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Alienware AW410K Mechanical Keyboard $131.60 Delivered @ Dell


Good price for Cherry MX Brown keys

Cheaper than previous deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/610277

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    $119 here
    Only 4 in stock though

    • just ordered from here, great price. thanks.

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    genuine newbie question - how does this compare to general mech keyboards on aliexpress, price range around $50-100? from what i can tell, both have individual rgb leds, nkro, double shot caps, this has cherry whereas the cheaper <$100 aliexpress ones have non-cherry switches (like outemu or an "in house" brand).

    • Motospeed brand pretty good - been using their Mech keyboard + gaming mouse it for few years now. Solid build.

      I think my next move is for wireless mechanical keyboard - been sussing out Redragon brand on Aliexpress

    • Maybe give the kmart $30 kb a go first. If you like it, then thats the end. Will save you some coins.

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      I got Outemu reds on a $29 Kogan keeb. It feels decent but quite a lot of spring 'ping' which can get annoying. As a quick fix, I put o-rings on the switches to reduce the problem.

      Just yesterday I got an RK84 from Ali, which has RK branded blue switches. These seem pretty good out of the box. The RK84 is hot-swappable so I will pull them out and put something better in later.

      You can go quite far down the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole. Some enthusiasts would even say MX Browns suck, it doesn't have a very pronounced tactile 'bump' - just depends on preference.

    • if you are lucky you might get a good one .. I bought one from ebay .. keyboard mouse .. $25 ..lasted 5yrs

    • Build quality probably?

      I had a Cherry MX Brown switch that didn't have any issues for about 5 years (which includes me spilling coffee with milk several times). No double clicking or anything like that. The PCB eventually gave while I was desoldering the switches, the switches didn't and I still use them as parts.

      I think cheaper Cherry MX clones were not as robust. I think Kailh and Gateron don't have a bad reputation in terms of its robustness and considered better in terms of the switch feels? Outemu I think does hold relatively bad reputation with its build quality (though since they are normally hot swappable, if you can source the switches, you can easily swap the switches out).

  • Ouch. That rrp.

  • bought the 410k and 610m (65% off) two months ago together for $100 after using my $100 off $200 dell vourcher. Very good keyboard in my opion, I like the Cherry MX keys.

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    Cherry MX Brown keys

    What importance does the colour make?

    • that's racist !

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      Because of the popularity of the Cherry switches, the colour of the switches are synonymous with what type of the switches they are.
      Red for linear (without any bumps as the key is pressed)
      Brown for tactile (with a bump, creating a "tactile" event, as the key is pressed)
      Blue for clicky (with a bump + a mechanism that clicks for the clicky sounds)

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        Thanks… I didn't know that…

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    Rubbish keyboard imo

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    • I've been using one of these at work for over a year, and I can't fault it. How is it rubbish?

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    holding on, still want G512 at $99

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    got these at the last sale. great keyboard. the only issue I encountered was the led configuration via the software isn't always on point once you start customizing too many keys. not as important on the scale of things.

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      I find the Alienware command centre useless. I wish there was a way to download preset themes. If there is, I haven't been able to find how.