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Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller - Robot White $78 Delivered @ Amazon AU


This deal is back, although price is only available for Robot White
Carbon Black is $89
Pulse Red is $94

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    nice find!

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    Anyone know if they finally fixed the bluetooth FPS issue on windows?

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      Is that the issue where it randomly disconnects mid game?

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      Hold up! was this the issue? I noticed when using the Xbox controller on PC that some games would have FPS issues, (dropped and unstable frames)…..I never thought it was the controller causing this! Thanks

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      Update; Upon googling it looks this is still a known issue.

      Do no buy unless you have an adapter or are willing to pay for an adapter.

      • Sucks that this is a thing, I have the adapter but would the quick-switching is actually a handy feature and would love to be able to use it!

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          Can I ask what you mean by quick switching?

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            @kandaichus: The Series S|X controllers have a quick switching feature where you can double tap the sync button to switch between the Xbox (or adapter) connection and the last paired bluetooth connection

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        I HAD the issue. Then I upgraded to Windows 11 (insider release), still had it. Then a bluetooth update came through via Windows Update, and it now works as it should.

        I was getting it on Bluetooth when seeing force feedback from games (i.e. slashing around in Ori).

        No longer does this, and I haven't had a single disconnect since.

    • I was planning on getting this to use on PC without an adapter? Should I hold off?

      • Idk, but when it happened to me Amazon quickly sent me a replacement and its been working perfectly for almost 2 years now. Its just very random, but I would go for it if you're buying from Amazon because of their great return/refund policy.

        • 2 years? Wow it's been that long for series x, feels less than that. Time flies

      • I never realised this was a wider spread issue. I've played Rocket League on and off on my PC and often find the controller just randomly stops during play. I then have to quickly pull the batteries out and put them back in, reconnect the controller to get it working again.

        Quite frustrating in a fast-paced game like that…

        If what's being talked about in here is accurate that's quite frustrating and can significantly affect your experience.

    • Had this on iOS after they added offical support for the Xerix X/S controller.
      There was a firmware update i had to do on a Windows 10 machine, an app from the App store i believe.

  • Any suggestions on good two player games, xbox pass or otherwise? Haven’t had much luck with the ones we’ve tried so far.

    • +10

      It Takes Two.

    • on one screen or via the network… My daughter and i play coop minecraft, cuphead, fortnite, rayman and mortal combat …but list would be different depending who your playing with

      • Good point - single screen is ideal, otherwise we need to split off into different rooms (not ideal)

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          Minecraft Dungeons is very good. Got it for my kids and thought I'd hate it but nope, it's a very good Diablo clone.

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            @imurgod: this.

            • @Vlaka: Surprisingly good, isn't it?

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                @imurgod: haha yep, was in the same boat as you; thought i'd hate it but it grew on me. Has enough loot and things to see/do to keep me invested which alot of games seems to miss the mark with ;D

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          Battle roads can be pretty fun too, depending on your daughter's skill level, but if they're good at Cuphead, you should be fine.

          Edit: Overcooked and the Removal Company game are pretty fun, and great for a silly laugh.

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      The Ascent

    • +1


    • Unruly Heroes

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      If you are into sports games, FIFA and NBA games are really fun multiplayer; I've put in over 250hrs in NBA with my bro, just versing each other. Only get it when it's on sale though (or free), otherwise it's a rip off. But definitely give them a go if you can find a good price.

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      a way out is quite good - it's on ea play, which you can use with game pass.

    • +4

      Overcooked. My gf enjoys it too.

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    Note that the battery covers from the Xbox One controllers are different to the Xbox Series controllers.

    The notches are spaced differently, affecting battery packs mainly.

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    Almost better to buy a new series s to get a controller

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    So these work on the Xbox One / S / X series and PC?

  • Does these come with a USB cable for wired play on PC as well? If not, will any generic cable work?

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      I believe any USB C cable can work. As long as they’ve got the data lines.

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      Any generic USB C cable should do.

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        Some USB C cables are charge-only, be aware of this. Most are data cables too, but just double check before you make any purchases.

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      The one I bought from previous Amazon deal did not contain a cable, but as already said any generic USB C cable works.

      It did however come with 2 Duracell AA's and a 14 day Game Pass Ultimate code.

  • And android.

    • So works with Nvidia Shield? Was waiting for an 8bitdo pro 2 deal, but maybe this is better?

      • yep I use mine with the steam link app on the shield.

  • Does this work with PC wirelessly?

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      Yes, if you either…

      • connect via Bluetooth
      • connect with dedicated USB wireless adapter
      • I am looking to buy a controller to use on PC wirelessly without needing to buy adapters. Heard there was issues when using bluetooth so should I hold off?

      • Do these come with the USB wireless adapter?

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          The deal I posted does not include the wireless adapter, you will need to buy it separately for $29

  • Good d pad for Old Retro Nintendo games?

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      Responsive and clicky, but somewhat loud.

      • +1

        Loud is okay, clicky sounds good though

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    These are 72 dollars on good guys commercial for those with access (picked one up about 6 months ago and prices are still the same)

    • Same price on black. Extra $4 for either red or blue. Thanks for the tip.

  • I have been hogging this deal for months. The moment I pulled the trigger it came back up.

    Bought this last Friday from Kogan delivered for 79$.

  • OOh decision decision,
    I was hoping they have the special edition on sale like the mystic white one which I missed :(

  • OK, who are the Fifa players?

    I need a challenge.


    Add me

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    Thanks! This is perfect timing! My family was missing a controller to play together in lockdown.

    • You're welcome, enjoy!

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    Still rocking my Xbox 360 controllers on pc. 4 controllers work solidly after all this time. Does need an adapter.

    • +1 for the x360 controllers, play clusterpuck next w 6-8 players

  • What is everyone using to charge these?

    I have a Venom dual-charger for my previous controllers, but since the battery covers on these new controllers are slightly different you cant just swap the battery packs over so I'm throwing eneloops at it for now.

    • Eneloop Pro batteries with a Nitecore D4 smart charger. Chargers them just at the right speed, 2 batteries take 3 hours .


      • I only have the standard Eneloops not the Pro, is this charger still good for them?
        As it's cheaper than the branded smart charger and this seems to stop when fully charged which the smart charger does not.

        • +1

          Yes the charger is fine for Standard Eneloops, the Nitecore D4 will do a check on your batteries to make sure they're not faulty, charge them and stop when they're full. There's even a night mode so you can turn off the LED display as it gets very bright at night.

  • I have 3 controllers - all stuffed with left stick drift. I know I'm fairly hard on them with my FIFA playing but honestly at 80-90 bucks a pop (usually) they should be able to handle a bit more hard spamming!

    • Surprised to see they haven't fixed the issue. I had drift on my gen 1 xbox one controller, but gen 2 controller with the headphone jack is good so far