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Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Wireless Mouse $55.86 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Wireless going for the previous low of $60

First listing so please let me know if I have done something wrong

Mod Update 17th Sept: Dropped to $55.86

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Different seller slightly cheaper, $58.74 from eVisionAU

    • +20

      I'd pay the extra $1 for the peace of mind that it's from Amazon.

      • Wouldnt the different seller still be eligible for the hassle free amazon returns?

        • +1

          I don't think so since it's both sold and fulfilled by the different seller, rather than sold by the different seller but fulfilled by Amazon.

          • @Void: Currently, there is no difference between buying from eVision and the other sellers as it seems they all "ship from" and are "sold by" the sellers.

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    This is a good mouse. I normal go with Logitech, have for years, but this was enough to make me change and consider the higher end Razer products that I used to consider more style than performance.

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      I'm tossing up getting a Basilisk Ultimate to replace my wired G502. They appear to be very similar shapes + weight

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        I personally have the Razer Basilisk V2. It is also around half price at $70. The paracord makes the cord not noticeable and negates all the clutter around the cord :P

        • The cable is alright.

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        I can't say exactly why but I prefer this over the G502. I think it's the shape, it's more rounded and the little thumb rest/board

        • It feels great to me. When trying the G502 I just didn't like it. The soft thumb rest and overall feel is just awesome (i have a palm grip)

  • Tempted even though I have an MX master.

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      It's Amazon, you can always try it and then send it back for a refund if you don't like it.

    • I have both and use this for gaming, it's much lighter and still feels good in the hand. Not rechargeable though so have a couple of enloops handy. But the batt lasts a long time.

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    Great mouse at this price. I have this and a logitech MX master 3 and I prefer this even doing productivity work.

    I will say that from time to time the connection drops and I need to yank the battery and put it back in.

    • When using Bluetooth or the receiver?

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    Had this for a year or so, now it is very inconsistent when holding down left click. E.g. I'd drag and drop something but it drops early which is very frustrating. Anyone have any ideas?

    • I've got the same issue. I'm gonna try change the switches in the coming days to maybe see if that helps.

    • If you do not need wireless I would definitely spend the extra $17 on the wired V2. It is the same as the ultimate and the paracord does not feed like there is anything attached

    • Same here. I think it happens when the battery is low. Very frustrating indeeed especially low battery warning pops up every second week.

    • Having this issue with my right mouse button. Razer refused to deal with it because even though i got it via Amazon, it was fulfilled by Online Centre. Contacted OC and they said they'll contact Razer Au about it. Has been nearly 3 weeks since I've heard from them

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    Had this for a year now and I love it. That thumb rest is such a great design feature, I only wish now that it was slightly bigger.

  • Comes with free 0day!

  • Showing up as 65.44 for me

    • Looks like Amazon stock sold out - Edit: Back with Prime amazon but increased to $68.70

      What do I do… do I update the description (this is my first post)

  • I paid $77 including shipping just days ago. Damn…..

  • are those good for gaming? or not really?

    • It's fine. Even the Bluetooth connection is solid but use the 2.4GHz dongle and I haven't noticed any lag.

      This is a handy mouse to switch easily between your personal laptop (dongle) and work laptop (Bluetooth).

      I originally bought it for my laptop a year ago but WFH has meant I've used it more in Bluetooth for work. One AA lasts ages.

      • Try a disposable lithium AA.

        It'll last 3 times as long, and be lighter!

        Most people with these 3d print AAA to AA adaptors, and use lithium AAA's to save weight.

        • This mouse is pretty damn light as it is lol

          • @Subere: Thats subjective, it's close to 100g. Moat lightweight gaming mice are around the 50g mark.

            You're lucky that you don't notice, some people are excessively sensitive to weight when doing flick shots.

  • +1

    Back on sale for $61 delivered. Such a good mouse i've bought another one. Battery life is quite ridiculously good. Use mine at work and it is brilliant.This one will be for home/gaming. Highly recommended.

    • Does it have a corded option?

      • Not this model no, its AA batteries only.

  • My one broke after a year and half. Lucky I bought it through Amazon. They still accepted the return.

    • Wow did they replace it or refund?

      • Refunded. And I got myself a logitech g603 which is a much more superior mouse.

        • The logitech does look nicer but more expensive too at 99aud

          • @emboon: If you can hold out, it does go on sale. I got mine for $73

  • 2 left in stock for $61.17 delivered

  • How well do these go on Bluetooth ?

    Iv got a Mx 2s anywhere, that's my current Bluetooth mouse with goes great

    • Tried mine when I lost my receiver dongle. Found it significantly worse

  • not sure about using AA batteries…
    is it worth getting the rechargable one?

    • I think the advantage of the AA's is worth it.

      There have been tens of times mid gaming where mouse has been low, and slapping a new cell in, takes seconds.

      I just keep 4 rechargeable AA's on rotation.

    • I used to use this one with bunch of rechargable batteries. When it is on low battery, I'd just take the battery out and change it, charge the one I've taken out.
      You can even use an adapter (AAA to AA), which is just a plastic housing with a metal bit sticking out, or if you are truly concerned with weight, crunched up aluminum foil.

    • +1

      I thought the same thing when I bought this mouse. I too would usually rather have an in-built battery which I can recharge - After purchasing this mouse, I was surprised at what I found.

      I'll give an overview of the battery life and my additional thoughts and experiences with this mouse. Hopefully this will help you and others reading this make a decision on the mouse.

      This was my first ever wireless mouse. The main thing I was skeptical about was the battery life - And considering this was a 16000DPI gaming mouse, I expected to have to change batteries quite often.

      I've owned the mouse for about 2 months now and the option to switch between the 2.4GHz and Bluetooth slider is something that helps myself save a lot of battery.

      Essentially, the Bluetooth mode works as a 'Power Saving Mode', and works really well when you want to take a break from the gaming and do some productive work. Bluetooth mode works perfectly fine for this and saves a LOT of battery at the same time.

      Within these 2 months of usage (Using both 2.4GHz and Bluetooth) I've lost only 15% of battery life.

      Considering this gaming mouse uses a single AA battery, I find this is excellent battery performance and matches those work-oriented Logitech mice.

      Additionally, this mouse is very ergonomic and the thumb rest is snug and fits my hand perfectly. The build is proper and defies the pessimistic stereotypes which are often correlated with this brand.

      • If you are using it as a work device, you probably could reduce the polling rate to 125hz, which would increase the battery life.
        I think MX Master 3 is 125hz (and so I am guessing for a work environment reducing the polling rate isn't going to be detrimental?)

        • +1

          Bluetooth mode uses 125Hz, hence why I said it's essentially a 'Power Saving Mode'

          • @Zackeroo: Ohhhh, that makes a lot of sense :)

            Then I might just add slight caveat that you can do it with the Razer program as well with the USB dongle.

            • +1

              @iridiumstem: Yea you're able to change the polling rate with the USB dongle. 125, 500 & 1000 polling rate options are available.

              When you're on Bluetooth, the only option available is 125Hz and it doesn't even tell you that normally. I had to do a bit of research to find that out

              • @Zackeroo: There are a number of USB controllers that have strange and random stutter when polling at 1000hz also; basically everything i own is at 500hz.

                i was competing in competitive gaming back in the 90's with 125hz, I genuinely noticed the difference moving to 250hz. But 500hz+ is very 'samey'.

                Naturally, tests show a slight advantage at 1000hz; but with a game at 60fps, anything below 16ms isnt even 1 frame.


                8ms at 120fps.

                My mouse doesnt need to be much more than my screen refresh rate to feel 'precise'.

  • I've had an average experience with this mouse:
    - My unit has/developed a squeaky left click and there is a slight rattle when shaking the mouse. This goes away when placing (not pressing down to activate a click) my left finger on the left click.
    - I've been using Eneloop AAAs in a AA carrier and have been getting between 2-3 weeks of using, switching between 2.4gz and Bluetooth, probably about 50:50.
    - Top cover for battery compartment can get loose sometimes during gaming (sweaty palm gamer) with the magnets holding it in place not strong enough. Probably could be fixed with mashing some paper somewhere.
    - Aside from that, decent mouse, was using a Logitech G502 before and this has a very similar shape.
    Just got a Razer Orochi v2 in it's place to see if it's any better.

  • Back in stock for $59.33 shipped and sold by AmazonAU. Price match/beat at Officeworks for $56.40

  • +1

    $55.21 now

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