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Free Delivery within 24 Hours (by DoorDash) with $30+ Spend on Selected Items at Chemist Warehouse


Contactless delivery within 24hr powered by Doordash.

Excludes prescriptions, pharmacist only medication and pharmacy medicine. Participating stores only.

What To Do
When choosing a delivery method, select Fast Delivery to see if the service is available for your order. If the service is available, you will be presented with possible options for you to choose. However, if the service is not available for your order, you will still be able to continue with one of the other delivery methods.

FAQS: https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/aboutus/faq/fast-deliver...

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  • +23

    Their regular delivery times have been shockingly bad. 2 weeks to deliver supplies. Don't bother with delivery if you have urgent medical supplies.

    • +4

      Yes I just received a delivery 15 days from order date.

    • +3

      Yer last order we did took 3 weeks

    • +2

      I imagine this will fix that, considering it's likely they will only allow the doordash delivery for in stock items at your local store.

    • 2 weeks is good for them, my last order from them took 6 weeks. Wont order from them again.

    • Still waiting on mine. Hitting the 2nd week mark.

    • +2

      Bought some bandaids, by the time they arrived my wound has already healed lol

    • i can confirm this as well. by the time i received my item the new sale was going on and my stuff was even cheaper.
      I sent them an email and until this day haven't received a response, so don't expect anything from customer service either. that was earlier this year.

      • +1

        I wish I'd read the above comments sooner. Almost three weeks wait here… and no customer service. Chemist Ar$ehouse won't be getting my business again. I note some of the things I was ordering are available through Amazon. Should have stuck with the ever-reliable American beast.

  • +2

    Expect 2 weeks for dispatch in VIC and NSW

  • +1

    Fb comments say regular delivery was faster

  • +5

    No delivery is fast at this stage

    • +2

      Agreed. I had an express post package take 6 days from Melbourne to Sydney last week.

    • Kind of expected when entire warehouses shutdown to quarantine/clean

  • +1

    I placed an order at noon on Aug 18th
    it was shipped from Vic on the 23rd
    It was delivered in Tassie on the 26th

    Faster than most other orders I've made in recent times…

    (Edit: Amazon seem to be price matching some popular Chemist Warehouse items at the moment, so it's worth checking there)

  • +1

    As with other comments, bad experience with a previous order which I'm still waiting for (more than a week ago)…but tried this new "Free Fast Delivery" service this afternoon and got the products within 1 hour. So that's something.

  • I’ve been fairly lucky with most regular deliveries turn up within a week (most likely stocks from local stores). And my first time using fast delivery yesterday saw order turned up next morning (ordered 5pm, delivered 10am with many updates in between).

  • +1

    I’m guessing they are using Doordash as AusPost is not currently taking packages…


    • I'm sure that's a reason although realistically, it's probably more about the delays due to a strain on AusPost's network in recent weeks. The parcel pause is only from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning (my local post office isn't open on weekends, so that means only one day closed).

  • +2

    17days delivery on my last order with Chemist Warehouse, never again.

  • Ordered a few perfumes couple of times, arrived promptly with standard delivery

    • Looks like they delay only critical medication then.

  • +3

    Can vouch for this. I was placing an online order in Victoria the other day when non of my stuff was available online so was going to do click and collect and they offered the fast delivery.. = at my door for no extra cost in 30 minutes!

    Was pretty impressed!

  • +1

    Just placed an order for Sydney olympic park click & deliver, called up and asked about the Doordash deliver scheme and they said they did not know what I was talking about. lol

    Also, this is the link for Doordash click & deliver info: https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/aboutus/click-and-delive...

    • I tried both of my addresses and still would not offer door dash .
      Not going to pay $8.95 for delivery and wait a few weeks.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but delivery does not work for pharmacy medicines? (Not taking about prescriptions)… I wanted to get some kids telfast and Panadol and they said click and collect only.

    • Pharmacy medicine listed in exclusions, as advertised.

      • Thanks for letting me know :) I guess I have no other way but to go grab them via click and collect.

  • +1

    2 weeks and still not delivered for me. I have run out of my medication as a result. Never ordering online again with them

  • +3

    , select Fast Delivery to see if the service is available

    I don't see that option, just Aus post regular, express, and click and collect. On mobile site.

    • It won't show if you've got something in your cart that is pharmacy only.

      • No, just some vitamins in the cart.

    • Me too. What's the deal? The green banner comes up but no option for fast free, just Aus post regular or Aus post express, both charging. No items from the excluded list.

  • +5

    Tried this today. Really unclear what items count under this promotion and which ones don't, everything I place in my cart says standard shipping.

    • +1

      I always thought Fast delivery was an offer / extension from a specific store (meaning the store needs to have stock, not the Online Warehouse).

      But, I tried last night and today having all cart items available for regular delivery in addition to (all items also) being available for C&C at my chosen store and still Fast Delivery is rejected so 🤦‍♂️

      FYI the free Fast offer still seems live on their site.

      Just no bloody idea how to "achieve" it!

      • It wasn't available on my order and the order sat processing for more than a week.

        Finally shipped but looking like it will be nearly three weeks between order and delivery if the tracking is accurate… That's just not good enough for healthcare related products. I will never order from these idiots again.

        I queried the delay with their online team and they never even bothered to respond.

        When my order arrives I'm taking it into store and demanding a refund. I'm happy to give retailers the benefit of the doubt at these COVID times, but Chemist Warehouse customer service is one tablet short of pathetic.

  • Sweet, ordered a couple things I’ve been needing to get but couldn’t be bothered stuffing around d with click & collect.

  • Just ordered and had options for fast delivery of before midday or 6pm, I choose the former, will see what happens!

    • order just got cancelled, says it's not in stock. I tried to make a new order for the same item but different flavour, but now it says that fast delivery is not available for my address! waste of time……

  • +5

    If you don't see the option, make sure you have any ad blocker extensions disabled temporarily. I didn't get the option for fast delivery with it enabled.

    Also seems to work for me on all order sizes. Made with orders of less than $30 and no issues

  • -1

    Door dash . No thanks

  • Thank you OP great buy with the voucher and I have just opened up my last packet from my last discount purchase!

  • Just placed a order for hydralyte and it was filled within 5 minutes, see what time doordash rock up tomorrow (today was no longer an option)

    When I added $3 aspirin the free doordash option disappeared (as per terms) just meant I didn’t bother with the aspirin from CW and will leave that till next grocery shop

  • Misleading claim.

    I placed an order at 12pm today, chose 3 hours fast delivery, no one showed up, I just got an email from Toll with a tracking number around 7:30pm.

    • Still haven't received my order after 3 days

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