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Unlimited Premium Home 5G Internet (Speeds up to 100Mbps) $75/Month for 36 Months @ Vodafone


First month free when you sign up by 31/01/2022 and save $5 per month if you have a mobile plan with them. Cancel within the first month and pay no exit fees. Maximum modem cost of $612.

Plan with uncapped speeds ("Max 5G") is $10 more for $85 per month or $80 per month with a mobile plan.

Edit: Unlimited data (FUP applies probably), not unlimited speed!!

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                    • @TheHungryHippo: I don't think you understand what I meant. The OP says "Cancel within the first month and pay no exit fees." So, if I cancel in the second month, how much exit fee do I pay?

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                        @DisabledUser27274: There are no Early Exit Fees on the Plan's.

                        However, if your Plan is cancelled before the end of the Device Period, you will need to return the Modem to us in Good Working Order within 30 days. If you do not return your Modem within 30 days or it is not returned in Good Working Order you will be charged 100% of remaining Modem installments on your next bill.

            • @TheHungryHippo: Yo my sim only plan $10 discount ends this week with Voda and along with it the 12 month Prime access. Can you do a similar deal or do I look at other telcos?

          • @SJ50: In my experience it's anywhere heading towards gigabit pending all other factors that influence that. I noticed in parra it was very average, a bit pointless, but i dont frequent there. Obviously some areas are congested or have signal reach issues for various reasons. One experience and location has little to do with another so it's all ***YMMV.

    • Is that the same as this deal?

      • Our new $85 Ultra+ Plan is for Mobile use only.

        • Ah gotchya, thanks

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    Good to see you can cancel any time without having to pay out the cost of the modem (and no exit fees either):

    If you cancel within 36 months, you won’t need to pay out the modem as long as it’s returned to us in Good Working Order within 30 days of cancellation.

  • Are these true unlimited? Or will they throttle your speed if you do 700gb a month?

    • Feel free to take a look at the Terms & Conditions on our website. Hopefully what 'I've put below will help.

      Ultimate 5G Home Internet Plan includes unlimited data at Max Speed (which is data at the fastest speed the Vodafone network can deliver to you, depending on the geography of your area, the building you are in and the placement of your modem).
      The Ultimate 5G Home Internet Plan is suitable for 4K and HD video streaming on multiple devices, downloading large files, social media and casual online gaming. Actual speeds you reach for both Plans will continually vary depending on many factors such as de-prioritisation, network congestion, the number of devices connected and their capabilities, network coverage and the time you are using data.. Fair Use Policy applies.

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        What @The Hobo asked was about the "Fair Use Policy". Is such policy part of the service agreement?

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          Read the CIS and Fair Use Policy yourself to determine if the plan is suitable for your needs.

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        When you mention de-prioritisation. Is that the whole connection or specific traffic ? Where can we find that info

    • There is one way to find out. :) If they were going to throttle your speed it would be stated. More likely nothing happens or you get courtesy call asking whats up..? What's the worst that could happen, really..

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        I would argue that de-prioritization is a form of throttling - just not in the traditional sense.

        • True, but it depends on what sort of de-prioritization which is not clear. Is it service or protocol based? Is it between home wireless vs mobile services under local congestion/contention conditions (this is a mobile network after all…)? In my experience mobile telco's dont tend to stuff around with service and protocol based de-prioritization nearly as much as traditional fixed line ISPs that have a higher ratio of very high data users and therefor try to de-prioritze stuff like peer to peer. But T&C's like this do indicate it may end up that way. Only one way to find out…

        • You are 100% correct that it is they're just using a different definition for it - I've raised these concerns with Telstra years ago that fell on deaf ears but it is what it is.

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    Does anyone who participated in the Vodafail class action always get denied service by Voda? I've applied a few times over the years and 'failed' the credit check. I've always had a really good credit rating and never been denied anything else for a credit check.

    I suspect they have me on a black list. Anyone else have this experience?

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      get tio involved

      • Yeah, could be a good option next time I feel like Vodafone have something I want.

    • More likely there is some bad data somewhere with a credit agency or something you forgot about/don't realize. A mate of mine had some bill he never paid that defaulted, he forgot about that as it was not that big, and it caused him issues. Didn't seem to stop him getting the odd credit card but he did have issues with signing up to phone contracts as they have very particular rules due to various types of fraud given how valuable phones are these days. It wasn't until he went for a mortgage he actually worked it out.

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        Yeah, I checked pretty much everywhere. I got my credit score from an agency or two. I got a credit card from commbank and I had a mortgage that was super clean for payments, no other phone companies denied me and I was after a service only - no device.

        You may well be right but it just seemed like everywhere was open to me but Voda….

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    Why is the modem so expensive anyone? Is it really that expensive?

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      Yes, it is Nokia Fastmile modem

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    NBN killer for those with coverage

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      For those on poor connections - yup.

      For those on FTTC/P/HFC - probably not. You can get similarly priced plans with better performance than the 5G plans on these.

      Essentially will only work better for those on slower FTTN connections (thanks LNP). When you factor in latency and congestion, it still may not be worth it.

      • As someone with the 5g tower closer than the node and last I checked also no date and low priority for fttp…odamn it's nice to see these options finally existing. I still remember turnbull actively dsicussing the benefits of the fttp in great length on several occasions.

        That was as shadow minister. Turns out the physics and economics changed when he went for pm.

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    If Australia didn't keep bending over for the US, we would have seen deals like this much sooner.

    • Please explain?

      Australian mobile* internet is WAY cheaper than in America.

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        Probably referring to Huawei 5G ban.

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          In that case, we were the first country to ban them?

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        Expensive Security is better than cheap fake security.

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          US security is expensive and fake. Lol

      • That's factually incorrect it's way cheaper here….

      • US tracks everyone on the net in Australia, the five-eye countries and beyond. Yet they told Australia to ban Huawei (which was by far the most superior 5G brand at the time) on fabricated security claims.

        • Shhh, US is eavesdropping…

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      Just look at all the people here saying that it's not available in their area. Vodafone had plans to roll out 5G towers everywhere years ago but USA and a weak Australian government ruined everything.

  • Not everyone is lucky & NBN is better b'cos

    Vodafone says

    "Unfortunately, 5G Home Internet isn’t available in your area.
    You may be able to get a 4G Home Wireless Broadband Plan."


    "Unfortunately, 4G Home Wireless Broadband isn’t available in your area.
    You may be able to get a Vodafone nbn™ Plan."

  • I'm trying to find a NBN/4G/5G plan that is actually cheaper than $50 month for my elderly father on a pension - currently with Spintel but only using 25GB/month.

    Anyone recommend anything?

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      Have you looked at Felix?

      • Looks like a mobile phone plan?

        Tethering (hotspot)
        For your personal devices only, not as a substitute for a home internet service or in a modem. Fair Use Policy applies.

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          I’ve been on Felix with a mobile router for a few months, using it instead of nbn

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      how about Future Broadband's $45/month deal (12Mbps/1Mbps) https://futurebroadband.com.au/nbn/deals/
      i think the setup fee is waived or refunded if you signup via referral

    • Check out Launtel, https://launtel.net.au/.

      Lets us stop and start the NBN service ourselves. Your parents can add balance to their account and only activate the internet on the days they actually want to use.

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    Can't find upload speed.
    I also noticed some of the fixed NBN plans do not publish obvious upload speeds in their ads or even their websites. Anyone knows why?

    • upload speeds are usually 15-20mbps. See below screenshot of my speedtest of optus 5g

    • Marketing reasons. Here are most common download/uploads.

      25/10 (Superloop & Aussie BB)
      75/20 (Aussie BB)
      Superfast 250/25 - FTTP & HFC
      Ultrafast 1000/50 - FTTP & HFC
      1000/400 - FTTP

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    Just a short review on 5G.. not with vodafone.. but spintel(optus). But I guess general 5G would be similar.
    I get good speeds - few dropouts, I think 5-6 times in 7 months, which usually last 30s-1min. Not sure of the reason of that.

    Here's a test of speed that I did just now:

    5G is very dependent on loccation of your modem in house. It will thrive if there line of sight to the 5g Tower. Good thing is that if there's no 5g signal it will go to 4g+ which is widely available. In my case when I kept it at its best location I got I think near about 200mbps. But bit better, hidden away location gives me 100-140 mbps. which is good enough for me.
    Optus/Spintel do gaurantee >50mbps.

  • How much is the exit fee?

  • I am with Vodafone 5G unlimited speed/data and so far i am very happy with it. Only issue is to find a sweet spot in your house to get the best 5g signal which is close to or higher than - 70dbm. (-69 is higher than - 70 just to be clear)

    Here is the current speed test i just did:


    • ping 26.

      Is this typical with broadband from towers?

  • This would be fantastic for people hitting the road in a caravan and looking to "work from home". I noticed they mention it's only for your address - do you think they police if the towers you hook into changes a lot?

    • 5G coverage is still pretty limited, so you're going to struggle to use it much on the road.

      • Doesn't need to be 5G on the road

        • Yeah I'm assuming it has a 4G fallback? 4G is definitely fine for Teams calls/ general work stuff.

  • Does anyone know if we need to manually cancel the existing NBN service, or does Vodafone take care of the churning? I think it requires a manual cancellation as the NBN service itself is not being churned.

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      As far as I know, this is not related to NBN or use technologies like FTTN.

      So you can have both NBN and this running simultaneously if you want meaning you have to cancel NBN yourself separately.

      • Makes sense, thanks.

  • 5G with Vodafone lol

  • Unfortunately, 5G Home Internet isn’t available in your area.

    You may be able to get a 4G Home Wireless Broadband Plan.

    Can I still sign up to 5G home internet plan and use 4G speeds? Because 4G plan has a limit of 400GB data.

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      Got the answer.

      Per the Vodafone rep I spoke with, it is not possible to sign up to their 5G home internet plan if there is no coverage.

  • I was on a 3 month pilot for this plan, before Vodafone launched it. The speeds were great overall but the main issue I had was with the latency. SpeedTest pings ranged from 20ms to 40ms. This is typical of 4g connections but was expecting better pings for 5G.

    • Once Vodafone converts their 5G network to Stand alone mode (SA), the pings will likely improve if you have a decent signal. At the moment the network is operating on Non-Standalone (NSA) mode, which means it's still using some of the 4G infrastructure behind the scenes.

  • If you are looking at vodaphone/optus 5G and waiting for discovery+ (like me) this is interesting -https://www.finder.com.au/discovery-plus. Looks like it will be coming to optus as a package with their subhub app soon. Only mentions available to mobile and home broadband but hopefully extends to 5g home internet.

  • -1

    Currently this deal has 45 pos votes but I don't think there are 45 households that are in Vodafone 5G coverage area Australia wide!

  • +1

    I have Optus home 5g with Fetch which is $90 a month unlimited and constantly get around 300-500mbps. Lowest I got was around 80 and complained and they gave me a month free. Don't see home this is a deal….

  • +2

    Plus for good offer. But don't want COVID. So no thanks. 😜

  • It’s a great deal if you can’t get decent NBN and need over 500GB of data a month. We had been on 4G 500GB for the last 3 years and only moved to NBN50 last week when it first because available. Since we now need 1,000GB each month, I would have jumped onto the 5G unlimited plan otherwise. I am really surprised that the latency/ping is so high from a couple of speed tests provided. It’s actually much higher than 4G at around 20ms. I expected 5G to be around 10-15ms tbh.

  • "Unlimited" in "the way We intended the Service to be used".

  • +1

    If you can get a good line of sight in an uncongested area, 5G speeds are phenomenal - https://www.speedtest.net/result/11972799499

    • Have u tried downloading torrents?

  • I got a "Sorry better luck next time"

  • Don’t call it 5g if it is slower than 4g speed.

  • Can you use the Vodafone modem with three repeaters like nest hub or tp-link's version, etc?

    • I connected my mesh to the Nokia Fastmile Gateway and they work just fine.

  • So annoying. Only 7kms from the CBD and no coverage from Voda or Optus on their 5G home internet coverage. Will just have to bide my time on FTTN.

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