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Qantas American Express Ultimate Card - 110k Bonus Qantas Points + $200 Back with 3K Spend ($450 Annual Fee) @ American Express


Quite a good deal in my opinion,

110k bonus Qantas Points with a $3000 spend in the first 3 months of card membership, as well as $200 back to your account. A $450 Annual fee still applies, however the $450 travel credit is still in effect.

This deal is valid both through Point Hacks and American Express directly.

Such a shame that I already have a Qantas Discovery card, and will most likely be unable for an upgrade. Let me know if anyone else is eligible for this as an upgrade.

"Receive 110,000 bonus Qantas Points plus $200 back when you apply online by 27 October 2021, are approved and spend $3,000 on your new Card within the first 3 months. Offer available to new Card Members only."

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (7)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (23)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • +1

    Good card when you can travel.

    I cancelled mine in Jan this year coz I didn’t wanna pay 450 for nothing 🥲. I still have my Qantas credit from last year..

    • Nice so you keep the credit when you cancel? I have credit also was wondering what would happen. I thought the credit was with Amex travel, not Qantas direct.

      • Yeah, can the travel credit be rolled over? The situation makes it circumstantial. Is it possible to cancel the Amex and travel credit rolled over to Qantas until flights are ready?

        • +1

          If u cancel the card u don’t keep the credit. You can book flights before you cancel the card tho using the credit

      • +1

        Nope so I actually used the credit (booked through Amex) and bought flight to Perth and that got cancelled. They won’t refund me the credit so instead gave me Qantas credit. I can use until end of 2022.

        • What would happen if this scenario plays up?

          • Book flights with the Amex credit via Amex
          • Cancel card
          • Covid situation still calls for restrictions to travel
          • Still unsafe to travel
          • Booked flight is cancelled, gets credited to use until 202?
          • Who will I contact regarding the credit now that I've cancelled the card? Qantas?
          • What will happen without the Amex card?


          • @PeeDee: So that's exactly my situation.

            Now if I'm still unable to travel until end of 2022, I will contact Amex instead because it was issued through them not Qantas.

            • @sauce2k: I see. Makes sense that it falls under Amex even if you will not be with them. Just hope they'll get back to you!

              Will be my scenario soon.

          • @PeeDee: Spoke to them last week .You get the value of the flight as a cash refund into a BSB or a cheque.

            • @tunzafun001: Wow I'd like a quote from that person you spoke to haha

              it's a little contradictory to the above user as well. Credit/refund

            • +1

              @tunzafun001: Really? You get a cash refund instead of travel credit?

              • @billybrown: Yes, I can confirm that’s what they told me. I cancelled Amex Explorer last yr, and had flight booked this month. I have cancelled the flight and they advised cash refund will take 12 weeks

                • @lostinsydney: Interesting, because even if you book with Qantas directly and cancel, you don't get a cash refund. You get travel credit. Can you elaborate on what type of flight you had booked? And whether you cancelled or Qantas did?

                  • +1

                    @billybrown: Couple of things need to go your way to get cash back.

                    1. You need to book via Amex, and cancel back to Amex (not take the Qantas/ Virgin credit).

                    2. The airline needs to offer a full refundable flight (not just free cancellation), or they change the flight time or cancel it after you booked. They changed my departure by 5mins, it made it fully refundable.

                    3. You need to cancel your card. If your card is still active, you will just receive a credit with a fresh 12 month expiry as soon as it is back in your account (and it will take around 2 months before it comes back).

                    • @tunzafun001: Thanks for the info, will have to find a refundable flight or one that is likely to be cancelled / moved!

                  • @billybrown: What tunzafun001 said above.

                    I booked Qantas flight in December 2020, and cancelled the Amex Explorer card in Jan 2021. I do have Amex charge and other CC from Amex.

                • @lostinsydney: Did they tell you to call back in 12 weeks time to provide your bank details? I cancelled my booking yesterday as qantas has changed my flight time, Amex told me to call back in 18 weeks and I can provide my bank details then. Its weird, how they can't take my bank details now.

                  • @runamuck: from what i recall they said it will take 12 weeks to process the refund as cash, and let's see how it goes. If I don't hear back from them by end of Nov, I will call them in Dec that is if I don't forget.

  • +2

    ANZ card is 120k for 425 and 200 back if anyone is interested. I’m back churning to get 350k for my points club plus

    • 15k min credit limit, which I don't think I will be accepted for unfortunately. If I could get that card, I would

      • What kind of CC are you looking for? and why? because CCs with points mostly have credit limits so it may be hard for you

        • +1

          ANZ top tier card is 15k credit limit but I think the mid range card is only 6k min credit limit…. It’s easier to get but also means you get less points per dollar spent.

        • Because of my income, I probably won’t be accepted for a 15k limit, based off what ANZ/Westpac used/use as a minimum income, I still fall slightly short.

          That and my 2k limit AMEX probably doesn’t help my case.

          I’m limited to only getting 6k card limits unfortunately, but they are generally the no annual fee cards, with low minimum spend requirements

    • get both. l did. well not this amex, the explorer deal

    • What did you go with for club plus this year?
      Previously had Westpac Alt Black, ANZ Black QF, St George Amplify and Qantas Platinum all with no annual fees. Throw in a no annual fee card with your mortgage provider (ie NAB or CBA) and it was easy.. This year I haven't seen any QF no annual fee cards. Wish there was something similar for Velocity (heaps of cards for them).

      • I literally do them all. Sometimes they cost alot too :(

  • Damn it, i knew I should have waited… done my 18 month waiting window for another Amex offer and applied and got this card 2 weeks ago - the Explorer card with Amex points.. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/642085
    I would have much preferred the Ultimate offer for QF points earning (not that we can go anywhere but yeah).

    • +2

      Really? I’d take 150k MR points over 110k Qantas point any time (even if this deal were fee free for the first year which it isn’t).

  • +1

    I assume the answer is no but I've always wondered, could you just use Beem It and "pay" yourself $3000? I know it's good enough for ING.

    • +1

      Unfortunately it looks like a no, as you can only link a Debit Card up to pay other people.

      • Ah no worries. Cheers Mate

      • +1

        So like can that be friends?

        • +2

          no only yourself or enemies

    • Beem It payments don't count towards the 5 transactions anymore.

  • Does anyone know if gift cards will count towards the 3K? I know some banks will see gift cards as cash transactions and any spendings won't qualify but I can't seem to find any mention of it on the amex site

    • If it helps, I have purchased gift cards to redeem the offers, and it still gave me the credit on the statement

    • +2

      I doubt it…if you buy gift cards at Woolies, Amex won't have any idea what you bought at Woolies, just that you spend $XX

  • Excellent offer. Just coming up to the end of my 18 month waiting period.

    Trying to decide if it is worth taking this offer or waiting for this to appear again: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/624574

    • Do you really need status credits? If the answer is yes, do you value them at an extra $200? This deal is everywhere at the moment it seems, so it might be tough finding something new anytime soon.

      • 120 status credits is worth a whole lot more than $200

        • +5

          Not if you are on 0 status credits so far this year and have no intention of flying anytime soon

      • +1

        They will roll over to my 2022-23 year and will be helpful to retaining Platinum. Much easier to earn points than SCs cheaply. Plus the extra 10K points is worth at least $100. So it is a difficult choice.

  • so $200 back on $450 annual fee = $250 annual fee for first year?

    • +1

      $450 travel credit is still in effect.

    • A $450 Annual fee still applies, however the $450 travel credit is still in effect.

      So if you write the annual fee off with the credit then 200 is extra

  • I hope we get some good offers this month because the current offerings are pretty lacklustre

  • Are you considered a new card member if you closed your Amex account 18+ months ago?

    • +1


    • Correct. "Card Members who currently hold or who have previously held any Card product issued by American Express Australia Limited, in the preceding 18 month period are ineligible for the bonus Qantas Points and Statement Credit offer."

  • I’m hanging out for an existing card member upgrade offer, anyone had any luck recently?

    • +1

      Attempt to close your account, chances are they’ll gift you some points to stay (they offered me 20k points and I kept the account open until the points were credited and then closed anyway lol)

      • +2

        Attempt to close your account and they will close your account. You would need to ask for a retention offer/options.


        Note that since 1 January 2019, credit card rules have become stricter for lenders.

        So, for example, if the cardholder says, ‘I wish to close my card,’ then the provider must reasonably assist in doing this, meaning that they cannot proactively offer bonus points to retain the cardholder’s business.

        However, if you say, ‘I’m thinking about closing my card, but would like to explore if you have any offers available to me before I decide to close,’ then a bonus retention offer is still okay.

        • Good point, thanks for sharing. I am also on the lookout for upgrade offers, this is a good way to give AMEX a nudge on getting an offer or two.

  • +1

    Hoping they let us use the travel credit on the Qantas store again this year

  • does anyone know if a supplementary card holder is eligible? i know the main card holder cannot get promotions a for a few years at least after they cancel

    • Supp card holder is eligible.

  • Do you still get this bonus if signing up through a friend referral?

    • +1

      no you get the deal you see on the landing page of the referral

  • Thanks OP.

    Applied last night and received a call this morning to confirm some of my details. Was initially declined but when I added in my additional rental income and provided statements the agent was able to review and approve.

    Happy with this offer as I was waiting for a new AMEX offer as I just missed the last one with 120 SCs.

  • +3

    For the $3000 spend I used sniip to pay for things like car rego that aren’t covered by Amex.

  • Could you upgrade to this card from the free Discovery card, get the 110k points and $200, then downgrade back to the free Discovery card?

    • No. You cannot have had an AMEX card in the previous 18 months.

      • Well, darn.

        Thanks for the answer buddeh!

  • Can I do a booking like this and then cancel the booking once I get the points? Will this work?

    • I will assume that if the refund gets processed back to the American Express, it will cancel itself out

      • Yes, that's the plan.

        • Sorry, I mean it would cancel out the points, and wouldn’t give you the bonus

          • @burgermaniac: Well, what if I cancel the booking after I receive the points in my Qantas account?

            • @kozb: They might try to grab them back, or they might just let you have them for nothing.

  • Does anyone know whether the $450 Qantas Travel Credit is available to you within 12 months of signing up? The T&Cs of the card state 'you are eligible for one $450 Qantas Travel Credit each anniversary year'. Does this mean that the travel credit is only available after 12 months meaning that you also get stung for another annual fee in Year 2?

    • It’s available to use in the first year as your annual fee will be charged once your first statement is issued.

  • -1

    I see the two referral links but they don't seem to be for this card. I am going to pick one up if someone has a referral link please dm me.


    • The referral deal is different to the one posted on the website

      • Thanks for your reply

        • Can't believe I didn't see the show more button :)

      • Thanks again mate, so just to confirm, I hope you can help, if I click on the referee link will I get 175k points? Cheers

        • I rang amex and they said it is either one or the other so you can't get the 175k points by clicking referral :(

  • Declined, not sure why though. Bit suprised.

  • Sorry again noob question but can I get the 110k plus the referral bonus too?
    Thanks again

  • +1

    Hey OP, should note you can now receive this offer via referral giving the referrer 40,000 bonus points as well. Would be great for the OzB community to support each other and use the random referral links in this deal.

    • Mate, can you please share more details reg the referral benefit? I'm looking to apply for this and want to use the referral benefit if it's allowed.

      • +1

        On the Referral Links above (just below the deal description), click on ‘Show more’ and click on the Qantas Ultimate Amex card. It will generate a random referral from the pool. Can confirm that signing up using a referral link will still give the referee the same benefits + points as signing up direct.

  • Damn due to this I checked my qantas balance and found my 100k points had expired in June

  • Just curious for the couples / those in defacto relationships and have mortgage + other credit cards, do you apply for these as a joint application or sole application? And then when entering things like mortgage repayments, would you half this per person? E.g. 50/50 between you and your partner if joint application, or if applying for yourself just apply the whole mortgage amount?

    Having recently bought a house with my partner I haven't gone for a new offer in a while, things were easier before for stuff like this!

    • +1

      Apply as sole applicant but definitely split the mortgage and expenses in half otherwise they you'll look unserviceable to them.

  • Can anyone confirm if I've had a Westpac issued AMEX card, it won't affect my eligibility? Cheers

  • What has been the turnaround time for approval?

    The site says:
    How long is the approval process?
    A decision will be sent by post within 5-10 working days.

    Is this right?

    • +1

      I just went through the process: during I got the message conditionally approved. When I clicked submit I got an instant sms saying approved:

      Congratulations, your American Express Card has been approved and will be delivered within 7 business days. Thank you for your new Card Membership.

  • Just signed up today via friend referral so he gets 40k points.

    Do you get the $450 travel voucher straight away or do you have to spend the $3000 first? Looking to purchase plane tickets from Sydney to Gold Coast return during Xmas period

  • Enjoy the 40k points stranger :), this must be my second or third time cycling this card but first time I remembered to use referral link
    Just a note regarding this, I wonder how many of these referrals are wasted due to churning, as in, by the time someone uses up a referral code of someone who's listed it, they've already gotten their desired points / benefits and cancelled their card and account haha, just a thought

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