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Seagate Backup Plus 4TB USB 3.0 Portable 2.5" External Hard Drive (Light Blue) $99 + Delivery ($0 NSW C&C) @ Mwave


A great price on the 4TB Seagate Backup Plus 2.5" External HDD.

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Mwave Australia

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    Ooft $15-$16 delivery for VIC kinda kills the deal for me.

    • +10

      Cheaper to send it to NZ. $13.95 international.

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      delivery costs seems unreasonable indeed

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        But you get $20 off the overinflated shipping if you buy their $89 per year membership!

    • +1

      The $97 + ~ $6 delivery from jb hi fi was a good deal. This is good besides as everyone says, the shipping.

    • Same to NSW… Same state? nice. still $10 cheaper than buying from JB HI FIs 4TB portable HDD.

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    Can confirm shuckable.

  • is this suitable to use for a ps4 to store games?

    • +1

      Yes, works great.

      • YMMV. I find the SMR drives very slow to load textures. Could notice texture load lag in game play and slightly longer load times.

        • "load textures"


          • +1

            @DisabledUser27274: Games still use high res images to add texture to stuff in games, they tend to be pretty big and take a while to load to memory but are much faster in game than trying to render texture on everything on the fly.

            Moving to a fast drive really speeds things up. I've been playing The Ascent, the game files were on an external drive and I moved them to an nvme drive. The load time change is ridiculous.

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      Cannot be used as an internal drive, so you will have to use it only as an external one. Apparently these 4tb ones are a little bit higher than the ones the ps4 will take

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    Can i remove the HDD and use it as an internal HDD? Does it have the SATA and power slots?

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      Yes, if you are planning on using it in a laptop make sure there is room in there for a higher than normal drive though as these 4TB drives have more height on them to fit the extra platter.

  • SMR?

  • +4

    They are definitely all SMR

    Here's a little video on how to shuck them.


  • Will this fit into a PS4 as a replacement drive?

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      No, this on is bigger that what the ps4 can take, they are a little bit taller than the 2tb ones, you will have to use it as an external one

      • A little bit? 2TB 2.5" Seagate are 7.5mm and these are 15mm thick. Standard laptop 2.5" is 9mm.

        • thanks for the info, had no time to actually look for the exact dimensions.

        • Regardless of exact measurements, they were correct.

          Thanks @gonzule.

  • PS4 compatibility?

  • How long are they taking good c&C??
    Any chance I'll be able to grab it by Friday? Website says up to a week???

  • Is this good to use in a NAS server running TrueNAS?

    • No, it's SMR. It's also a 2.5" drive. Stick to WD Red / Seagate Ironwolf.

  • Can this be shucked and used on Asustor NAS?

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    Can I store my japanese YouTube videos on it?

  • Any way to see postage to Gold Coast without setting up an account first?

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      Just add to cart, click on view cart and under your cart info, there is a box where you can type in your post code to get the shipping amount. GC is showing $14.95 same as VIC, which is pretty lame.

      • +3

        Yes, this site lets you see the freight charge up front. I hate those sites that make you go through the whole process, and then usually have some massive unjustified freight charge.

        • +1

          I have always assumed that those sites know about it and just do it like that to get the personal information of the user even if they don't commit to a purchase. I often just put in all fake info except for suburb and post code when sites do this.

      • Mdogxx Thanks for that tip.
        Postage is too much

    • +1

      The 4TB SSD for $49 is scam on Ebay. I nearly click to buy. Sorry.

  • It seems a good deal but I'm worried it may slow to load games.

  • Looking to buy HDD to backup my data, need at least 4TB.
    Torn between WD and Seagate.

    I need to backup my 2006 WD My Book Essential 3TB data…
    Search online and many said that Seagate tends to fail in the long term.
    Any recommendation?

    • +1

      All drives fail long term. Get more than 1 backup drive.

      • I was thinking should I actually get that powered external hdd or the portable one would do?

  • Is anyone price matching? Amazon?

    • Nothing on Amazon.

  • I don't need it, but that blue!

  • Might grab one of these tonight and shuck,

    Can anyone clarify the specs of the HDD itself? Just a regular 7200rpm 4tb Barracuda? Will use it to replace the 2tb i bought a while ago.

    • Pretty sure it's 5400rpm

  • And its gone now, should have bought.

  • Merged from Seagate Backup Plus 4TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive $99 ($89 with AfterPay) + Delivery ($0 NSW C&C) @ Mwave

    Was looking for a good HDD deal and found this one. Paid via AfterPay and instantly got $10 off making the total price $89.

    This is a pickup only price. ($14.95 for Delivery)

    This is my first post so excuse me for my mistakes.

    • +1

      Isn't this the same deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/648593 with its exorbitant shipping costs.

      • Same product, high shipping fee: Yes. If paid via AfterPay you got $10 off now, Not sure If it was back then.

      • Can we price matching at Officeworks?

        • I have not tried but deals go OOS sometimes faster than OW response.

        • OW will factor the shipping cost, so will not exactly match down to 99

          • @gonzule: Free c&c.

            • @joelhinch: last time i called pricebeat at officeworks, they said they could only do shipping. might have been related to covid.

    • +1

      They can take up to a week to ship an order, even if it is in stock.
      Surcharge for credit card use.

    • Is this better or worse than that wd 4 tb?

      • I will let someone to answer that as I am not sure. Only thing I know is its cheaper. 😂

      • +5

        If you are referring to brand alone, I always prefer Seagate as the internal HDD should have standard connectors, giving an additional chance to retrieve data should the enclosure fail.

        • +1

          I think this make sense, someone said that on that WD post, good luck on getting the data back on failure as the connectors are soldered.

          • +1

            @asangam: Had a WD Elements 1 TB portable fail on me once. The data retrieval guy cracked it open and found the internal connector soldered to the drive which meant that if there was a fault with the connector, the extracted data would be corrupted. That taught me to never use WD where possible.

    • For some reason the link to the deal is only going to mwave home page. Maybe It had to go to do a duplicate post from last week.
      But here is the direct link.


    • -3

      4tb too small, need some cost effective big boy drives.

    • Did not reduce $10 with afterpay , came to 113.95 with delivery on the payment screen

      EDIT: can see a $10 discount on the payment confirmation page :-( very bad design.

      Thanks, OP was keeping an eye on a deal on storage, this is the cheapest after the JB-Hifi deal even with high delivery rates

      • Sadly $10 discounts not on the confirmation page in my case, miss this deal.

        • Have you used the $10 discount in afterpay before with any other sites?

      • Sadly I missed the last one, so was pretty much checking every hour from the last week. I think its a good deal and on top of that AfterPay.

    • Tried to check out 6 times on afterpay, each time got a "The transaction has been cancelled, please try again."

      I signed up for a new account with afterpay, I think they have that $30 off $50 new user thing that's interfering with the whole transaction

    • +1

      Keep in mind even if Mwave says they have an item physically in stock at their own premises, it can take days for them to "process" the order before shipping. I paid for something in stock at the start of the week and the money was instantly debited from my credit card, but the order still stands static as "processing".

      • I did a pickup today abd ordered 2 days ago, looks like the issue is with delivery.

    • I used Afterpay but did not see the $10 discount on the payment confirmation page. Even after I paid, still can't see any discount being applied.

      • Not sure, what happened there, maybe you have used the discount earlier?

      • Same thing happened here. Pretty disappointed. Its probably cause there's a 1000 transaction limit with the afterpay deal

        For those new to afterpay don't try to sign up and try to redeem this deal bcuz clashing promotions/deals make it impossible for you to complete the transaction u_u

    • Sigh so I tried for 45 minutes and I still didn't get any discount

      • Did you already pay? Did you see the $10 off thing when you press the final button? Did you have use any discount with AfterPay earlier in any of the websites? Not sure what the real issue. I got a $10 discount for the first order and made another second for a friend of mine. To the same account, its a one time thing.

        • Was it a while ago? The $10 off $50 on mwave thing got ozbargained I can only imagine. It's limited to the first 1000 ppl

          And yeah I paid without the discount

    • only the (ugly) blue at this price

    • Is it expired? I can't get the discount to work at checkout

  • I was looking at this last night, need to buy 2 of those so $99 is perfect for me. Coming up as $139 tonight though, I saw it's running until end of the month so didn't hurry to buy.

    Underneath the price the page still states

    Online Only. Ends 30/09/2021 or While Promotional Stock Lasts

    and also

    In-Stock at Mwave: Yes

    So they haven't ran out of stock. Is there a rep here we can ding to fix this? I assume their system runs a script at the start of each week to adjust pricing and this has overridden the sale price with the regular stock price.

    • I think they are trying to clear the stock, this offer started I think early this month and two days ago, I am sure they will have it on offer again. I just picked up today, The light blue is too much light with white cable but for the price I paid, its a deal. Plus its a storage device.

    • While Promotional Stock Lasts

      Which probably suggests there is limited promo stocks. It doesn't hurt to ask them though

      • Oh okay, I'll keep an eye on it until the 30th and wait for the restock.

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