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Free Courses: Intro to Python/R/SQL @ Datacamp


For a limited time, our three most popular courses are completely free! This is a great opportunity to develop your data skills and prepare yourself for the future of work.

These courses are only free until Sept 12—start learning today.

Introduction to Python
Introduction to R
Introduction to SQL

I ended up on Datacamp's mailing list after I completed the Python course the last time it was free. I really enjoyed the format of these courses, they encourage you to try out the code as soon as you learn it which is great. As a bonus, there's surprisingly little spam on this mailing list.

This time around I'm going to learn R. Have fun.

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  • +33

    Introduction to R

    Good deal for pirates…

    • +16

      People think a pirates favourite letter is the R, but it's really the C.
      I'll see myself out. Happy father's Day in advance😀

    • Aye aye matey

  • +11

    Introduction to Python

    Good deal for snakecharmers

  • +1

    Just to confirm, these courses are free for 8 more days?

  • +13

    Introduction to SQL

    Good deal for movie makers

    • wow! thanks

  • +7

    So after 8 days you won't have access anymore? or just need to register within 8 days?

    • +2

      That is what I was trying to determine. Do we have 8 days to register and access and then have perpetual access to the course, or do we have 8 days to complete the course?

    • I could be wrong, but when I did the Python course I couldn't get into it at all outside of the free period.

  • +1

    The introduction to python course is used in an early business analytics unit at the University of Sydney

    • +2

      Great that uni’s are using Python in their courses these days. I used to have to learn C++ 😭

  • It seems like only the first chapters are free for these courses.

  • I started the Python course as an absolute noob to coding (never coded anything) and I'm finding it a little difficult about a 45mins in. Think the course assumes a bit of knowledge from the audience. Please tell me if I'm wrong.

    • You’re wrong

      • +1

        Then I'm an idiot

        • It's alright mate, takes everyone a different amount of time to get the hang of this stuff. Keep at it with the examples and even try to play around a bit by just trying out stuff random stuff (regardless if you think it would be useless or not).

          • +1

            @daiwik: Thanks mate. I just struggled a bit because the course didn't really explain some things to me like for example, what string or boolean means but I need to start using it in the exercises straight away. Also it never really explains what actually causes the syntax errors like if I don't don't the spacing right then I'll get an error. There are some other things too but I'll keep working at it.

  • R it is..

  • I can't start chapter 2, requires premium membership?

  • Well, I did all 3 cos, well, why not.

    R was interesting. It definitely works well at making multi-value maths simpler.

    Python's Numpy seems very much like it.

    SQL course was ok. Thank GOD for copy+paste, though. Without it I'd've gone rather mad.

    The editor was irritating at times. I found its closing of quotes and brackets more of a distraction and hinderance than a help.

  • I really rate this. I've stopped-started data science courses in the past but as a newbie I've pulled the plug when things got too tough.

    I just completed the Intro to SQL course and everything seemed to make sense straight away (maybe it's just me but I'll credit it to the explanation, examples and exercises).

    You'll get an offer for a reduced annual fee from USD$399 to USD$99, which I am considering. Of course this was their marketing tactic all along, but if this format resonates with the user much more than other courses, books, or YouTube then it may be worth it for some.

    • You'll get an offer for a reduced annual fee from USD$399 to USD$99, which I am considering

      I think my offer was higher but it may have been in AUD. That said I didn't take it. It was on a very short timeout (now expired) and I loathe that kind of sales tactic. It's, IMO, akin to being told that if you walk out of a shop the bargain just offered will be gone.

  • Seems it's free perpetually now?