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[PS5, XSX, PS4, XB1] Assassin’s Creed Valhalla $38 + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39+) @ Amazon AU / Harvey Norman (C&C)


Same price as prime day for PS5, or $3 more for PS4, XB1, XSX. Amazon are price matching Harvey Norman if you prefer.

Amazon: + delivery ($0 with prime or $39 spend)
Harvey Norman: C&C / in store (where applicable) / + delivery

If you don't have prime and need to spend $1 more to get free delivery, here are some items you could get: maped scissor $1.80].

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    Got a copy from Amazon, thanks OP

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    Watch Dog Legion is also on sale for $30.

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      Thanks! Bought

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      i bought watch dogs legion for about this price earlier in the year and i do not recommend it. gameplay wise it's a massive downgrade from watch dogs 2, with a lot of featutes removed and the game gets stale very fast imo.

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        I bought Legion on launch with the PS5 and completely agree. Played about 20 hours in the first weekend and haven't picked it up since.

        As an anglophile I loved the London setting but as you said it got stale very fast. The missions were very repetitive and I ended up standing out the front of most and hacking my way around the place.

        • DW I've bought many games on impulse and haven't played them much at all lol

      • This. I thought it was garbage. Traded it in during the ebgames promo.

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    Is this even any good

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      You'll either love it or hate it. I hated it. But many love it.

      Personally I thought it was way too long and very boring. A real let down after Odyssey.

    • Not that good imo. Has its moments but yeah nah

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      not really.

      it takes a couple of hours to realise, hey, this is 5hit.
      starts off good

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    ps5 oos

    • Just buy a used PS4 copy online, it comes with the free upgrade.

      It's a good price tho for PS5 new.

  • Loved Odyssey, played it for 200 hours. Very hesitant to buy this one.

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      Odyssey got a 60fps patch several days ago, my god, it looks glorious now.

      this is pretty bad in comparison imho

      • Yeah I'm back on Odyssey now that it got the patch. Never got to finish it before the Series X came out, even though I played 60 hours or so.

        • same.
          so many games on PS5 but Odyssey just does so many things right.

          the 30fps was a big downer, comparing to newer games.

          have a high crit Hero Strike build, T3 on mercenaries, T4 is the highest achievable,
          mercenaries hero strike one crit,
          hero strike 100% reset on parry set :)
          swords +80%dmg

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    Racked up 80 hours and feels like I’m ready to move on. I enjoyed the game and definitely got my monies worth

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    The combat system in Valhalla is better than Odyssey.
    That's about it… Odyssey is better in just about every other way including the gfx with the 60fps patch that came out a week ago.

  • This is a great lockdown game. Around 60 hours+ of colllectible stuff - easy to pass time.

  • I know I'll be waiting a long time but since I got Odyssey at Epic Game Store for ~$20 with all DLC, thats my new "gold standard" for these games.

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      There’s always someone that is waiting for a cheaper price.

  • Seems like it's back in stock on Amazon!

    Edit: oops, only for PS4 version

  • I got a PS5 copy from Harvey Norman. They will charge around $6 for shipping but still not bad.

  • Ps5 back in stock but only 4 available @redgymhero @Stigasaurus

    • All gone.

      • Damn, only just turned on my computer to see this, now. Appreciate you looking out!

        • Available again @redgymhero

          Edit: Gone again

        • And again @redgymhero

  • Its still available on Amazon PS4/PS5 but it seems its not worth $38 to people.

  • Available again (all).

    • PS5 Amazon gone again.

  • +1

    Ordered the PS5 version - Thanks :)