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86 400 (NAB) Home Loan from 1.85% Fixed 3yrs + 85% LVR NO LMI + $2000 Cashback

$2,000 cashback

Applies to ALL refinance or purchases – not just First Home Buyers
Owner or Investor
$250k+ loan
Offset Package product only

85% no LMI

Applies to ALL refinance or purchases – not just First Home Buyers
Owner Occupied P&I ONLY
Available on both NEAT (Basic product) and OWN (package product)
Can still do 35 year loan term for Purchases

86400 (owned by NAB) rates

Owner Occupied P&I:

2 Year Fixed Own home loan = 1.89% (2.51% CPR)
3 Year Fixed Own home loan = 1.85% (2.47% CPR)

Variable OWN home loan (with 100% offset):
2.29% pa (2.58% CPR) <60% LVR
2.44% pa (2.73% CPR) <80% LVR

Basic NEAT home loan variable (no offset):
2.09% pa (2.10% CPR) <60% LVR
2.29% pa (2.30% CPR) <70% LVR
2.34% pa (2.35% CPR)<80% LVR

Investment P&I:

2 Year Fixed Own home loan = 2.19% (2.81% CPR)
3 Year Fixed Own home loan = 2.14% (2.76% CPR)
IO fix 2-3yrs 2.39% (2.80% CPR)

Variable OWN P&I (with 100% offset):
2.59% pa (2.87% CPR)<60% LVR
2.69% pa (2.97% CPR)<70% LVR
2.79% pa (3.07% CPR)<80% LVR
IO + 0.2%

Variable NEAT P&I (no offset):
<60% LVR = 2.39% pa (2.40% CPR)
<70% LVR = 2.49% pa (2.50% CPR)
<80% LVR = 2.59% pa (2.60% CPR)
IO + 0.2%

Other lenders up to $6000 cashback - we can match any lender offer you see online or Ozbargain

$6,000 (up to) cashback PURCHASE OR REFI Citibank, fixed 2yr 1.89%, 3yr 1.99%.
$3,000 cashback PER APPLICATION - ING fixed 2yr 1.84%
$3,000 cashback refi St George, fixed 2yr 1.79%, 85%LVR no LMI
$3,000 cashback refi Westpac, variable from 1.99% no annual
and contact us for more

PLUS up to 0.4% ie $4000 broker rebate per loan (on top of bank cashback, available via broker only, not via the bank)

In ADDITION to bank rebates, we have 0.3% - 0.4% broker rebate (based on net of offset/redraw ie balance owing) for ANY bank or product. (Loans >$250k paid as eGift cards from any retailer of your choice 50/50 at 2 and 24 months after settlement).

For example:
$300k x 0.3% = $900 Broker rebate
$500k x 0.3% = $1,500 Broker rebate
$1m x 0.4% = $4,000 Broker rebate

Contact Us for this offer

Please email [email protected] at first instance and we will reply ASAP.
Missed calls and OzB messages may get delayed.
If you don't get email reply within 24-48hrs (some emails go into our spam), pls call us or text us.

Bundle Property Home Loans
Please email [email protected] at first instance and we will reply ASAP.
T: (02) 9698 7186
M: 0422354868
ACL 445947

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  • +1

    Is no LMI for a 15% deposit something that is commonly offered?

    • +1

      From my experience it's usually closer to 20%

      • +4

        Isn’t LMI for all loans with sub 20% deposit? Or are you saying you’ve seen no LMI 17.5 for example

        • +6

          So usually LMI is payable on anything less than 20% - in this case it's 15% :)

        • There are lenders that allow up to 90% LVR with no LMI - you don't have to be a first home buyer either

        • Generally you have to get LMI if you have less than 20% deposit. It's just insurance for the bank. If you get someone to go guarantor you can avoid LMI under 20% of a deposit. Never seen places offer no LMI under 20% though pretty sure the GOV stepped in last year for 1st home owners offering to basically cover LMI instead of the customer.

          • @Damannation: There are plenty that offer no LMI with 15% deposit - don't have to be First Home Buyer either

      • it ramps off a lot the closer to 20% you get. I'd assume they're just eating the cost since they're also literally giving away money.

    • +9

      Very rare. Only St George does 85% no LMI for purchase of first home buyer.
      But this offer is for purch OR refi, and does not have to be first home buyer.

      • +3

        Well that's just not true - there are other lenders that have no LMI at 85% LVR yes even for non FHB

        • +1

          This is very true. Not sure why negged
          Plus if you work in some well paid jobs doctors for example you can borrow upto 95% with LMI waived

      • Citibank and Bluestone both do 85% no LMI. BankFirst does 85% no LMI for all education and healthcare workers. St George isn't the only bank.

    • +1

      If you're a doctor, lawyer, professional athlete or a high paying profession. Your LMI gets waived


    • -1

      is LMI really that bad an idea?

      • +3

        It's just an additional cost on your purchase, and it doesn't protect you - it protects the bank. However, if the alternative to LMI is continuing to pay rent for a long time while you save extra deposit, the amount you burn in rent may end up being the same or more as what you'd have paid in LMI.

  • Any idea what the turnaround time is for final loan approval with NAB ar the moment?

    • +3

      I just got my approval from 86400 within 3 business days of our broker submitting, and us having provide all the details.

      • +2

        That’s rather impressive.

      • +2

        That's amazing. I still have nightmares regarding our last foray with St. George. Took us 2 months to get a pre-approval.

  • Already with NAB but need to restructure my loan, would like to stay with them. Currently have my mortgage split into a fixed & variable with offset/redraw. Any package?

    • Can get $2k cashback if you refi from NAB, but will have to move across to 86 400

      • +1

        Is the cashback $2k only for one property?
        Can get 2k for each owner occupied and investment both loan over $300k?

    • +1

      I'm with NAB with 1yr left on a fixed rate with same setup as you Johny. I'm also small fry with under $300k mortgage. I rang NAB direct to ask if they can do me any cashback deals as I hate the drama of changing banks but will if the price is right. My rate break fee was under $300, so not too horrendous. To my surprise the bank said I'm eligible for $2k cashback AND they offered me 1.89 for 2 years if I refix. This way I get the full money, don't have to pay exit discharge fees and new bank valuation/setup fees or prove how much I earn/spend.

      Best deal I've ever had.

      • Cheers, it would be nice if they made me aware of this when I spoke to them. I'll definitely chase up the cashback offer before I finalise anything, ideally I'd also like to stick with them as it's the only bank I've ever had an account with but will definitely look at other options if they don't offer anything. Thanks again

  • Am with NAB at the moment. Is there a way to get this rate as an existing customer? Fixed rate term is coming up and would like to renew with something like this rate

    • Can get $2k cashback if you refi from NAB, but will have to move across to 86 400

      • I am also with NAB on a 100% variable rate and would like to move to a fixed-rate structure. What is this 86 400?

        • It's a subsidiary, kind of like what ubank is

          • +1

            @buckster: Thanks mate!

          • @buckster: They finally ran out of domain names hey? 86400?!?!

            • @Gallifr3y: they bought a bank with a stupid name. they also own ubank.

              • @chickenface: Just to say that the name 86400 (name of the bank) denotes that there are 86400 seconds in a day and they are helping australians be in control of their money every second of the day it seems ..

                But it should be understandable by most of the people be get used to that name .. a lot of stupid people like me :P..

                So, not a stupid name but not a clever name if you take into consideration half the people i know are not actually tech savvy or good with numbers ..

                • @iamprabhath: too clever by half

                • +1

                  @iamprabhath: A bit of a poor name if you ask me as most people will not relate to it unless it is explained to them, and now that it's understood I think it's cheesy.

                  Anyway it's hard to come up with a name.

                • @iamprabhath: 86400 is a true neo bank. So targeted for Millenials. They are tech savvy. Sure this name would not be suited for majority of the old people like me ;)
                  But the target market is different with 86 400 and it might work for them.

            • @Gallifr3y: Number of seconds in a day

  • Currently with Westpac - planning to stay with them - any chance that you'll be able to negotiate / refinance with them for better deal?


    • Same. They seem to be the first one to raise rates when interest rate increases and they tend to be uncompetitive amongst the big banks. I'm planning to leave them in the next month when my fix term ends.

    • You can always ask for a better deal, although using a broker for a pricing discount request is your best bet IME

    • +3

      You can go to their online refinance page and request a call back. Someone from westpac will call to offer you cashback and/or lower rate depending on your loan. This happened to me recently. Link here https://www.westpac.com.au/personal-banking/home-loans/manag...

  • Great post. Any other better offer / options for First home buyers?

    • +2

      St George does 85% no LMI for purchase of first home buyer.

    • Plenty of alternatives for FHB's

      • +4

        Please educate me with some.

      • Could you give a couple examples?

  • +9

    Can't wait til I come off a 5 year fixed in about 6 months time. I'm currently on 4% fixed

    • +19


    • +2

      Possibly would have been better to just break contract if have a decent sized loan? Especially with all the cashback deals available that could pay the break fee.

    • Was there a particularly good offer at the time to want to fix for five years?

      • +1

        Probably not, i remember my full package loan 5 years ago with variable was about 3.7 and rates has been falling ever since.

      • +2

        I've been incredibly unlucky with home loans. When I got my first home loan about 13 years ago, rates were going up up up and we locked in 5 years at nearly 9%.

        Our bank after 4 years actually allowed us to break out (at no cost) and put us on variable (was about 5.5%). It dropped to 4% and we were so scared about it going back to 9% we fixed again for 5 years @ 4.09%

        That is up in May next year. Break costs are still about 10k. Even with the rebates we barely come out on top if we are to break. Another couple of months and HOPEFULLY the break costs aren't so bad and we can still get some rebates and reasonable rates. I've already worked out if I keep the same repayments ( and assuming rates never changed) on the current rates of ~2%, we'd knock 7 years off our loan without even noticing haha.

        • Kinda, but fixing basically used to mean you thought you could beat the bank at their own game. With the current interest rates it makes a little less sense why it’s below variable.

          I’ve been burnt too on a 5 year fixed but not as bad as you I’m afraid.

          Edit: at least housing seems to go up forever around here. Imagine if the house was worth less than your loan!

        • I prefer not to fix it…. so that I can jump around different banks and easier to refinance…the cashback offer is good enough to offset the interest rate difference…the pain to refinance with fixed loan is too great I won't do it again.

          • @pearl2013: Agree. I am always on variable. Even if I fixed, no way I would fix for 5 year. 1 - 2 year is long enough

          • @pearl2013: If you refi via a broker do you normally have to sign contract with broker that you can't jump to another lender in a short lending span?

            • @TheSpiffyAquarius: Don’t know. Actually never refinance via broker before. Had two previous experiences the broker stuffed up my loan applications I don’t trust them.

            • @TheSpiffyAquarius: No, you should not have to do that. That is to protect the broker's trailing commission and/or prevent a clawback of already paid commission if your refinance is even closer to the loan date.

              IANAL, but I would think this would not be legally enforceable and would be a broker not acting in your best interest.

              If I saw this, I would report the broker.

        • 5 year fixed rates are almost always a bad deal. You haven't been unlucky, you just made a bad call. Then didn't learn from it and did it again for some reason.

        • I wouldn’t look at it that way. Yes you’ve paid more interest than others would have but you also bought a property in 2008 prices when they were half (or less) of what they are today. Celebrate. You’re still streets ahead of the under 30s. They are the unlucky ones.

  • Whats minimum loan amount to qualify for 2k cashback?

  • +7

    From the 86 400 site - the cashback negates this but just so everyone is aware.

    Loan advance fee
    To prepare loan documents and to arrange settlement of the loan $250

    Valuation fee
    To cover the valuation of your property
    Free if valuation is under $300
    If the valuation is over $300, we'll cover the first $300 

    Annual fee
    To manage the account and process any requested variations to the loan
    $250 per year
    Covers up to 5 loans

    Rate lock fee (optional)
    To lock in the annual percentage rate for 90 days from the application date. Fixed rate loans only.

    • neat loan doesn't have the annual fee or rate lock fee

      • Yes, that’s right this is for the OWN loans. NEAT loans just have the loan advance fee and valuation fee.

        • +3

          also rate lock fee is optional you just risk a rate rise between application and settlement

  • Hi mate, currently have a $100k loan with ANZ. Is this too small to qualify for cashback and rebate offer?


  • +1

    Well this would have been awesome 3 weeks ago damn. Great deal.

  • +2

    Hey mate,
    is this offer applicable for self-employed for new Owner Occupied P&I home loan?

    • Seconding this question.

    • They don't currently deal with self employed.

    • Not with this lender but we have many lender who do - pls email us [email protected]

      • What's considered self-employed?

        For instance, would someone getting a PAYG salary as one of multiple employees in an incorporate company that they own be considered as self-employed?

        • +1


          • @Boogerman: That's surprising, as the ATO considers only sole traders and partners in a partnership as being self-employed.

            At what point would it not be self-employed? For instance, if someone only owns 51% or 49% or 1% of a copy - would they be considered self-employed in all those cases?

            • +1

              @Dinjay: Not sure on the percentages, but if ain’t a public company, a bank views a shareholder as self employed. Doesn’t even need to be a director

            • +1

              @Dinjay: Just spoke to St George Bank, they only look at PAYG salary. Just need 2 payslips

              • @Boogerman: That's a great find! I hope other banks do the same.

                Requiring two financial years of tax returns effectively means going back up to three calendar years of historical earnings. In comparison, employees only need to show a month or of income.

                • @Dinjay: Yeah I was surprised. I had to press the telesalesman to make sure & he reconfirmed

    • I am employed on short PAYG contracts and I went direct to UBank who were happy to pre-approve me earlier this year, while many other options were closed to me. They currently also have a 3 years fixed for owner occupied P&I at 1.85% so may be worth asking them if they'd consider your situation.

      • I'm currently on roling fixed term PAYG contracts. IT work. Were Ubank okay with that? The fine print seemed to be clearly PAYG Employee only.

        I'm keen to get a loan but have been holding off for a well paying perm role to get a loan.

        • +1

          It’s worth a try, they have a scenarios team that they evaluated my application through, and they decided they were comfortable lending to me based on the info I gave them re my short PAYG contracts. If it’s with the same employer it’s probably a safer bet for them. They should be able to tell you early on in the process anyway.

    • +1

      Just spoke to St George Bank, they only look at PAYG salary. Just need 2 payslips. Don’t need tax returns. So long as employed in that business (your own) for 2 years

  • -1

    Sounds great but I bet this lender has very conservative lending criteria. Specific suburbs only. No new apartments etc. much like Athena or tic toc.

    • No they don't. No postcode restrictions or high density policies.

    • They are not as generous as others but also not the most conservative either

    • +1

      Word on property forums is that they really only handle vanilla deals. If you have complex circumstances, then they probably aren't what you need.

  • +1

    Hi Len,

    Which bank is offering $4000 on refinancing & what are their fixed & variable rates?

  • +1

    Is Common Debt Reduction factored in?

  • Can you tell us if 85% no LMI applies to high density apartments in cities, or if there are other conditions on this?

    • You can dp 85% on high density properties, they don't care about high density or location.

    • +2

      No postcode or high density/inner city restrictions (min 40sqm for apartments (1 bed minimum) and max 10 hectares on rural)

  • The maximum refinance cash out is 100K. If it wasn't I would be looking to cash out to 85% LVR.