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Makita 18V Brushless 2 Piece 2 x 3.0Ah Combo Kit DLX2180X + Bonus 3Ah Battery $395 Delivered @ Total Tools


Have been looking for a hammer drill + driver combo and Total Tools currently offers a bonus 3rd battery.

Comes with:

1 x 18V Brushless Hammer Drill Skin DHP484Z
1 x 18V 1/4" Brushless Impact Driver Skin DTD153Z
2 x 18V 3.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery BL1830BL
1 x 18V Battery Charger DC18RC
1 x Carry Case

  • 1 free 3ah battery added to your cart

Ends Sunday 5th September

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  • +2

    Great price

  • +1

    I feel like this is one of those items that's waaaaaaaaaaay cheaper from the US

    • Depends if you want an Aus charger, also unsure about warranty claims vs buying from an Aus store if buying skin only.

      • +1

        The charger is generic. Can get it anywhere. I believe it's just a corded plug that you can remove from the MAKITA 18V LITHIUM-ION BATTERY CHARGER DC18RC

        • US would be a 110V version.

          • @amg989: Surely it would be 110/250 V because it's a full size charging station. Only the plug would need to be changed. Read the back of yours and tell me.

  • +3

    Check out this:


    Fark! We're getting screwed. I bet I can import it through work for cheap.

    • I wonder why color is different on these devices… different level of quality?

      • Those in Amazon link are 1.5Ah ; these on post link are 3Ah not sure if it makes a difference

        • Even the drills have different color compared to we have in AU

          • +2

            @wrx5: Australia get the Japan range of product when it comes to color, I believe the rest of the world gets the more black range of products so North America, Europe etc.

        • It does but I'm sure I can get a good deal on batteries from overseas. I suppose only tradies would be needing that extra long run time.

      • The purple ones are made in Japan so yeah could indicate manufacturer location.

      • +1

        It's a different line, pretty sure you can get them here too, it's their "compact" line, unsure of differences in quality though.

    • +1

      Wow.. we sure are.

      This would be well north of a grand here..


    • +1

      could you take these american items in for warranty in australia? wouldnt it have to go through a retail store? they say there isnt an international warranty https://www.facebook.com/MakitaToolsPage/posts/3732894180071...

      • Makita is like a Toyota. No need for warranty. The warranty is only there for the lols

    • Or this one lol:


      Still only one battery though!

    • +2

      I don't think you'd want to run a circular saw on 1.5ah batteries. Sure, it will do it but it will have much more current reserve with a larger battery, which means more grunt to cut thru thicker timber. It's why the saw and grinder + battery kits come with 5+ah batteries usually. Not just run time is effected by battery size.

      Given that kit is USD, it's about $460 AUD? Then add freight, duty and GST to the whole lot. Probably end up at $550-600 unless you can get some sort of discount thru your business but for the average punter, that's what it will cost.

      May as well get this larger kit and sell off what you don't want/need, or keep the lot. You'll get local warranty that way but even then, I'd recommend larger batteries for the power hungry tools.

      • Probably end up at $550-600 unless you can get some sort of discount thru your business but for the average punter, that's what it will cost.

        We have a constant stream of stuff coming from Amazon US and wholesalers in USA but i'm not sure Amazon will handle the freight costs. I think it comes straight from the reseller.

    • I mean I want to get a brushless cordless impact driver - for example the DTD153Z.
      But all the equivalent US ones are XDT13Z, XTD14Z, XTD16Z
      Will the 18v battery system we use here fit these tools? I mean, technically there's no reason to have them not fit, but you never know, they might have different batteries in different markets just to be annoying.

      • +1

        Batteries are the same worldwide. I purchased a Makita impact wrench from Amazon US that works fine with my AU batteries.

    • These are sub compact and have nowhere near the output of the full size models.

      • The blue ones are available on Amazon US too

    • From experience, the black ones are garbage

      • Because?

        • Weak motors… They're just as not as good.

  • +1

    Bunnings sold 3 pieces bundle (hammer drill, impact driver and angle grinder) with 5.0ah battery for $299 and spec of those devices were better. I missed that deal unfortunately.

    gsb 18v-85c
    gdx 18v-200
    gws 18v-7

    • +1

      You have it right. I bought one as a gift to myself; then the missus's parents found out and we had to buy 2 more :|

      Slightly different deal though. Hold up I'll find it…

      • +1

        I told my friend to buy, he went and bought. I went the next day but was sold out :(

      • Would be wonderful if you could find

        • Can't find it sorry; they had a bunch by the power-tools stacked up shrug - Remember thinking it was as good as the 2pack but you get an angle grinder lol

          • @TogTogTogTog: same, I couldn't find it in any stores (online)

        • I think your looking at this deal!

          I bought this also $399,
          Then I bought the blower separately, and stacked it with another Bosch deal where you spend $500 and they the send you
          1x 12V Drill Driver Kit (0.615.990.L63) RRP $129

          That’s what the wife and kids will use.😜

    • +1

      They're Bosch part numbers. Not saying one is better than the other but it's not apples with apples. The equivalent Makita is this one which has gotten down to $410, still good value as the grinders are generally north of $300 but still nothing like when they clear out the Bosch sets

      • Yeah that Makita kit is similar but the DHP485 has 50nm vs 60nm. Not a major difference.

      • yes you are right, they are Bosch part numbers. I have provided those number so people can compare the specs. Bosch devices in the deal that I mentioned are better and went for cheaper. That was the point I was trying to make. And as you said angle grinder was bonus.

        The equivalent Makita deal that you have sent has 2 batteries so it is equivalent to this Bosch deal

        Makita DHP485 has 50nm vs Bosch GSB 18V-55 has 55nm (not a big deal I guess)
        Makita DTD153Z has 170nm vs Bosch GDR 18V-200 has 200nm
        Makita DGA504Z has 8500rpm vs Bosch GWS 18V-10 has 9000rpm
        Makita 2x 3.0ah batteries vs Bosch 2 x 5.0ah batteries
        Makita has 5 years warranty vs Bosch has 6 years warranty
        Makita is $559 vs Bosch is $599

        I am going by numbers only as I am not expert. I will leave the comments about the quality to the experts.

  • Didn't Bunnings have this for like ~270 or so earlier in the year? Shattered I missed out

    • Was hoping for more Bunnings Father's Day sales.

    • That was only 1 battery
      This kit was $279 a month ago according to Price Hipster but has been as low as $256 earlier on.

      • It's also a 5ah battery. These are three 3ahs so roughly 1.5 batteries. Personally, I'd prefer one 5ah over two 3ahs.

        • This deal is 3x3Ah though.

          • @bio: It's also $96 dollars more and you get a carry case. Looks like a 3ah is roughly $80-100? I'm just looking at the breakdown :)

            • @TogTogTogTog: 3Ah is $119, so it's about $40 per Ah. You get 4Ah more (9 vs 5) with this deal, equivalent to $160.

              Obviously this is a nonsense calculation. Less swapping using bigger batteries is better.

              • @bio: Buying separately is not the same as a bundle; a quick Google revealed a Tool shop for $84, and I've heard of dudes around here flipping 'em for like $60 on eBay etc. Which is a totally legit option here with this bundle…

                • +1

                  @TogTogTogTog: Agreed, this is not a great bargain especially when you consider 3Ah batteries. Still a good option for someone who is entering the Makita ecosystem.

            • @TogTogTogTog: I think this deal has the fast charger compared to the bunnings one. 22min for 3Ah full charge vs 1hour for standard charging.

        • Benefit I saw in having 3 X 3ah batteries is you could be using both drill and driver at the same time whilst having the 3rd back up battery on charge.

          • +1

            @Waygood_deals: It is handy. Discount tool kits I've bought over the years means I have 3 chargers and 5 batteries so, 3x6a and 2x2a. Means every tool im generally using has a battery and usually one on charge.
            Really only ever get a flat battery on the grinder. It chews the juice fast.

  • Ooh err, this or the Dewalt lot from Costco?


    • Think the DeWalt one at Costco is brushed and not as powerful. I was looking at the Dewalt DCD 795 or 796 kits.


      Those drills do have more torque than the Makita from memory but I prefer some of the other Makita tools and have had good recommendations on them.

      • DCD795N-XE is 60Nm, same as this Makita DHP484.

        • Yeah true, it was the 796 that has 70nm.

      • This one is DeWalt basic tool.

      • Dewalt hammer drill is brushless and Impact driver is brushed in the Costco deal, confirmed this with Dewalt Aust.

  • How much normally?

    • +1

      Around this price but normally only 2 batteries.

  • Great tools, I had these (or perhaps previous versions) since 2008 and they haven't missed a beat. Even batteries, 3 out of 4 that I got back then still going fine.

  • Noob here, was eyeing Ozito bundle for $149. Other than the obvious difference hammer vs regular drill, can someone justify this set for casual home usage?

    • +3

      I'd recommend Ozito or Ryobi for home use as you get many more affordable skins than the professional tools. If you need a saw or grinder or whatever, it's cheap enough to add to your collection where Makita will want $300+ for each. Ozito also has the advantage of regularly getting price matched with ALDI so you can pick up random skins very cheap.

      In terms of the actual kits though, this Makita is a hammer drill so if you want to do any masonry drilling, you'll need one. I don't think this is a good enough deal to justify it for home use compared to some of the Bosch Blue deals that were going around.

      • Noob question. What is a skin or skin only product?

        • +3

          A skin is just the tool. No battery or charger included.

        • +1

          Product without batteries

    • +1

      A drill is a drill honestly, trade quality tools will be better balanced and feel lighter, have a better chuck that doesn't take forever to open and close, be a bit quieter (unfamiliar with ozito but my Ryobi hammer drill absolutely squeals) etc, but at the end of the day drills aren't that complicated and not a lot of difference between them.

      I'd personally probably still go the Makita over the ozito if only because because with other power tools trade quality really does make a difference and I'd rather have bought into Makita over ozito. But if you just need a drill and don't foresee other cordless tool purchases in the near future then ozito is fine.

      • The one I have heard is the first drill you buy should be really cheap.
        If it doesn't break - well that's great.
        If it breaks, it probably means you're using it a lot, so get a good one for your 2nd drill.

      • +2

        Not sure I agree with "a drill is a drill"
        Massive differences between even the Makita lines through the range.

        Gearbox and chucks are more accurate for smaller drill bits and drilling fine holes - have better tolerances.
        Motor can deliver more power and/or use less battery to do the same amount of work.
        Motor and gearbox capable of holesawing, augering, drilling into steel without overloading or damaging gear components.
        Longevity of parts, better design of everything up to and including the housings and bearing surfaces.

        • Well my Bosch drill chuck is absolutely hopeless (made in Germany Bosch too) and overheats constantly and my DeWalt drill gearbox failed out of the box so I'm not convinced there's really enough strength behind the longevity and quality of components argument of trade quality tools anymore. In terms of accuracy and torque you probably have an argument but I use a drill press for pretty much everything that isn't a quick twist bit into wood so it's not a big consideration for me.

          I don't overall disagree that there is a difference in quality in drills, just that in terms of what I use drills for (pretty much exclusively pilot holes and driving screws) that difference in quality isn't as important as it is with say, a circular saw .

  • I'm starting a hobbyist-level woodworking shop in my garage — what are your guys' thoughts around investing in this combo kit? Given how much extra use they'll see (compared to the casual DIYer), do you think it's worth the extra cost for a pro-level tool compared with something like Ryobi?

    I've had my eye on this exact kit (minus the bonus battery) for a few weeks, and it seemed like a good deal without the extra battery, so…

    • My advice is buy second hand (you can sell your second hand tools for the same amount you bought them for if you end up not sticking with the hobby, or want to upgrade), but if you're determined to buy new and are going to be a more serious hobby level then absolutely go the Makita. I can't comment on the quality between this specific model and Ryobi (but I can say Ryobi is overall terrible and I absolutely despise their drills) but you'll absolutely regret getting stuck in the Ryobi cordless line over Makita when it comes to other cordless tools.

      My only exception to this is if you think you might buy cordless electric garden tools and don't want to spend a buttload on Makita ones (you're still probably gonna regret Ryobi for woodworking tho tbh)

      • Also worth considering that you're buying into a battery system more than a tool system. There are third party converters for Makita batteries to suit Ryobi and Ozito tools. Makita tools will always be better than those brands, but you're not necessarily committing to buy every single Makita tool, because as a hobbyist you probably don't need a Makita tool for everything.

        • I'd caution against thinking adaptors are a viable solution depending on what tool it is and how many out of brand tools you'll be using. For example my DeWalt kit is the old style batteries and I have to use adaptors on them all and it is a royal pain in the ass, the adaptors are almost impossible to remove and add a ton of extra bulk and are just generally annoying. For the circular saw it actually limits the functionality of the tool as depth of cut is severely limited because the damn battery is just in the way, also pretty common to have a drill not fit in a tight space because of adaptors. For the odd tool that you have a pretty much permanently attached adaptor it's probably fine (absolutely not if that tool is a drill or circular saw though) but don't go thinking it's fine to buy into this or that line with the intention of just using adaptors for everything, that shit is not fun.

  • +2

    Just bought it this afternoon, now I gotta figure out how to use them.

    • I took a good hard look at myself and realised I didn't really need the impact driver. So I'm selling it off to cover a chunk of the cost of the kit. Selling the bonus battery as well as I don't need 3.

      I picked up a (full price, yikes) Makita multitool that is absolutely awesome. I think I'm going to find projects just so I can use this tool.

  • +1

    Looks like a great kit. Kinda wish I got a brushless kit now. If anyone is considering between brushless vs brushed, I took apart a fence recently with the brushed drill (about 100-200 screws) and had to stop half way as the drill got really hot. Could of pushed on but its probably not good for the drill's longevity.

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