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iPhone 12 64GB $979, 128GB $1,059 + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


For those who missed out on Telstra Day deal, this is MUCH BETTER DEAL as you can combine with discounted gift card(s) for further discount.

Note: This is NOT mini

Was popular even slightly more expensive not long ago https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/648153 and DOES NOT REQUIRE hideous Telstra ID/Account

Free delivery is not available to all areas.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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              • @IamaCam: i think the helpline is operated by HQ

                as opposed to storepeople's discretion but sometimes u get lucky ..

  • +1

    thanks, bought 128gb white using Shopback $1k gift card (paid $914.89 as I had balance) and $59 to JB
    pending $30 shopback cash back

    total after cash back $943.89

    • how often to these SB GC come up? i need to sign up and keep my eye out. got a previous example i can refer to please?

      • +1

        easy process, make sure you use the phone app to purchase gift cards with your credit/debit card then it'll show your pending cash back

        • sorry, I didn't realise it was via phone app only?

      • If you’re signing up to SB as a new member, remember to use a referral link for bonus referral $$.

        The GC offer is current.

        • thanks, I'll check with my family members. please share one just in case they don't use it.

          • @IamaCam: You can click “random” for a random referral link from an ozb member on this page: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/deals/shopback.com.au
            ($10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.)

            (I don’t think sharing of individual links is allowed in forums)

    • Hey mate,

      How did you get a total of $115.11 cash back ? I only found the 3% gift card from JB hifi on shop back. Mind to share ? Cheers

      • +1

        I had accumulated a balance of $85.11 in my Shopback account and they let me use that to pay for the $1k giftcard

        • Ahh, thanks for responding. Unfortunately i have transferred everything I had accumulated to my bank account. I guess the only additional discount I could take advantage of is the 3% JB Hifi Gift card Haha. Cheers

  • +3

    Thanks - jumped on this for the 128gb in Black.

    Used ShopBack gift cards for the first time and was really pleased with the instant delivery.

  • Downvote me all you want but…

    The iPhone 12 base models were not worth it over the pro unless you don’t use the camera ever. This deal puts them in line with what it’s worth, and if you consider new model in one month maybe just ok.

    • +9

      Alternatively the Pro models weren't worth it at all. The camera in the base 12 is fantastic and even reviewers consider the upgraded camera on the 12 Pro not worth the money considering the extra $500-ish you're asked to pay.

      • the stainless steel case gives you premium feel though :)

        • +1

          And heavier! Which for me is a downgrade

  • can we price match at apple and use 15% off apple gift card?

    • no, they price match up to 10%

  • +6

    slightly off topic .. but JBHIFI door to door delivery is very quick ($5 option) .. ordered at noon, arrived at my door just now.

    • i'd rather wait a few days so that my case and screen protector arrive as well lol

  • -1

    Just Curious how people are so happy to not have mini and instead have 12
    FOR EXTRA $292 Precisely $300 (comparing the same Telstra deal of yesterday)..

    What you get for that extra $300 :

    • Lower scores. Refer to Tests section on GSMArena https://bit.ly/3gVfT9q

    • 20grams of extra weight

    • A little bigger screen with lower pixel density and hard to reach corners with one hand

    • Bigger battery. Why not get a $20 power bank that you don't need to carry everyday when you go to office or drive in car 'cause you always have a charging point handy.

    Is it really worth for extra $300?

    You want better media experience on bigger screen?
    Apple official refurbished 11 pro max 256GB https://apple.co/38ySCp8
    6.5 display of very same class
    3969mAh battery (102h endurance rating compared to 84h endurance rating of 12),
    Stainless steel frame,
    800nits of typical brightness (This matters a lot)
    And far better camera system

    This is what looks worth for spending extra.
    Still surprised how people compare..

    • +8

      that link is Apple US price

      • -1

        Thanks for pointing it out @HunterBargainHunter.. My bad.
        However I still find it hard to digest that many of us are willing to pay $300 extra for just a little bigger screen, while loosing some of performance and weight advantage

    • +8

      Because the difference in screen size is significant and also maybe because it's nobody's business but their own?

      • -1

        Screen size looks significant in front of a 4.7 display. Personal choice anyway.
        However if it's nobody's business, there's no point of discussions through comments

    • Battery, that makes a huge difference. Get the saving by going with mini is not a MINI Move after all, it is a big comprise ;)

    • +2

      After seeing this post I regret even more for missing yesterday's offer. I'm not a heavy user and really love my current 6s. The regular size is too large for me. So sad!

    • +1

      Take my vote, I find it hard to justify paying a couple of hundred extra for bigger screen and battery. Though I will say, Telstra website is so poor I couldn’t even buy the mini yesterday, I tried two Telstra accounts, one active too, and still couldn’t get past the constant errors.

      But I don’t wanna spend $900ish for something I should have gotten for $700 ish

    • Where can I get a mini for 679?

  • +1

    Anyone know if this sale is going to be running until Apple's mid-September iPhone 13 launch? Wanted to hold out and see if it's worth waiting for the 13.

    • lol

    • +6

      What do you think?
      With this many upvotes, and deal posted on ozbargain!!??
      You will be lucky to still get one by the end of the week I recon.

      • Because bigger is better for some 😂

      • Fair point. Still, I think that with all of JB and Officework combined, there will definitely be stock left. Going to hold out for the 13 anyway.

  • +2

    spent 40 min on the phone to OfficeWorks to get a price match but it was totally worth it. bought the phone down to $930.05. must have just got in before they matched it (price updated from when she first checked to when we finalised the sale)

  • +3

    Noice, a solid $800~ price protection claim

  • -1

    bought samsung S21 256gb 5g from Telstra yesterday, I would have waited for a day for Iphone12 option. Is anyone like to swap for iphone 12 128gb?
    I know not may would agree with me.

    • +1

      hey I am interested I have sent you a pm.

  • +1

    Ooh thanks for this, just picked one up to upgrade from my Iphone 8 (mainly because I made the mistake of getting 64GB with my 8, not making that mistake again…). Great price and I combined it with gift cards for another 5% off.

  • Great deal but lightning cable. I can't.

  • +1

    Bought 128gb one at $1,006 with 5% discounted gift card through Rewards Gateway. good deal!

  • great

  • +1

    Great deal! Thanks OP. Cheers.

  • +2

    Are apple getting lower than expected sales numbers? I don't recall the 11 going on sale like this before the 12 launched. Or they are just not popular compared to the Pro models? At ~$1000 might get one for mum.

    • iPhone 11 White 64GB was $889 after 10% coupon just after iPhone 12 was released last year

  • +2

    Thanks, gonna give iOS a go after 10+ years on Android

  • +1

    I currently have an iPhone8+ and have been looking to upgrade for a while. Is this deal worth it? Considering that the new iphone will launch soon, will the new iphone launch cause a decrease in the price of the iphone 12 to the point where it's cheaper than the deal or is this as good as it gets?

    • +1

      probably the IP12 ones will go on sale again but I doubt they'll be cheaper than this

  • damn just paid 1248 at Harvey norman

    • +4

      You willingly gave money to Harvey Norman?

      • yah biggest mistake i have ever made. will never do that again

    • +4

      Dont give money to Harvey. Get a refund and buy one from Jb or officeworks.

      • too late bro. Will never buy from them again

    • +1

      They have 30 days price guarantee.

      • just checked it's 7 days and my purchase was on 27 Aug. but thanks anyway

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Finally got one…128 gig blue. Was tossing between getting this or to wait for the 13. The value in this deal was too good to pass. Moving from my 3 year old note 9 which has served me really well. Will be on iOS after being on android for 6 years. Let’s see how it goes.

  • -1

    I had price match with apple online ( AirPods Pro - $296 ) and apple also gave $50 online voucher to use. All you have go bit hard on Apple. ( just say violating ACL ) - they will assign case manager and ask them nicely- what are my options before taking it further to ACCC . It’s works.
    I also gave free engraving ( that’s why bought it from apple direct)

    • So did you price match with Apple for this phone?

  • Anyone know if Harvey Norman does price matching when paying with gift cards? Shopback is doing 7%.

    • It's a NO from Hardly Normal. I've tried price matching via online chat and they deny my request saying it's way below their market value

      • I'm surprised you could even get someone to speak to! I've been trying all since Friday to get hooked up to a person and keep getting the automated response that they're waiting for the next availability. Ended up realising it's not worth it to go through all that trouble just to use up some small balances on leftover vouchers I had and just bought via the JB gift cards instead at a slightly lower discount.

        • It took me 3 days to get a reply via chat. Still consider myself lucky to get a reply at all

  • +3

    I managed to buy t2x 128GB iphones at JB HiFi just a few minutes ago. Stacked another 10% with TCNs HIM card from Target. Overall cost after this discount is $953 per phone

    It was a long process to purchase 25x cards ($100 and $50 denominations only available) at Target (max 10 per transaction). The guy at the register asked me to go around the queue to repeat the purchase twice to complete the purchase.

    And then at JB, i had to swipe all these cards. Thanked the person at the register for their patience.

    Overall i think it is best deal with the TCN HIM card.

    • TCN gift cards had 15% discount about 9 months ago at Coles. But 10% off for already discounted iPhones is a good deal.

      • I got heaps of $250 Coles prepaid credit cards with point earning credit card, then changed most of them into $100 cards when Coles have them on sales, then use them to buy 10% discounted Ultimate gift cards and converted into JBHiFi gift cards (not all stores allow you to do so though), and then will save easily over 20% lol

  • Does anyone have a commercial account with JB-Hi Fi

    Save with commercial customer pricing

    • checked and price is close to rrp lol

  • Really can’t justify spending so much on a phone. Looking at iPhone XR, thoughts?

    • +1

      Wait for 13 launch day to see if it will drop further $100. It is currently $679 at JB for 128 GB capacity.

      • +1

        677 at OW.
        But I think this is the lowest it has been ever since launch

    • Really better off stretching to the 11 if you can, the XR is getting pretty long in the tooth now for a "new" phone.

      Or look at Android, if you actually want value for money.

      • What price we looking at for 11?

        • +1

          Good question, a quick google suggests that there aren't any good prices for new (i.e. starting at $1k at which point you really should just grab one of these iPhone 12s, or try and snag one of the recent iPhone 12 minis instead). I guess in that context, the XR for $679 is not totally horrible (if you really must stick with Apple).

          • @xyron: XR is probably a good start for kids or parents who doesn't need the latest tech

            • @lovepub: At $679 for a new one, that is probably right, but they are quite slow by modern standards and have a pretty crap camera. That being said, even an iPhone XR will get better support with updates than a similarly priced Android…

  • Any idea when this special ends?

    • Look like it’s back to their normal prices now. Officeworks still has the special price for now, I’m guessing won’t last long.

  • +1

    Damn Damn Damn.
    Officeworks back to normal 2, just at the time when I was going to purchase

    here is holding out they will drop closer to the new phone announcement.

    • Wait until boxing day

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