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Easiyo Yogurt Base Maker $12.50 (Was $25) @ Woolworths


4.1/5.0 from 163 review @ Product Review

Use - Check stock in our stores on Woolworths page

Product info from Easiyo

  • Make fresh and delicious yogurt at home with an EasiYo Yogurt Maker!

  • Beautifully simple to use, it takes just a few minutes to prep your yogurt and then the magic happens naturally overnight.

  • With no electronic parts or power required, you can keep your yogurt maker anywhere on your benchtop or move it around as required .

  • Sleek, black and compact it makes an attractive addition to any kitchen.

  • The Black Yogurt Maker comes with an EasiYo 1kg Jar with a black lid.

EasiYo Yogurt Base Sachets are on sale too at Woolworths. Each sachet makes approx 1kg.

Couple of sachet flavors are price matched on Amazon AU with varying min qty limits.

Doesn't seem Big W stocks it anymore for when on sale for $10

For Vaalia Yoghurt 900g range fans. It is $2.90 (was $5.80)

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    Got one secondhand for $5 ages ago. Can also use a fraction of the sachets and bulk up with powdered milk ('recipes' can be found on google). Havent done it with flavoured ones, but works fine with unflavoured ones

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      Can you use fresh milk instead of powdered milk and leftover yoghurt base instead of the sachet?

      • Can't remember how but I've seen left over yoghurt successfully used as a base

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        Uht milk is the go. It does not need heating.
        Regularly use yogurt weeks past it's use by date

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        Boil some full cream fresh milk. Cool it down to around 45 deg. Add a full spoon of yogurt (leftover) per litre milk and mix. Pour it to jars and wrap it with towel to keep it warm for 8 hours.
        You can use any glass jar or a big container. But using multiple jars are better as the juice starts separating from the yogurt once you have the first spoon off it.

      • Pretty much as Thegood said. Here's a good link with the steps.

    • I split the sachets with powdered milk and use them to make sous vide yogurt. Works well.

    • How much would you estimate a tub of yoghurt costs with this method? Sounds cheap!

      • If you use a tablespoon of yoghurt (instead of buying sachets) as the starter your only cost is 1L of milk (UHT works better).

    • Came here to say virtually the same thing, and to the other comment. Yes, you can use fresh milk (recipes online) although I prefer using the powdered.

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      Here I saved the recipe from @FredAstair2 :

      3 tablespoons of Esiyo yogurt powder
      1 1/2 cups of powdered milk

      I did it and it works perfectly. It makes it much creamier. I reckon you could probably get 3x 1L yogurts done out of one Easiyo pack

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    Useless piece of plastic. dont bother.

    • +1

      How is it useless when it makes cheap yoghurt? You’ve tried it before? If so what was your problem with it?

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        You can use a glass jar and wrap it in towels or put it in the oven, etc.
        I have an Easiyo, it does a great job.
        If you use fresh/old milk you have to heat it up to about 80C, then Cool back down to room temp (if using the Easiyo).
        No doubt someone will come along to tell me I'm wrong, but that works for me

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      It's simply an insulated container, and a plastic (and thus inefficient) one at that.

      If you have a good quality vacuum type thermos with a suitable container to fit inside that would be a much better option … but not everyone has that.
      (Sous vide machine is significantly better again, but vastly more expensive)

      • Ah, they beat me too it!
        It doesn't need to be a great insulator, the 'system' works well.

  • +1

    Don't waste the money.
    I make my own yoghurt at home, with normal container.