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Nokia 8.3 5G 128GB (Polar Night) $278 Pickup @ JB Hi-Fi


Possibly the cheapest 5G mobile phone. $70 cheaper than the previous lowest price from JB and Amazon.

No bad for a backup phone at this price point.

UPDATE: It seems it has been changed to In-store ONLY.

Stunning low-light video
PureDisplay with HDR support
Future-proof 5G and 3 years of security
64MP Main sensor + 12MP ultra-wide + 2MP depth + 2MP macro rear cameras
Snapdragon 765G
128GB Storage

Stores with Stock

Colonnades Home
Melrose Park Home
Mile End Home
City Brisbane Queen Adelaide Building
Bundall home
North Lakes Home
Forrest Chase

Credit to skido

stock around Brisbane

Instore at City Brisbane Queen Adelaide Building
Instore at Browns Plains Home
Instore at North Lakes Home
Instore at Bundall Home

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    Can you play snake?

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      Yes, I can.

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        Name checks out…

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          as does yours :D

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        That's what she said

  • OMG, I should't order it last time…. :(

    • Don't feel too bad, it's still a great deal

    • +2

      There aren't really any in stock. So the chance of you getting one now is exceeding low.

  • Was just going to post this lol. I missed out on the deal 2weeks ago and I am thrilled it's an extra $70 off!

    • +2

      Same. Missed out two wks ago and now grabbed one, finally!

      • -1

        how did you manage to grab one in lockdown?

      • was it available to order online earlier ?

        • +2

          When I ordered it online, it was available for delivery.

  • Great find!

  • How's the camera in low light conditions? My TCL Plex is horrid.

    • +5

      I answered a bunch of questions in the last JB post.

      Camera is definitely not great in low light conditions.
      As with all android phones, you can sideload on GCam (The pixel camera app), and it will vastly improve the camera quality

      • +1

        Okay thanks mate, I had the pixel 2XL before the Plex and it was a huge downgrade.

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    is it me or is this not avaliable anywhere in NSW

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    Not available

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    not available in Melbourne and around

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    No stores with stock within 200 km of Melbourne CBD

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    OOS pretty much everywhere

  • Available in Adelaide. but no click and collect.
    You need to go to store to buy it.

  • +1

    According to JB's stock checker (FOR QLD), there is still stock in the Cairns stockland, Cairns central, Townsville home, Willows shoppingtown, and Kawana Sunshine coast stores.

  • shits 400 euros in europe. the fuuuuuuuuuuuu.

  • It's a great deal, xiomai phones like the no max 3, and iterations on the mi range have gone stagnant.

    So this's a great deal.

  • no Amoled is deal breaker for me, all it needed and I would buy for $350 even

    • -1

      yeah amoled makes all the difference

    • +2

      why amoled is so important for this?

      • its not extremely important, but I cant go back after having a Samsung s8 and color accuracy means a lot to me as a videographer. when ever I make a video I use my s8 to view after as sort of a baseline to know it will look good on most devices.

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    Nothing in WA after a quick ring around

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      Osborne Park store had stock earlier.

  • Man if I hadn't bought a Poco F3..

    • I just ordered one and paid double than this deal 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

      At least it has amoled

  • +1

    How about using this as a 5G router? It's cheaper than Nighthawks and equivalent.

    • Whats the best 5g plan?

      • +1

        Telstra Data plans on sale with gift cards are not bad. I get 150GB for $55 a month and received a $250 gift card.

        • Also saw a deal on here yesterday for I think $40 pm but not sure who or how much data.

  • Do you think other stores can price match!?

    • wait for amazon price match tonight

      • +1

        Amazon don’t even have it in stock (sold by Amazon AU that is).

  • In store only, missed it. Damn

    • 2 weeks later $199

      • Hopefully

      • *At a single store

      • how do you know?

  • OOS in Adelaide wot

    • some store still have it put closed now

  • in store only :(

  • This or Samsung A22 for older folks?

    • depends if they like it huge and heavy

    • nokia 8.3 if can find a stock

    • The Nokia, just because it has Android One. The less crapified the phone, the better, IMO, and not just for "older folks".

  • +2

    It's big and heavy. Was going to get one till I held it.

  • bought one from the previous deal. had to return it cause the wifi seems to be faulty. couldnt get proper speed from it. quite sad to return it actually

  • Delivery and Click and Collect both unavailable. Nearest store with stock over 700km away. Do you think I can leave my LGA for this essential purchase?

  • Buy this or a used iPhone 8 ?

    • Do you need 5g?

      • Nope not at all.. plus I’m used to apple. I’ve never used android.

        • +2

          Seems you’ve made your decision lol

          • @Bafranz: Haha appreciate it man..

            Maybe I’m just in bed bored and looking for a deal 🤣🤣🤣

            • +1

              @Yafuturefavorite: Wait until midnight for Telstra day specials, not sure of your price range but as an example, 50% off Samsung s21, comes to $620ish

  • Thanks, submitted a price protection claim from when I purchased in August!

    • How do you go about doing that

        • Where is the form for it?
          Can't seem to find it

          • @taoz: What form?

            • @sub102: How did you submit the price protection?

        • I tried filling the generic help and support form with the details of my order and got $70 back.

          I mentioned good guys have a 30 day price guarantee and that JBHIFI should also provide the same service.

    • My price protection claim was rejected by JB hifi and they said only can be done within 14 days of purchase. I can't find anything online around 14 days period and I have done in-store claim even close to 4 weeks. I think they are trying to fob off!

      How did you go?

      • I tried filling the generic help and support form with the details of my order and got $70 back.

        I mentioned good guys have a 30 day price guarantee and that JBHIFI should also provide the same service.

        • +1

          My claim was rejected by arrogant lady from head office. She said she won't do it because of being outside 14 days.

          I contacted local store and they happily did it.

          • @Ash-Say: Which store did you contact pls?

            • @Savvy: Penrith

              • @Ash-Say: Ta. Anyone can pls pm me receipt of refund (minus your details)? Much appreciated

                • @Savvy: There is no refund receipt, just an email saying that the refund has been processed to original payment method.

  • -2

    Much better than the phones from garbage China vendors like Xiaomi etc

    • They are the same. Just look at the USB-C port - "USB Type-C 2.0, USB On-The-Go". Good phones use "USB Type-C 3.2", but 5 times the price.

      These mid-range phones have more RAM, expandable storage and affordable price are the selling points.

  • +1

    Good deal but nealy 230g weight. :(

  • +1

    Weighs nearly as much as two Nokia 3330s!

  • Now OOS @ Bundall Home, and the Gold Coast as a whole, it appears.

    I managed to get one of / the last at Bundall.

    • Maybe it’s you. They showed me one and headed to the counter, was going to pay. They came back said sorry it’s sold. Well play. WTF (Wed.Thu.Fri)

      • +1

        I was there at 9am when it opened. Out the door by 9:10 or so.

  • In the middle of a pandemic with most of the country in lockdown and you sell something in store only… Great move.

  • OOS across all of SA, apparently the Mile End store had already had quite a few calls this morning!

  • Modbury, SA store tells me "all stock taken last night with online orders" .. but they were 'in store' only? how does that work.
    Oh well!

    • Sales through commercial portal?

      • ah ok - i didnt know that was a thing, but fair enough!

        • I think there's also phone sales, which have longer hours than stores. So could have been ordered yesterday.

  • I got one in the last deal, its a great phone,

    Only issue I have found is that with facial recognition enabled if you are wearing glasses or mask and you didnt when you captured images, when you open the phone, comes up with too many attempts and you need to use finger print or pin …..

    it's not a bug, but I'm sure someone probably posted a negative review that it can't AI that I'm wearing a mask or bought new glasses ……

  • I also bought one a few weeks ago but having trouble where to find the best Screen Protector for it ??

    I don't want to use it until I can get something good to protect the screen.

    From what I've read on Amazon there are differing opinions - nothing conclusive of what brand Screen Protector to use ?

    I asked Nokia - and they couldn't even help. (Just get the best you find from a good seller )

    Yet a lot of there models eg 5.4 and others already have a protector applied to screen in box brand new !

    Could anyone offer advice that has the 8.3 5G ?

    • Do people actually buy base on brand for screen protectors?

      I've always bought mine (tempered glass) off Aliexpress, never had an issue to put on, has saved my phone many times and easy and cheap to replace.

      • I don't care what brand - with this Nokia 8.3 5G , I read people buying a screen protector is a crap shoot - to find one that Fits Properly !

        I am just asking if anyone that has this particular phone - if they can recommend a protector that they are happy with, and fits well ?