic cutting and demolition. Cutting down a chair to throw in the rubbish etc.

  • +4

    Dammit ozbargain…. I really don't need this. But for $30 I'm sure I will find a use in a year or three….

    • +3

      That's line two of the Ozb prayer :-)

      • OzB haiku:

        Great deal! Add to cart
        Do I really need this thing?
        Buy now, no FOMO

    • +2

      If you have trees, they are great for pruning. I use my recip saw more than most other tools.

  • i think the reason why this is cheap besides the brand name, is that nothing uses their ecosystem

    eg. https://www.hychikatools.com/power-tools/power-screwdriver-d...

    this is all there is

    also 12v isnt popular and the drill looks surprisingly like those orphan bunnings xu1 $25 drills i have a couple of that is cheap because nothing uses those batteries

  • +6

    I bought one last deal and cut up some scrap timber to try it out and worked well.

    I’ve run out of scrap timber so no longer have a use for it😳

  • +2

    Ughh.. I succumbed to the OzB way.. Purchased it and will probably have it gathering dust in the garage in no time. lol!

    • +3

      Bought it during the last sale and quality is fine for a DIY tool. Can confirm it gathers dust just as well as my other more expensive tools.

  • HY…what?!

    • +1

      Yep its a genuine HYCHIKA


    • Sounds like something stuck in your throat

      • sounds like a young Spanish woman, under the influence

  • I must resist…I must resist…bought the $20 mini circular saw last time (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/641900) and it's been great.

  • I got the 18v version from the last deal for about $20 and it's been great. It's actually decent quality for such a cheap tool + batteries.

    • +1

      Same here.
      Pleasantly surprised at the performance.
      The manual is also better than expected; thorough and not even Chingrish.

  • +1

    This one of those deals like oh boy i could totally see myself using one of these..in very certain situations, better have 1 in the shed just in case.

    Then when you go to use, the battery is flat :c

    • Quick COVID haircut?

  • +4

    Surely this isn't a genuine HYCHICKA at this price

  • Oof, that’s a solid deal, I spent $220 on a Ryobi one yesterday. Needed it for a today job though so there’s that.

  • +2

    can you use this to cut off branches off trees? if so it may be a better solution than a heavy ass electric chainsaw for the higher branches.

    edit: bought 2 anyway to try lol

    • +2

      Used the 18v one recently to get through some decent branches. Did the trick

    • Certainly.

      I stuck my recip saw on the end of a pole once to get some high up branches :)

  • +1

    ****, sold out while checking out

  • +1

    waiting for the 20v one!

    • +1

      same here

      • same here

  • damn missed it too.

    any way to find out what else this code applies to? I did see it is applicable to the circular saw…

  • oos

  • +1

    If anyone has this and knows if it does or doesn't fit other brands of power tools that would be great to know! I bought from the previous deal and keen to buy other tools just to use/share the batteries

  • +1

    Hychicka sounds like something you would say to a lady in a Spanish bar