This was posted 3 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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9 Pieces Fried Chicken for $9.95 on Tuesdays (Excludes NSW, VIC & SA) @ KFC (App Required)


Saw this promotion in store in Darwin, app order only, starts from 7 September and will be running every Tuesday for one month. Not sure if it’s nation wide. Update: Thanks ges18844 for confirming this deal will be available everywhere EXCEPT NSW

Update: Along with NSW, this deal also excludes VIC and SA. Source

FYI: The regular Tuesday 9 pieces for $10.95 deal will end in NT and QLD as this deal will replace the regular Tuesday deal.

Mod: Related Deal - 24 Chicken Nuggets & 4 Dipping Sauces for $10 @ KFC

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    Did someone say KFC?

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        You know you’re old when your clubbing songs are now used for chicken ads.

        • +3

          Oof. I feel so attacked right now. Lol.

        • wait until there're used as elevator music.

        • +1

          You know you're decrepit when clubbing songs that make others feel old are from a time when your clubbing days were already over.

    • KFC easy as 1,2,3

      • 3rd comment should have been "shut up and take my money"

    • They didn't in NSW, VIC & SA

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        I tried making friends with my freezer, but its response was just cold.

      • +4

        And the air fryer is your freezer's best friend.

    • +16

      the chicken pieces are so small these days you get the size of winglets sometimes

      • +4

        I find when they put more small pieces in when you order more.

        • might be the case, but in reality i only order original chicken from this deal, or else i normally just order wicked wings

      • +1

        They need to start letting the chickens out of the eggs for more than an hour before cooking them

    • +9

      Leftovers are for making KFC Rice

    • +15

      Eat 5 in one go, put the other 4 in fridge overnight, reheat the leftover 4 in the oven and have it for breakfast the next day.

      200 degrees fan forced
      10 -15mins


      • +6

        does the chicken hold up well? i have an air fryer.

        • +1

          Yup, it's like it just came straight from the store, you just need to make sure not to overheat it

        • +21

          Leftover KFC in the air fryer is better than fresh imo. 7 minutes on 200 and it's done and super crispy.

          • +2

            @GreenHammock: This ^^^^^. Then you can play with the other things… Egg, rice, vegetables Oyster sauce, chilli, spring onion , Prawn. Mushroom, bacon ect..
            KFC can produce so many amazing meals on short notice Gordon Ramsey is going to choke on his Lips

      • +4

        Better using fan grill

        That intense heat drives the grease out of the skins and crisps up nice

      • +2

        120 degrees fan forced
        10 mins for me
        Or it’ll be too dry.

        • +1

          A little water in the air fryer base, as KFC does in its ovens to produce pressure steam will produce a meal you will not forget. If Frozen, bring down to room temperature and Airfry back to heaven as above.
          KFC offers so many alternatives, tasty meals.
          That said, and after a full blood test I can honestly say Tuesday I will have mapped My Cholesterol until the end of September.
          Make a salad and share with friends in these "fearful times"

          Me. I will weight it per bucket x 2 and see if we cannot produce a lockdown Michelin 2 star meals from the very talents of OZ bargain.

          I know we could.

          Off Topic, $181 and 1 point for being 6kl/h (walking pace] over on a dual/separated road at the bottom of a 254m 8 degree down hill slope.. ON a Pushbike and I am 67 years old.

          Le Guillotine is a simple end to overreach and extended Power.

  • +7

    excludes NSW or not? don't let my heart break again

    • +9

      First was Big W, then Dominos…

      COVID has really gone too far

    • +7

      Yes… this deal apparently will be excluding NSW.

      • +11

        Okay, now we protest.

      • +2

        People of NSW should boycott KFC for the discrimination.

      • Will the pain ever end?

      • Question is why?

  • +2

    Can't believe they got rid of 9 pieces for $11. Haven't gone there since.

    • +9

      What are you on about? I'm so confused. Isn't this a better deal at $10 instead of $11?

      • +3

        You used to be able to get 9 pieces for $11 every Tuesday until recently. In-store, not an app only deal.

        • +1

          Oh I see. I didnt neg you btw.

      • +8

        A similar deal to this is always available without app in Queensland. It started in 2013 with 9 pieces for $9.95 every Tuesday. A few years ago the price increased to 9 pieces for $10.95.

        • +4

          Truly the saddest day in Queensland history.

        • +2

          Nope they got rid of it a while ago.

          • +4

            @Magnastar: No they haven't. Had it twice this month including tonight.

            • @ol mate: Fair enough. A while back they stopped it and it was replaced with the $8 bucket and that stopped but my store doesn’t appear to be doing the 9 pieces for $10.95 now either.

              • @Magnastar: Same with my local store! Your profile says youre in Noosaville - I’m further south down the coast but might be a Sunshine Coast thing??

                • @Akya: I would have thought that all stores across QLD would be consistent given they are all run by Collins Foods and aren’t individual franchises. The managers at mine are shocking and barely the train the kids to any acceptable standard and they crumble if there’s more than a couple of orders on the go at once, so perhaps they’ve just given up on promos like this that will make them busy.

    • +1

      I agree. I was so disappointed they got rid of any 9 piece deal at my local store in QLD a couple of months ago and replaced it with the Tuesday buckets deal. I don’t even know if they kept the buckets or not cos I haven’t bothered coming back since. I didn’t even get the correct number of pieces with the Tuesday bucket!

  • +18

    Surely no one would consume something with secret ingredients?

    • -12

      I certainly wouldn’t eat it if they were forcing me to and threatening my job if I didn’t

      • +6

        "You must eat the KFC or you can't work here anymore unfortunately…" Lmao m8 what are you sniffing! 😂

        • +1

          I guess he thinks the vaccine is in the chicken now?

    • +1

      What you don't know can't hurt you, or make you fat

    • I don't think the spices themselves are secret, just the proportions. I remember the mother of an school friend was (assistant?) manager of a KFC joint and they had the actual herbs and spices list shown openly on the walls. Don't remember which store though.

  • +4

    Finally. I can make the KFC chicken rice again.

  • can anyone else in sydney see it because i cant

    • 7 Sept

      • thank you

    • Excludes NSW apparently. First Domino's and now this :(

  • +2

    Killing me softly with his fingers lickin goodness. Stroking my…… Let's don't go there for now ;-)

    Doesn't QLD cease 9 for 11 bucks deal this month?

  • Likely to be nation wide as they haven’t run state specific app deals in the past.

    Today is the last day in Qld you can get the 9 for $10.95 over the counter, this app exclusive replaces it.

    • can you show me where you saw that?

      • I also have no proof but my partner said they saw a sign in store last week saying something similar

        • I think i saw it in the app as recently as last tuesday, but its not there when i looked this arvo

        • Sounds good

      • Unfortunately no, cos I saw it in my dreams… 😴

        • How greasy

    • +2

      It’s not nation wide - it’s everywhere except NSW.

      • This also excludes VIC and SA

    • +1

      Interestingly it's not available on the app in QLD (the regular $10.95 deal that is) - just checked.

  • Um, I went to my local today, they had no chicken. Why they open?

    Thanks for reading

    • +9

      you need to go to one of their stores, not the KFC office

    • They still have bacon and potatoes

  • cannot see in VIC

  • I doubt this will be available in locked down cities.

    • Regularly avILABLE IN vIC LOCKDOWN OR nOT .

    • Why?

  • How can I check if this promotion is available in WA?

    • By waiting until it actually starts?

    • +2

      If you are close to Booragoon they have a 'take home pack' available daily near closing time. $15/16 for 9 pc chicken and 2 large sides so its slightly cheaper than getting this + 2 sides.

      • Wow! I can make sure that I will be close to Booragoon.

        Can I ask, how near to closing time?

        And do you have to ask for this take-home pack at the counter or is there signage displaying the availability when it's time?

        Thank you in advance!

        • +2

          I usually try around 4ish, pretty sure it's not displayed just ask for it, the manager should know. Because it's in the food court they have to close when the shops close so I think they made it to clear out stock

    • Still can't see it in WA. Can you?

  • +1

    I hope they don’t exclude NSW @dominos

  • Assuming nsw won’t get this.

    We didn’t get hot n spicy this year either

    • Yep excluding NSW.

      • Why do you say that when it's been confirmed Aust wide except NSW ?

  • +5

    Red Roooster fried chicken is better

    • +2

      Crunchier, but less flavour

      • I actually found it more flavoursome, crispier and juicier - was very surprised honestly. It was from Red Rooster Ormond FWIW

    • I loved it. Could only get 2 pieces at $2 each though

    • +3

      I found it much crunchier than KFC, but completely tasteless and dry in the middle. Was not pleasant to eat at all.

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