Telstra Day - Delivery Address Issue

Making this thread for those who bought a device during Telstra Day but Telstra messed up their Delivery Address.
I'm seeing I'm not the only one having the issue.
Maybe we can help each other on what steps needed.

My issue:

Bought S21 here
- Address in MyTelstra is correct
- Delivery Address is correct upon submission of order
Dispatch email received showing that Delivery Address is missing my house number, only the street and suburb.
But Invoice in MyTelstra app showing the correct address

Contacted Telstra support about the discrepancy, but I was assured that the address is correct as it will follow the one in the Invoice.

Received a text message that delivery failed
Contacted Telstra again and they confirmed that there's an issue in the delivery address, asked me to contact StarTrack
Contacted StarTrack and they confirmed that Telstra messed up. They cannot leave it to my nearest PO as there is no house number.
Contacted again Telstra and now they are saying that they cannot change the delivery address and they cannot resend the package
- They want me to place a new order instead but with current price (not Telstra Day price), then they will cancel the order.

TL;DR: Bought a phone during Telstra Day, Telstra (profanity) up.

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    I had a similar kind of issue with Vodafone and buying a new device there.

    They stuffed up the shipping label which didn't print out my address correctly, it was just showing the street name, the number was covered up/blurred out. After 3 days of attempted deliveries (supposedly) I had to contact the shipping company and physically go down to their distribution centre and sort it out there providing my name which matched and the address partially matching on my id to get my package. It was a nightmare. Not sure if you'll have that option, probably not with the current restrictions and such

    • Thanks. On my case I called StarTrack, he is very nice and explained to me why they cannot leave it in PO near me.
      I asked him if he can update my address there instead then resend it to me. But he told me that the package is already on the way back to Telstra so no way from his end to stop it.

      So it's all Telstra now unfortunately.

      • -1

        So it's all Telstra now unfortunately.

        That is terrible news.

        It could now take months to sort out…


      I have made a Facebook page "Telstra, where is my phone!? Ozbargain S21"

      Please join so we can discuss and create action for this issue.

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    Good idea

    My situation:
    I was 100% sure my address was correct when reviewing at checkout. The delivery address is completely different (another number and street in the same postcode)

    Called Startrack and they said they couldn't change the address as it was restricted.

    Called Telstra and they said they couldn't change the address since the offer has expired (not sure how the two relate). Their solution was for me to cancel the order, repurchase at whatever price it is now and lodge a dispute.

    Told them yeah nah won't be doing that. They said all they could do was send it to some escalation team and they will investigate the issue. They gave me a reference number and said they will call me back.

    Overall pretty crap experience, but I guess worst case scenario is I can just cancel and get a refund.

  • Weird thing is this is the message I received

    "Hi xxxxx, your Telstra parcel was returned to us because it wasn't collected. Please visit us at and click 'Resend' on your Order ID number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. You can also update your address if you need to."

    It says I can update the address then resend.
    But if you try to resend it will just say "Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page".

    Then Telstra support says they cannot do it on their end? And no way to change the address and resend. How crappy is their system?

    • What an absolute cluster (profanity). Not sure how anyone managed to get their phone delivered

  • Had this issue last time but they were hopeless. Contacted 3-4 times and everyone told me the problem was solved, and then my neighbour gave me the item because it was still delivered to another place.

    • Interesting, I had to show the courier my drivers license…

      Maybe I don't look like someone that can be trusted :-)

      • Me too. I think this is the norm. On My Telstra website it is said that you need to show the id you used for purchase to receive the phone. So if you use Passport instead of drivers license they will need to see it too for security reason. I wasn't home during the delivery but the driver quite nice and just ask my wife to provide him with my license number and he match it with the one listed on his end.

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    I had the same issue where my apartment number was missing from the delivery address.
    6 weeks trying to get a Samsung and 7 x contacts with Telstra via Chat app, 4 x failed deliveries by Startrack which all had to wait for it to go back to Depot for new instructions (1 week round trip on average).

    Telstra via Chat App were unhelpful. Nothing got resolved through them. They weren't able to update my address. Their escalations never resulted in any action or contact back. Upon asking for cancellation, there was no receipt or confirmation of the cancellation other than to "wait 14 days and it will just happen and money will go back into your account". 15 days later, nothing and the parcel was still at Startrack.

    The pain finally ended when I called 13 22 00, spoke to a human who was excellent and resolved my issue and my refund was processed a day or two later. By then, I'd found a better phone deal so just wanted my money back.
    Should have done it sooner, but lesson learnt.

    • I'm in a very similar boat. MIssing unit number on the address:

      Weirdly Telstra order status shows delivered on 8 Sep.

      Star Track says 'In Transit' for the original consignment number, But if you look at the detail it says it's been assigned a new consignment on 14 Sept.

      When you track the new consignment, it says it's been delivered and signed for 16 Sept which I'm assuming is the Telstra Warehouse due to all the restrictions they have in place.

      Ideally, would like my money back at this stage. I'd pay a few hundred bucks not to deal with this in the future. Didn't have the same experience with calling 13 22 00 sadly. Sometimes get people who refuse to check the new tracking number, hang up on me and finally a guy says someone will be in touch and just to wait 7 days and refund will be automatic(I heavily doubt this after reading this thread).


      I have made a Facebook page "Telstra, where is my phone!? Ozbargain S21"

      Please join so we can discuss and create action for this issue.

  • I always send expensive shit to my work address, because it's hard to miss a 15,000 sqm building.

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    Placed an order for my apartment address, and confirmed my address was correct upon checkout. Once order was placed, the delivery address suburb got changed on its own. The order itself got stuck in "hardware delivery failed" state immediately - most likely due to the postcode and suburb no longer matching. The "resend delivery" button took me to a page saying "You are not authorized to view this page"

    Rang up Telstra support yesterday, they told me to wait another day. Rang up Telstra support today, they said to keep waiting, but I told them to investigate why the delivery address is wrong. They insist its correct, but anyway I was able to ask them nicely to change the delivery address (a house address now), and now it's on "In Progress" state.

    So they were able to change the delivery address for my order, but this is before it has even been dispatched.

    • Good for you mate.

      Mine was dispatched already so they say it cannot change anymore.

      • They have a useless address lookup system which doesn't make any sense.

        Maybe if you throw your hands up enough they can escalate it to somebody with more technical knowledge on the backend, it sounds like the support staff don't have the ability to modify an existing address if it is incorrect on their lookup system

  • Always order over the phone.

  • Same issue ordered and called and messaged with no help , worst experience from Telstra and StarTrack ever.

    No one can help me and parcel going to a vacant lot , LOL

  • How can I check whether the delivery address has incorrectly changed? Neither my confirmation email nor my online account shows any information about the order except the fact that I got an S21. The Startrack page doesn't show the delivery address either.

    • Go to and enter your order number, make sure you are signed-in on the top right corner, it will show the intended delivery address

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        Thanks mate, for some reason that page doesn't show me the intended address. I can only see the expected delivery date and a link to tracking on Startrack.

      • It doesn't show intended address too when I tried to track my order

        • you should see that in your confirmation email. there’s a delivery address stated below.

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    Well seems this become a blessing in disguise.
    Canceled my order as I don’t want more headache, then some mate found this wonderful bargain

    Managed to buy S21 128gb for $599. $25 cheaper than the Telstra Day deal which is $624.

    I’ll just hope that Telstra won’t f**k up my refund, else I’ll burn their cell towers. kidding. lol

    • some says there’s an additional $60 fee if you don’t send your trade-in device. So it will be $660 total for 128gb. Will be $36 more expensive now than Telstra Day, but still no more dealing with their s**t.

  • shit show from telstra. how can their address diff on confirmation screen and after checkout
    tech company my ass.

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    Had to cancel and reorder for a different reason (red iPhone EOL). After about 12 hours arguing with them on chat over 2 days they managed to issue a refund for there price difference ($100) to my credit card. Hasn't shown up on my card yet, though. They said 5-7 days. So they can refund the difference if you have to reorder for their stuff up, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort!

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    Having the same issue, contacted Telstra Chat this morning. They confirmed that the unit number was got left off the delivery address.

    They said they would wait until the device gets sent back to Telstra and they would organise a new order again. They estimate it would be another 4 days to get it returned (7 days from initial delivery date). They confirmed they would apply the 50% discount to the new order.

    Included a screenshot of the chat.

    • You're lucky mate. Tried multiple agent but all saying they cannot give me the same discount as Telstra Day.
      So ended up canceling my order, but they said it will only be canceled once item was received back by Telstra.

  • I'm in the same situation as everyone else here where Telstra's system has given my package a different address to what was provided. Telstra chat are not very useful. Has anyone had the phone redirected and actually received it?

    • I have now received a confirmation email from Telstra the order is complete with the incorrect address.

      • same issue here but startrack saying my order is not delivered and need to ask Telstra to organize a return to sender

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    Received a text message that delivery failed
    Contacted Telstra again and they confirmed that there's an issue in the delivery address


    Telstra surely are the most incompetent company in the industrialised world…

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    Cant believe Im also adding to this post lol, but yea just discovered the phone I purchased on Telstra Day is going to the next apartment block down the street!!
    Unbelievable, confirmed all addresses in my Telstra account and order before submitted, and only thought to check it today. Great WTF moment was had.

    Phone is still on backorder and I have had absolutely zero luck with the online chat, they keep telling me they cant update the address at all, as they get a system error when trying to change it.. /facepalm.

    Anyways, they said either try messaging back later, or wait for Startrack to start delivery and call them to change it. Haha I was lost for words.

    First and last time I attempt a phone purchase via Telstra thats for sure. Guess Ill wait and see if I ever get it…sigh

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      Good luck with StarTrack. They know about the issue and only Telstra can authorise a address redirect which they choose not to.

      • Yep not gonna be fun haha. The fun bit will be to see if I can get it changed before the stock arrives in a couple of weeks!

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        The service Telstra is using (Startrack Airlock) doesn't permit any change after pickup, even minor changes. Must be returned to sender and relabeled. :(
        So really, this is all Telstra. Be nice to StarTrack.

        Telstra paid for a premium secure service that doesn't permit fixing errors. Telstra then stuffed up a lot of orders.

        Now we all wait for the process that Telstra paid for to complete….

  • Sharing my experience here as well.

    I ordered the Samsung Galaxy S21 on Telstra day. My order confirmation had a different address.
    I was 100% sure I entered the correct address when I placed my order because when you place an order on your Telstra account, it brings up your residential address. Their system changed the address to an odd address that doesn’t even exist. The random address it was changed to had several digits, and doesn’t even come up with autofill so idk where that came from.

    The next day, when I was tracking the order, I found that StarTrack already delivered it to the weird address, and someone was able to receive it. Take note, it was an airlock item so receiver should have presented a valid ID same as that presented when you placed your order.

    It’s been a hell of 5 days contacting Telstra and StarTrack via the app and via their customer service, getting passed on back and forth and none of them wants to own up with the issue. My case has been escalated to a complaints manager only to end up with a non-resolution. Their “investigation” said the driver asked for an ID and receiver was able to present one (wtfff). StarTrack is saying only Telstra can file the complaint with them. Telstra just sent me a summary of their non-resolution today saying they can’t do anything about it (no refund, won’t send me a replacement unit, they won’t do any further investigation) and that if I have any issue, I can file a complaint with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman!!

    Telstra is trash. Don’t order your units from them if you want to save yourself from all the headache. That discount wasn’t even worth the stress.

    • Wow that's really messed up, sorry to hear :(
      We're certain their address lookup system is flawed, even when you try change your residential address in your Telstra MyServices profile it has the same problem. But it only affects some addresses

      • +1

        Agreed. There seems to a big disconnect between call centres and people responsible in Australia.

  • Is there anyway we can make this heard publicly like Tweet that can be re-shared so it will be actioned by Telstra?

    Telstra App chat won't be abl to help you.
    Their complaint manager will still insist on blaming you.

    I think making this publicly heard will make them somehow do some proper actions.

    • Do a complaint to CEO via below link. I have heard that this actually getting looked at and seems to be only option to get their attention-

      • Might also be worth providing the consultant you are speaking with a URL to this thread so they know it’s not a isolated issue.

  • I also spent multiple days and hours trying to fix this.
    Telstra stuffed up my delivery address and star track delivered to the address that was written on the package.
    Even though, the guy at the wrong address didn't have my ID, they managed to receive the parcel. what the (profanity).
    Luckily I drove to the place and he was happy to give me the parcel.

    • This is really a big mess up.

      Companies now can easily get away with their mistakes. It's just disappointing that the Australian Companies are moving backwards in services provided and customer support.

      Even if Telstra knows their mistake, they will still insist that it is the customer's fault and pretend you're the only case that they have.

  • -1

    Seems like a scam to me, get you to do a bunch of orders on telstra day only to not happen then to reorder later at inflated prices….

  • How's everyone going with this?

    • I just got a call that all they can do with my order is to give a refund only. They can't resend the item with the correct address and I can't put a new order in with the same discount as it is no longer available. Just BS.

      • wow that is so BS.
        After wasting and stressing over it for so long

      • You would expect better from an ASX100. Did you speak with the Australian complaints team?

        • Today's call actually came from the Telstra complaints team as when i first found out about the situation i put a complaint in as the delivery address they used with startrack was missing the house number compared to the address they have on record. I was intially told by an agent that once the device has been received back they will resend the item with the correct address. But the call i got today from the complaints team said that the previous agent gave me the wrong information and that a refund is all they can do and cannot find another solution for me to get this item, after i suggested a few simple solutions. If i wanted to go further he was suggesting to file a complaint to the TIO.

          • @crazyasianmonkey: That's pretty ridiculous they're unable to escalate and overwrite the pricing on a new order to honour the promotion given their mistake.

            • @PcisT: This doesn't sound assuring. What horrible service.

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    I wouldn't expect this from a dodgy company let alone Telstra. I was lucky enough to have the correct address in the delivery and they still managed to stuff it up. I got a message last Wednesday from Telstra saying that the phone had been delivered but it never came. When I contacted Telstra, it took me 40 mins for them to understand that I didn't have the phone. They kept saying "I can see the phone number associated with the phone is active", its like they never thought someone would be using the number and old sim before the phone arrived.

    Anyway they said they would open up an investigation which usually takes 72 hours and its nearly a week later and I still haven't heard anything. What we are asking for is simple things that a startup company gets right. It shouldn't be this hard to order a product, get the delivery address right and update delivery details if needed. I have no trust in Telstra after this.

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    Oh man, just found this thread and looks like I'm not the only one getting gaslit by Telstra.

    I was lucky enough to get in the first 5 minutes of orders, at 1:06am.
    I ordered to a street address with a unit number yet the confirmation email has the Building Name but no unit number (I didn't notice this until after the fact).
    I get the failed notice because there's no unit number, I contact Startrack who can't even ADD the unit number in because Telstra restricts the address.
    I call Telstra who tell me there is nothing they can do because the order is in progress.
    While I am on the phone to Telstra, I get the text message saying "there was a problem and your phone is back with Telstra".
    I tell the operator this on the phone and they were like - no it's not, your order is in progress and we can't change anything.
    The text says I can change or redirect the address but kept getting that "you are not authorised to access this page".
    I get told to sit tight and maybe it will update the next day.

    I get on chat the next day and tell them I want to change the address to a different address entirely.
    After some back and forward it's sorted.
    Then I get the message the phone is now on backorder. Which is frigging annoying because I'm like - just slap a new label on it ffs and send it back to me.

    I leave it a week, I don't get a shipping notice - I have just moved and so I got back on the the chat to them to send it back to the FIRST address making sure I tell them the unit number. I once again get told that they can't change anything because the order is in progress. I stood my ground and said that was ridiculous - half an hour later, chat comes back to me and confirms my address has been changed again.

    TLDR… I've managed to change my address twice since the original error (that they blame on me but clearly I'm not the only person who ended up with a messed up address).

    Also - I get the distinct impression as this was a web deal; it may be best to interact through the app chat or similar as when I called, the woman told me she couldn't access certain systems.
    I'm a Telstra gold customer (supposed "premium" support?) and I used the text message style chat under the "get help" in the app.

    • Did you manged to fix your address? After more than 20 days contacting them everything and was told address fixed but still unit is missing. Order moved to now back order and address still wrong. Horrible.

      • +1

        Still on back order for me so no idea if they got it right on the last change.

      • +4

        After 18 days with Startrack, the package was delivered back to Telstra warehouse. Next I hear from Telstra chat that it has gone back to Samsung (though multiple reps on phone and online chat confirmed that the address can be changed and redelivered from warehouse) and I've been put on backorder and that I need to cancel and create a new order. But I could not cancel until the order progresses!!!
        I finally raised a complaint and someone from the complaints department called me. I said I just want to cancel and refund, so he said he's put that in and I should have the refund in 3-5 days. Once done, he said I can reorder with the current price and they'll be able to put in a discount as earlier. I don't think I'm going to reorder though. Have had enough headaches and do not want to deal with them again.

        • +2

          Same, i filed a complaint, got asked to cancel but would lose my discount, i guess i could of pushed it further but at that point i was wasn't confident with telstra anymore. At this point, i'm just hoping the refund will happen sooner rather than later.

          • +1

            @frankfu1122: 4 times of failed deliveries due to address issue, I also filed a complaint as well. The phone is still in startrack process centre and I am waiting to the phone to return to telstra. Then I can get my refund organised. This is a disaster.

            • @Jieke2010: In my case, startrack had already returned the phone to telstra.

        • Purchase on Samsung would be way cheaper. $399 for 128GB and $499 for 256GB (after bonus and voucher).

        • Did you get order cancelled and the money refunded?

          • @Jieke2010: Just checked my credit card statement. Got my money back already.

            • @frankfu1122: Good to hear that.

            • @frankfu1122: Hopefully they were fast in giving back the refund? How many days did it take?

              • +1

                @ozprash: It took about 3 days which was a complete surprise to me. I did file 2 complaints though not sure if that actually expedited anything.

      • +3

        I don't think the address can be fixed as I tried 4 times. Still missing my unit number.

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    Yep same here. Placed an order, some weird strata like address were shown with some masked characters (i thought it was for privacy reasons) but little did I know, that it didn't contain my house number.

    Spoke with Telstra a few times and was told I had to wait for the "order to complete, and for them to replace the order". I asked for a complaint case to be opened. They opened one and told me someone will get back to me within 24 hours but that hasn't happened yet.

    This is poor customer service and I've been with Telstra for more than a decade.

  • My s21 256 has been placed on back order as they are apparently out of stock again.. next shipment to arrive 30/9… wtf telstra.

    • +1

      If you have an old phone to trade-in, and those codes to use, better cancel the telstra deal and just buy from here

      • Yeah, just went with this. Got an Ultra for 869, compared to S21 for 679 in this deal. Telstra, never again!

  • +2

    As I am still going through the same issues with Telstra… I am sat here hypothesizing if this some kind of blatant tactic to "hit" a quarterly sales target. Keep shareholders happy.

    Oh well. I'm never dealing with Telstra again.

  • Not really a delivery problem but just wondering if anyone else is still waiting for their iPhone 12 mini?

    Almost 2 months on back order now for me.


    • +1

      Just request a refund IMHO. I bought s21 on Telstra day and confirmed my address 6 times afterwards and now they said they lost my package…

  • Same problem here, some random address was populated, completely different street name and number, only the suburb was right. Immediately contacted chat when I saw the purchase confirmation with the wrong address, and they blamed me. WTF. Said someone will contact me before it is dispatched, so they can correct. Liar, no one did, 2 days later got a message of failed delivery and it will be returned to their depot…

    • You're in for a rough ride! I ordered on 02-Sep, after all the to-and-fro, cancelled the order on 24th Sep. Still waiting for my refund!

      • +1

        I was somewhat more fortunate. After it came back to depot, I was given the option to update the delivery address, so was able to get the phone in the end.

  • Faced the same issue with missing unit number but the delivery guy just called me and handed it over, so luckily had no issues

  • +4

    In the same boat. After more than a month, 10 different cases, 1 complaint, 2 chats with local Telstra store and even Twitter chat, I still did not get the phone!
    As someone alluded to here, maybe they this Telstra Day deal was clickbait to hit some sales targets or use our money for cash flow! LOL
    In my case phone support recommended that since they could not fix the address on the Telstra Day order, one of the options was to place a 'normal' order online to get the phone and they'll refund the money from the second order … guess what - second order was sent to the wrong address as well!
    Now I am just waiting for refund of 1.5 S21 worth of A$ - 1248 + 624! Telstra appears to have some real cashflow problems .. lol!
    Atleast I know I gave them more than ample opportunities and patience to fix their mistake … will be closing my Telstra account as soon as I receive my refund and never giving them any business ever again! Lesson learnt.

    • +2

      I was provided the same option of reordering and them providing a discount. I denied and asked for a refund. Now they're dilly-dallying on the refund, been 10 days already. Every department is inept and slow, and their customer service/chat agents outright provide wrong info.

  • +3

    I'm livid.

    They updated my delivery address to across the road to another apartment block, with no unit number, so even if they did try to deliver it, they wouldn't know who to deliver it to

    Now Startrack have sent it back and they tell me to cancel and reorder, but I only wanted the phone at half price.

    First and last time to ever deal with Telstra. Absolute shambles.

  • +1

    After more than one months fiasco, I am still waiting for the answer to cancel my order and the refund after that. Never never never ordered anything from telstra day!

  • +2

    I can't believe that some issues are still not resolved after a month. It's good decision then to cancel my order quickly after they f****d up.

    And now we have another round of this this month.
    Let's see what mess will Telstra introduce next.

    • You got it right mate.

      Lots of people will be having this issue soon.

      I'm the first one.

  • +1

    If this is happening to so many of us OzB members, does this need to be brought to the attention of the mods to help prevent grief to more mates? Is there a way to do that?

  • I just joined the club gang.

    Ordered iPhone 12 Pro in Telstra Day today at 1:05am and received confirmation email with completely wrong address.

    Chat with Telstra expert at 1:30am to sort this out and he said the address cannot be changed. This is unbelievable.

    He said I can just walk in Telstra store and pick up the device, even with my order still being progress to the wrong address.


    • +3

      You won’t be able to that - the advice is wrong.

    • mate, unfortunately Telstra gonna hold your money for a while…

    • +2

      I would rather ask a stranger on OB for advice than trust a thing the Telstra chat rep says (speaking from experience).

  • So I also ordered 2 x S21's 256gig on last month's Telstra day and haven't received one phone. Countless hours wasted trying to get an estimated dispatch date, they can't or wont provide.

    They sent both separate orders to a closed business in my suburb (not what was on my Telstra profile or the order confirmation). The first order the Startrack driver allowed me to intercept at the depot before it was returned. The 2nd phone, same issue, sent to the same wrong address and delivery failed and they wouldn't re-address or allow pick up from depot.

    Now Telstra tell me no phones in stock and they will update when it arrives in stock, it has now been over a month >.<

    I now understand why I probably will never use Telstra, they're useless.


    • It finally arrived 5+ weeks after placing order.

  • +2

    With so many bungle ups at Telstra, primary cause being Delivery Address Issue, is there a way to report it to someone higher up at Telstra and a regulator of some sorts?

    • +2

      I bet they just dont care :|

  • Finally I got my refund.