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Vitasoy 1L Long Life Milk Oat $1.45 ($1.31 S&S), Almond $1.50 (OOS), Rice $1.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$39+) @ Amazon AU


1L Vitasoy Milk Oat $1.45 ($1.31 S&S), Almond $1.50 ($1.35 S&S), Rice $1.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

Amazon are matching the pricing at Coles.

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  • Same price at Coles but save a few more cents with S&S.

    • Oat delivery is out to 17th September.

      • says 7th for the oat and 14th for almond

        • I think they just updated their inventory, I still got 17th on my order.

    • +9

      If it's the same price I just go to the supermarket, personally. I think that the overheads required to get groceries delivered to me are not worth the convenience. Extra packaging, petrol needed, etc. All to pay the same (or close to).

      In some cases it's worth it though, and I live closes enough to a supermarket.

      • Agreed, and I need to spend $50 this week (4-week offer) at Coles to collect 10,000 points :)

      • +2

        Agree… keep posting. but rather $ goes local than amazon.. (nothing against them at all!)
        also ALL THAT PACKAGING.. starting feel uneasy.. footprint we leave.

  • It's almost as cheap to Moo Milk

  • Soymilk is seldom on discount, the last discount is at least 1.5 years back

    • -2

      which is about when soy milk was more popular… haha. I rarely drink soy nowadays. I find oat milk is good in coffee, plus a lower environmental impact. And there have been plenty of studies showing that too much soy in the diet can become a problem.

      • +5

        It has to be a LOT of soy before it becomes a problem (with phytoestrogen). If people were downing literal kilograms of tofu/tempeh a day, but definitely not drinking a bunch of soymilk with <20% soy content

        • +4

          Plus, the more bio-available mammalian estrogen found in cow's milk would pose much more of a threat than plant estrogen.

      • +2

        The problem with oat, rice and almond milk is that they barely have any protein and way too diluted so they can taste good. You can check the nutrition label. I bet you dont want slimy fibrous oat paste in your coffee so they remove any parts that made oats nutritious.

        If you consume them for pleasure or in your coffee, its totally fine. If you look for nutrients however, only animal milk and soy milk serve the needs.

        • -1

          Weaned humans looking for nutrients in milks are looking in the wrong places.

  • +13

    Having gone through all of the milk alternatives, this oat milk is in my opinion the closest to cow milk while also being affordable. Thanks OP

    • +1

      Agreed, it's the best I've tried.
      I recently tried the probiotic oat milk by Vitasoy and hated it - too sweet.

    • +2

      Yes but have you seen what happens to the oats? It’s appalling!

      Vote for ‘People against Oat Cruelty’

      • You actually acknowledge real animal suffering by making light of it and having to mention it - search "psychological minimisation".

  • +1

    So Good is a touch better as its enriched with B vitamins etc

  • +1

    Thanks. Grabbed some oat to try

  • Any one tried for coffee?

    • +1

      Yes Nespresso and Oat milk daily, so good.

  • I think the Vitasoy 'Almond Milky' is one of the best taste wise. Was on special at $1.50 at Coles, but $2 at the moment. (And not on Amazon at all - that I could find).

    • +4

      I also only drink from nipples. Cow nipples. Goat nipples. Camel nipples. NipPLeS.

  • i dont see save and subscribe option for this one

  • +3

    no S&S on Oat anymore either.

  • Sorry, but since they changed the formula, this has become completely undrinkable!

  • -1

    Aren't these supposed to be refrigerated?

    • Only after opening. They're long-life.

  • is this similar to soy malk

  • missed the coles deal and missed the S&S but at least i got 6.

    • It runs until next Tuesday at Coles

      • yeah but no stock and unavailable online

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