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Telstra Day: Samsung - Galaxy S21 128GB $624, 256GB $672 | S20 FE 5G $699.30 | A32 $336 (Account Req.)


Telstra Day – our monthly one-day sale event where we offer unreal deals on a great range of products – is back once again. Here’s what’s on offer this time around.

Edit: Full list of deals now in title/on Telstra Exchange, iPhone and iPad deals also live, wouldn't fit in the title!

Mod: Removed S21 Ultra 128GB $1293.60, 256GB $1360.80 Duplicate from title.

Mod: All Telstra Day Deal Posts

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  • hi are you offering the Plus version as well Telstra?

  • What time does the sale start?

  • are these for all phones? im looking forward to buying the S20FE

    • Yeah I'm pretty sure they're not having 50% off all phones…

  • -1

    So there's no Samsung S13?

  • When would the sale start

    • Midnight on Thursday. I'll be posting the updated deals at the link then. :)

  • +1

    Damm I have been following the Pixel 6 for last few weeks never really considered Samsung due to software though at this price undercutting even the cheaper Chinese phones (only considering local buys)… If only I could still wait and see the pixel then pick but I also know the pixel 6 will be $1200 minimum most likely

    • Ditto.

      I want the best camera/video camera possible… Which I feel like the Pixel will win out. But don't want to miss the boat on this if the Pixel ends up being absurdly expensive or mediocre.

      • Well think if you want the best camera possible the pixel wins… Feel the pixel would have to somehow land at $999 to really make sense over this which is what the 5 was and we know the 6 will cost more so up to you if 2x the price is worth the camera and software upgrade.

        I want to say it isnt for me I am coming from an LG G6 so no need for the best. I am just bad at sort of impulse buying things like this and I had pre meditated a pixel purchase

  • Ordered an iPhone 12 mini Red 128 GB last Telstra day (5th of August), got told today that the order was cancelled and I can't get the same deal on another color.
    Hopefully they will have another deal on them for $779 outright, so I can try again. Question is, do I want to possibly wait another month lol.

    • Did the last year's Telstra day deals have the same deal as this one were possibly all phones will be half price, well certainly the S21

      • last year what time did the deal start?

        and also did you mean all models of the S21 will be half price ie the + and ultra versions?

  • I wonder if I could sell my S20+ on Ebay/Marketplace and come out relatively even.

    Worth upgrading?

  • Just curious how does it compare to Oppo Find X2 Pro? Not that I'm thinking of switching…

  • Bring the ultra deals for telstra day

  • +2

    Please confirm it is free of Telstra branding and bloatware.

    • I got my Telstra S21 Ultra from my company and confirming that only my Telstra app comes out of the box. The rest are pretty much feels like retail unit but it comes with Telco firmware though.

      • Do you know if this has any implications for receiving updates? Massive deal breaker if you have to wait for Telstra to push firmware updates instead of directly from Samsung

        • +1

          Major updates you have to wait for telco specific versions to be approved by the telco. Security updates you don’t. It’s possible to flash the generic software to remove the telco branding.

        • +1

          Even generic Samsung updates need to be approved by the telcos in Australia these days, so it doesn't make much difference.

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB

    All 5G ???

  • How do we know its not locked to telstra? please reply OP

    • +1

      High end mobiles well for sure Samsung are never locked to the carrier

    • Only prepaid mobiles are and even then not all are.

    • How do we know its not locked to telstra?

      Outright and phones on plans have not been locked for easily 10-15 years. Only prepaid phones are locked because they're subsidised by the telco.

    • Not locked, folks! Scout's honour.

  • OP< please tell me there will be a good deal on Note series also… Pretty please!

  • I feel under pressure to upgrade my screen-broken A70 in working condition. I cannot sleep tonight…(..)

  • I am crying with my 3-month old $600 S20FE 5G …

    • S20FE is as good as S21
      FE bigger battery and same screen resolution

    • I had both. Sold the s21 and kept the s20 fe (5g).

  • Do I need to be connected to a telstra plan to claim this offer?

  • Good timing! I cracked the screen on my trusty S8 the other day.

    • anygood ways to prevent screen crack from falls?

      • +1

        A decent case is the only way.

        • thanks, any particular brand good?

      • Buy with AMEX Essentials credit card (no aunnual fee) to get free screen insurance.

        • thanks

  • Are there going to be very limited numbers (ie: like those ebay plus competitions)?

  • Is this a deal I'll have to nab at 12:00am? Or should I be right in the morning to get it?

    • wondering this too

      Has anyone got experience with past deals and know what time the deal usually starts?

    • States deal starts,..

      Full list of deals at 12:01am AEST on Thursday 2 September

      Worth staying up I reckon 👍😁

      • Is nsw AEST?

      • oh i see thanks

        I was under the impression it was just updating the deal details at 12.01am and then able to purchase later on

        haha yeah, i really want this phone so will be staying up

      • yes but it doesnt means the deal is live right, it just says full list?

  • +3

    Always tempted but I've held out so long for the pixel 6 now

  • Looking forward to S21 Ultra deal….

  • +1

    Any Xbox deals to come??

  • OP any chance of a phone with a SD888 processor (OPPO find X3 pro) for half price? :) I'll throw in another smiley in hopes you'll attempt pushing for it :)).

    Please and thank you.

  • So what is the cheapest way to become a Telstra customer?

    • Buy a $2 sim

    • You can buy as a new customer

  • Was holding out for the Pixel 6, but this is tempting. Hate my Oppo Reno 5G

  • Just double checking but the S-Pen doesnt work on S21?

    • Yep no support on s21. Only on the s21 ultra.

      • Ultra could be $998.50 on this deal 👍😁

  • +2

    Android market is flooded with brands and in my honest opinion, Samsung cannot command 40%-50% premium over other brands for the similar specs. I don't think their phones are great value at the original prices or even at 80% of the original prices anyway, but this deal indeed offers a good value if Samsung is the first choice for any Android users.

  • Hows the camera?

    Considering just buying this for better pics + razer kishi, and retiring my old v30+ to audio duties.

  • Do I need to create an account or something in advance? Bit confusing as there are some Telstra logins but then it asks for a Telstra mobile number. I'm not with Telstra but keen on this deal.

    • +1

      If you add something to your cart and you don't already have one it will ask you to create a Telstra ID, that then is all you need for a purchase on Thursday.

  • whats the cheapest way to become an Telstra customer?

    • Why are you asking? You don't need to become a customer in advance to buy on Thursday.

      • ohhh, so what do I need to do?

        • +2

          Buy the phone on Thursday.

  • Will it be open 12:00am Thursday?

    • Actually AEST 12:01am Thursday 2nd of September 2021

  • I just bought this outright for the Wifes birthday.. Hopefully the credit company will refund the difference.

  • Cheap price! But I am still happy with my Note 20 Ultra with my 512Gb SD Card ….

    • Cheap price but I am still happy with my Nokia 3310 with no sd card…..

  • +1

    Great deal OP.

    For all S20 FE owners justifying how S20 FE is a better phone (just because you paid a similar amount - ouch!) - you're kidding yourselves. I used S20 FE as my work phone a bit (with minimal apps) and it was no comparison to my personal S21 in terms of multi-tasking, camera and battery performance.

    No idea of how these phones compares with Poco but I personally wouldn't bother with Poco.

    • S20FE has 4500mh battery and 6GB ram
      S21 has 4000mh 8GB ram

      Is it that much of a difference in performance

    • Are you sure you didn't have a dud s20 fe. There's not much between both phones and I'm talking from personal experience. The battery on the s20 fe is better, I was disappointed with the s21. S20 fe has snapdragon not that it matters. For me the larger screen and sd card slot made me keep the s20 fe. Maybe slight edge to the s21 camera but nothing to brag about. I didn't have the screen issues some have reported with s20 fe but I did have issues with the s21, felt a bit buggy but that may have been ironed out since. And I got the the s21 cheaper from one of the trade in + $250 deals (that was good deal).

      • Sounds like you possibly had a dud S21? As I said in my original comment, you're one of those trying to justify S20 FE is a better phone when it's not - especially when the price difference between the two (with this deal) is negligible.

        Maybe for your use case S20 FE is a better choice - but having used both phones myself, I would go with S21 any day.

        Plenty of comparison videos available online for anyone who is trying to decide and choosing the best out of two if you're on the fence.

        • Again there is not much between the two and I'm not justifying anything as I had the s21 and I bought it cheaper than my s20 fe and this deal. The s20 fe has a better battery, larger screen and sd card slot. The s21 doesn't. That's a fact. Yes, a lot of info online and I'm yet to find one that says the there's a huge difference between both esp that the battery is worse on the s20 fe. Maybe the s21 is better for you but don't oversell it. This is a good deal and if you don't need the features I mentioned go for it. Or wait for the s21 fe or s22.

  • +1

    Hey Rep, can you confirm if an outright purchase will trigger a credit check ? Last time I checked with the sales rep, it was required. I am an existing Telstra customer with a valid account.

    • i thought credit checks only required if you buy phone on a plan?

      can someone confirm?

      • I know right but the sales staff confirmed the credit check will be triggered.

        • Ahh that sux if it happens

          Past experience instore they only had credit check done when i tried to sign up for phone plan

  • The rebates that Samsung must be paying Telstra in the back-end on this.. the sell through must be HEAVYILY weighted.

    Telstra would be taking a wash without back end support on this.

  • No headphone jack, No microsd card, No thanks Samsung.

    • +2

      Yep and removable batteries and IR blasters. Let's bring back physical keyboards too.

      • Hey stop mocking my LG V20 ;-)

      • Yep no worries its because of folks like you the manufacturers are pumping out "premium elite ulta flagship" devices with less features than a phone from 4 years ago and are charging 3 times more price. Please keep paying more for less.

        • +1

          I paid $500 for my S21+. Totally happy. Don't miss my sd card slot or headphone jack one bit. Whether you like it or not very, very few people use those features these days. Very, very few people even have a need for them. The majority of those grumbling about it just don't want to change their ways. I remember all the tantrums a few years back when samsung stopped making phones with removable batteries. It was the end of the world for some. Yet we all survived and no one cares anymore. Guess what, that will be the same for SD cards and headphone jacks in a couple of years.

          It's time to let go bro.

          • @wombat81: Curious to know what happens when the phone battery dies?

            Is it unreplaceable?