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Neewer 660 RGB LED Light with APP Control, 660 SMD LEDs CRI95 US$56.22 (~A$85.88) Delivered @ NEEWER AliExpress

  1. Battery is NOT Included.

2.You need to download the Neewer app first to control the light, and the app control distance can not exceed 10m (It refers to the control distance after the lamp has been connected to the app).

3.Table Clamp Opening Width: 2.4-3.1 inches/6.2-8 centimeters. Please measure the thickness of your table before order.


660 RGB LED Video Light

Made of excellent quality aluminum alloy showing simple elegant appearance and excellent heat dissipation.

U-mount bracket enables the photographers to adjust the lighting angle according to the shooting environment

Attaching barn doors make light sources create a beam spread of light; Comes with a white diffuser to soften the harsh light and a carrying bag to store the light and accessories.

Material: Metal

Model: RGB660

LED Beads Quantity: 320 RGB bulbs,170 Cool color beads and 170 Warm color beads

CRI: 95+

Color: RGB+Bi-COLOR (cool color+warm color)

LUX: 4800 LUX/0.5M, 1500 LUX/M

Color temperature: 3200-5600K(±100K)

Input Voltage: DC12-15V

Power: 40w

Size: 23.2x20x5centimeters/9.14x7.89x1.97 inches

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  • 2.You need to download the Neewer app first to control the light,

    You don't need the app to control the lights, you can control them from the panel on the back completely fine.

    Decent lights, good for a video/photography setup.

    • 2.You need to download the Neewer app first to control the light,

      Yeah I just copy/paste from the description blurb, but to access the "fancy features" like police strobe, party lights sequences etc, you do need the app AFAIK.

      • +1

        Even for the fancy features, you can use it from the panels at the back. I have set of 2 of these lights and they are good.

        • Good to know. Looking forward to receiving the lights. I am led to believe they are half the intensity on battery power compared to 240v, is that correct?

  • I just bought the non-RGB model of this https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B082MHT4CX/ a few days ago from Amazon.com.au for AUD$93 - arrived the other day - very bright and solid unit. Just the C-clamp light stand I bought https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B094D5WWPK/ to pair it with had a tripod head and not light stand spigot to attach this light on so waiting for the adaptor I ordered to arrive.

    Note power says 40W, but my Power-Mate power meter measured a peak of 45W if that matters for some.

    Yeah don't need app, can control everything from the back of the panel.

    • +1

      I have both RGB and the Bi-Colour versions and each has its strengths. If someone is looking for the brightest lights then the Bi-Colour is the way to go as the RGB is not as bright as it has far less dedicated white leds (and you don't want to create white using RGB leds for many reasons).

      If you need accent coloured lights, effect lights etc these RGB work a treat..

      Both types are small, compact and decently powered for their size. I love that they use economical sony style batteries you can pick up on amazon easily and you don't have to have cables along a floor that people can trip.

      For those who have never used such lights a few caveats:

      Compared to mains powered ones, they can be seen as being quite weak. Depending on the use, might not be an issue, but if you need to use one as a bounce, or add extra diffusion it might not be bright enough. Being bicolour, the brightest point is at around 4400K (from what I recall) when each led is illuminated at 100%. If you need sunlight (5600K) then the brightness will decrease as some leds need to be dimmed.

      Lastly, and this is a bit of a weird one, compared to my mains powered lights, I find the light purity from these feels to be lower than my dedicated 5600k lights and its only when you compare side by side you notice it.

      • Yes 4400K is where my Power-Mate meter measured highest power draw at 45W. At 5600K, power draw is much lower at 30W so yeah not as bright it seems.

        Thanks for the RGB vs Bi-Color info, guess I chose correctly for my use then :)

        My one came with a 12V/5A 60W AC power adapter Neewer branded so can power it from that. Like that it has optional battery support too. Best of both worlds!

    • I went on amazon and it's appearing at 109aud for me. Do you think the bi colour is worth it at that price?

  • +2

    can't deliver to Australia :(

    • Yeap, can’t select to ship from China.

    • Same for me. I think the deal has expired. No more stock from China/Aus to deliver to Australia.

      • Yeah sorry folks. OOS from Singapore warehouse by the looks of it.

  • +1

    It's available in australia for $73 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000419291307.html :)
    Note that this is a 480 led model, not 660 though, The images look identical and only found that in the description

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