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POCO X3 Pro Global Version Snapdragon 860 6GB 128GB US$210.14 (~A$307.62) Delivered from Hong Kong @ Banggood


A deal popped up for the very popular Poco X3 smartphones

POCO X3 Pro Global Version Snapdragon 860 6GB 128GB 6.67 inch 120Hz Refresh Rate 48MP Quad Camera 5160mAh Octa Core 4G Smartphone - Other Area Version discounted to US$210.14 or ~$(AU307.62) after coupon delivered

Coupon is : BGb5f24f

OS: MIUI 12 for POCO, based on Android 11
CPU: Snapdragon 860 Octa Core, up to 2.96GHz
GPU: Adreno 640
ROM: 128GB UFS 3.1
Card Extend: Supports an external TF card up to 1TB (VFAT)
Display Size: 6.67 inch DotDisplay, 20:9
Type: FHD+ Capacitive Touch Screen
Resolution: 2400*1080 pixels, 395ppi
Features: 1500:1 contrast ratio, Screen brightness 450 nit (typ), HDR10, Sunlight display, Reading mode 2.0, 120Hz refresh rate, 240Hz sample rate, HDR10, Corning Gorilla Glass 6

Also available is the larger memory model

POCO X3 Pro Global Version Snapdragon 860 8GB 256GB 6.67 inch 120Hz Refresh Rate 48MP Quad Camera 5160mAh Octa Core 4G Smartphone for US$250.14 or AU$341.77 after coupon delivered

Coupon is : BG1f43ca

OS: MIUI 12 for POCO, based on Android 11
CPU: Snapdragon 860 Octa Core, up to 2.96GHz
GPU: Adreno 640
ROM: 256GB UFS 3.1
Card Extend: Supports an external TF card up to 1TB (VFAT)
Display Size: 6.67 inch DotDisplay, 20:9
Type: FHD+ Capacitive Touch Screen
Resolution: 2400*1080 pixels, 395ppi
Features: 1500:1 contrast ratio, Screen brightness 450 nit (typ), HDR10, Sunlight display, Reading mode 2.0, 120Hz refresh rate, 240Hz sample rate, HDR10, Corning Gorilla Glass 6

Delivered from the Hong Kong Store.

Available in Colours:

  • Metal Bronze
  • Frost Blue
  • Phantom Black

Also check out the snap deal pages. Some cheap deals pop up here.

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  • +2

    Tempting, not sure if i should get this or the note 10 for a bit less. Better screen but worse specs othetwise.

    • +3

      Better camera on the note 10 it has the 108mp camera.

      • I'm looking at Motorola edge 20 fusion also says 108mp

        • Never seen the Motorola, i think the 800u is comparable to the SD732G in the note 10, maybe its a tad faster? Poco X3 pro is better value if you don't want the camera.

        • The fusion one for the Australian market uses the 800u which is not great. Better off with the Edge S pro (snapdragon 870) from international seller

        • I read reviews that said the lowest to go in the new Edge is the Edge 20 and skip the Fusion.

      • +2

        Depends on the model, non pro has the 48mp.

      • apart from the 108 vs 48 argument, has anyone any personal experience comparing the two; x3 pro looks arguably better sometimes.

        • +2

          Yea Poco X3 pro is much faster and i think it has a faster refresh screen but the X3 pro has a IPS panel not Amoled like the Redmi note 10 pro.

          • +1

            @aussieprepper: from reading/watching the Poco F3 also is a competitor (which price aside) is still hard to differentiate between (pros/cons). But the AMOLED argument is thrown out if you compare the F3 to the Note 10 Pro. Crazy how these are all released at the same time, with such close specs. Seems generally F3 > X3 Pro > Note 10 Pro

            • @v00d00 AU: Yea its confusing and makes it harder for the consumer to make the right decision plus Xiaomi have similar spec phones also sold under the Xiaomi brand.

          • @aussieprepper: Ex Samsung S8+ and current Poco X3 NFC user here. Considering X3 screen is LCD, quality is remarkable and perfectly usable. I'm loving the phone.

            X3 Pro is better in every way and that 8Gb/256GB model is incredible value. If you can't stand MIUI, just install one of many custom ROMs. I use crDroid on my Poco X3 and it's almost perfect!

            • @vrsac: I own a X3 NFC and a Mi Mix 3, the IPS on the X3 is great for some things and the Amoled on the Mix 3 is good at other things. Also the MIUI is different between these two phones. The Poco phones have more options stock and a better camera app.

            • @vrsac: Do you find the x3 pro bulky, heavy, camera bump annoying or lag in ui or games? I’m trying to see if I should get an f3 instead

              • @HeyPapito: Having used a large phone before, I find Poco X3 NFC (similar size to Pro) perfect size and weight. I don't play games, however, SD732 is very fast for apps, I can imagine SD760 on X3 Pro would be perfectly capable to run any games.

                • @vrsac: Ive gone back and forth between sizes, currently Mi 9 SE and have enjoyed the form factor being able to easily get it out of pockets/reach screen dimensions — my only hesitancy to go X3 Pro is whether its 'too big', however seems generally the standard size for the spec

                  • @v00d00 AU: Poco X3 with the right custom ROM and GCAM mod , is just nice for the price-point.

                    The camera is not the best, but it's "OK".

                    • @whyisave: Assume you mean this Poco X3 Pro not Poco X3 NFC? Sub $500 (rough pricepoint) I dont see many better options.

                      Any opinions on how bulky the X3 Pro is, the Note 10 Pro has a more appealing "look"

                      • +1

                        @v00d00 AU: oh… my comment is for the Poco X3 NFC.
                        it was a nice price-point for me,
                        and with ROM and camera MOD, got good service out of it.

                        X3 NFC is 'bulky',
                        ie. big screen and a 5,000mAh battery,
                        but it sits well in the hands, and when using it, you forget it's size or weight.

                        ( so, i imagine the X3 Pro would be the same foot-print, with same useability )

                        • +1

                          @whyisave: cheers. kouk further down gave a decent comparison given purchased both F3 and X3 Pro. Still difficult to decide!

      • Regular Note 10 isn't the same as Note 10 Pro, doesn't even have NFC.

      • "aussieprepper" It's the Redmi Note 10 Pro that has the 108mp camera, the RN 10 only has the 48mp but still ok.

      • +2

        MP's are not the measurement of a good camera, the sensor is. Phone/camera manufacturers know this and that's
        why they make cameras with ridiculously high pixel rates, it's far cheaper than making a good quality sensor.

        • That's true but as far as I know there is only the one 108mp sensor on the market which is the same Samsung sensor Xiaomi use in the mi 10 pro. The camera on the redmi note 10 pro seems to have a different lens and worse specs overall but it is much cheaper. Mi 10 pro was first place on Dxomark.

          • @aussieprepper: Nah there is more than one.

            The RN10p uses a smaller sensor than the mi10p hence the massively different scores.

            redmi: The main camera relies on a 108MP Samsung ISOCELL HM2 1/1.52" sensor with 0.7µm pixels and f/1.9 6P lens. The color filter is Nona-Bayer, meaning 9 sensor pixels are combined into one 2.1µm, and the output resolution is 12MP.

            mi: Samsung's Bright HMX sensor measuring 1/1.33" in size and featuring 0.8µm pixels in size. Since the sensor supports native 4-in-1 pixel binning technology, the actual pixel size is 1.6µm, and the actual resolution of the stills is 25MP, not 27MP, as we expected.

        • Indeed. There is a reason the 108mp sensor is saving a 12mp image.

    • Better CPU

    • +1

      Do you have a link for the note 10? Thanks,

      • Just search "note 10" on banggood. Non pro for $240, pro for $340

  • +17

    The price went up. Two months ago this was the price for 8/256

    • +3

      Agreed was AU $268 delivered in July https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/636595

    • Upvoted didn't notice 128gb. No deal.

      Paid similar price for 8/256 as you said a while back

      Total pia to unlock bootloader and flash cfw, but worth it in the end

      • what was painful about bootloader unlock

        • Waiting 1 week to unlock, had no data had to get extra data on pre paid costed me another $20.

          Then flashing was a nightmare. Xiaomi's the worst for this. Even Munchy says Xiaomi is a special type of phone when comes to flashing 🤦

  • +3

    I bought the X3 Pro during this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/612382

    Honestly, very good. Big phone though, quick and much better than an iPhone in my opinion.

    • +3

      and tons of better value

      • +3

        oh, of course. Didn't think that was worth mentioning considering they cost as much as a cheapo car.

  • +2

    Was thinking about buying this on amazon the last few days. Should i get this or poco f3?

    cant add coupon if using paypal. Seems dodgy

    • +2

      voted for f3, which is better value

      • Do you reckon the f3 or x3 are better than pixel 5?

        Keen on camera and cpu (don't like laggy phones)

        • +5

          both f3 and x3 pro camera are only entry level, while their cpu are pretty good considered its price range.
          personally i would not compare x3/f3 with pixel 5 as its different price range.

        • +7

          If you think you can get a Pixel-grade camera for $300 you're dreaming (unless of course you buy a second hand Pixel for that amount).

          The X3 will manage to keep up during the daytime (as most phones do, give them enough light and they'll all take semi-decent photos), but quickly fall apart at night and other challenging scenarios.

          $300 vs $1000 phone what's better I wonder hmmm..

          • @dogsryummy: yeah fair enough.

            Actually funny my mrs has the Sharp Aquos S2 (I think I paid less than $200 for it lol) and she likes the daytime camera on it better than the pixel 5

      • +1

        only annoying thing is volume controls and power are on same side leaving the left side with nothing on it

        • +1

          I have the oppo Reno Z which has the power and volume on different sides.
          It is horrible. The amount of screen shots I have taken without meaning to.

          You are better off with them on the same side.
          It would be a selling point for me.

          • @calcium: was considering oneplus n10 as they have volume buttons on separate sides. however the processor is crap compared to x3 pro or f3. Can't decide now

            Edit: might just add screenshot toggle in power settings

  • +1

    I'm tempted by the F3 but this phone is so cheap! Was going to be getting a new phone in April next year… So might wait until then and se what else drops!

  • Is this better than a pixel ?

    Main concerns are camera and cpu (i don't want a laggy phone)

    • +4

      cpu should be better than pixel but don't think this phone beats pixel camera

    • -1

      Get a Pixel. Better CPU and camera if you don't mind paying extra.

      • Pixel certainly doesn't have a better CPU…

      • +1

        x3 pro is about 50% faster than a pixel 5.

        • you're right, I meant faster when compared to X3 NFC.
          However, you can expect far longer support on Google phones Vs Xiaomi. You don't need muck around with custom ROMs to extend the usable life of the phone with Pixel

          • @vrsac: custom roms might be better choice regardless of support from Xiaomi as they'll usually be updated more and have better support if things break. probably only take like half hour to set everything up, steps are all documented.

  • what happens with warranty if you buy a global or other international version of a phone? Say, if I bought the F3 from Amazon Australia (global v) or Best Mobile Phone (UK version) and will they work on our networks?

    • Should work but best to contact carrier before as they might have a sook.

      For example Vodafone:

      SIM cards can only be used with Approved Devices as specified by Vodafone.

      Vodafone SIM cards that are used in non-approved devices may be suspended by Vodafone, unless Vodafone has otherwise given approval in writing.

      • Never heard of that.

        The list of phones is tiny and doesn't have a heap of common brands/phones.

        Never heard of them refusing a phone before though. Never had an issue with a Xiaomi and have used them with voda several times over the past 5 years.

        EDIT: lol it doesn't even have some of the phones they sell on their own website. The samsung a22 and the lg k42 for instance.

    • Amazon provides a full 2yr warranty on Poco phones. However, they're more expensive than Chinese import. IMO, Amazon warranty is worth paying extra.

  • Hmmn not quite as cheap as its been recently

  • Is this dual SIM?

    • +2

      Yes. Dual sim.

  • +1

    ShopBack.com.au has cashback. I ordered F3 for US$387.72 (US$379+shipping + insurance) on 6/9/21. Tracking on ShopBack shows A$25.61. So maybe 5%?

  • +1

    If you care about photography, do not get this phone. The camera is terrible. Otherwise it's good for the price.

  • +1

    If you can wait 2 more months 11/11 is almost here and you can probably stack discounts with shopback/cashrewards and online shop specials

  • X3 Pro is now showing as $294.79 at checkout for me with the code.
    On another note anyone ever manage to snag one of their cheap snap up deals ? shows the X3 pro was S135.40 aud but only 2 pcs was available lol

  • -1

    I've ordered Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T 5G

    • +6

      Perhaps besides intellectual theft, you're describing USA

      • And I'm sure they have done/do that too lol.

  • +1

    Just ordered one, the 6gb/128gb one
    Was $287.40.

    Any recommendations regd a case for this?

    • +1

      Comes with a case

    • +2

      Comes with a clear case but it's crap.

      I bought this and think it's really good, also protects back camera section 10x better than the case supplied

      AU $2.37 20%OFF | For PocoPhone X3Pro Case matte carbon fiber soft case For Xiaomi Poco X 3 X3 Pro NFC PocoX3Pro silicone shockproof coque fundas

    • this case looks good to protect the cameras https://au.banggood.com/MOFI-for-POCO-X3-PRO-or-POCO-X3-NFC-...

      • Looks good but I don't like that price, it's double the price.

        I rather the case I have, I also put a screen protector on the camera think it was $2 for two.

  • +9

    I got both the X3 Pro ($289) and the F3 ($428) a couple weeks ago for the wife and I. First impressions are great, they blow anything else in the price range out of the water and you have to start comparing them to phones costing twice as much before you can point out any real flaws.

    Main difference between the two is the phone thickness and weight. The x3pro is noticeably heftier.
    The x3pro has expandable storage while the F3 does not. They both take dual sims although you lose that expandable storage on the x3 if you use that functionality.
    X3pro comes with headphone jack, F3 does not, but has a packaged dongle.
    Battery life wise, the X3pro seems to be better by about 10-20%
    Both screens look great, F3 is obviously better but only noticeable when held side by side.
    Processing power is amazing on both, in day to day use I really couldn't tell the difference, that may change after a year or so.
    A bit of packaged bloatware on both, I spent 20 minutes watching a Youtube video on how to remove everything.
    MIUI is fine, I prefer stock android and may flash it down the line, but there's a couple little annoyances built in to MIUI that you can learn to live with.
    Cameras seem to be the same, so far the photos taken have been great, here's a link to some test shots with the F3

    X3PRO is the value for money phone, F3 is the refined version, slimmer, better or equal in nearly every aspect but you pay for it.

    • hows the video and camera on the f3

      • +1

        Nothing amazing, I would say it just does the job. Check the link for photos i just took

    • Apparently just flashing miui EU rom gets rid of bloatware (from what I've read online).

      I prefer pixel so flashed with aarow os

    • Saw a battery drain comparison video between X3 pro and F3. Somehow F3 is better despite having a smaller battery. Probably due to screen and CPU?
      I wonder if F3 is actually better in terms of battery life…

      • Yea, good point! In no way was my test scientific, I was just comparing battery life at the end of the day. Could just be the wife doesn't use her phone as much as I do.I also have 120hz and other stuff turned on the F3. I'll remove the comment. edit: wont let me edit. oh well.

  • Amazing phone overall. Camera is good, not great. The only issue I can find with it is the fingerprint scanner is fairly poor and slow.

    • Tried rescanning your print?

      • yea try re-scanning,
        mine is instant, so instant i changed it to only unlock when pressed fully otherwise it was unlocking too easily.

        • Weird. I have rescanned and still the same. Maybe a dud sensor or dud fingers.

  • Got one X3 Pro from last deal, it had intermittent internet connection issue. Wifi still showing connected but no internet. Screenshots attached.
    Currently in the process of getting it replaced by banggood. Did anyone have the same experience?

    • Did you try resetting modem router?

      I would give that a go, also restart your phone, if it keeps doing same thing. Then contact Banggood, but good luck with warranty, there's basically none when it comes to phones from China

      • I had factory reset the phone but didn't try resetting modem. Not sure if it has anything to do with my mesh wifi. But all other devices, 4 mobiles, 2 tablets, 1 desktop and 2 laptop connecting to the same wifi had no such issue at all.

        Banggood warranty is so far so good. They have reshipped a replacement phone which is on the way right now and refunded my postage to sent the faulty one back.

        • Glad refund went smoothly. I'd suggest try modem reset but guess it's too late now

  • I just got the Z Fold 3, so looking for a backup phone given how fragile the Fold is. Would prefer an OLED though, is this a good choice?

  • Does it mean I am a true Ozbargainer if I threw a minor tantrum because I recently bought the 8gb version for $355? 😁
    I bought it for gaming, especially emulation, and it's noticeably better than my Mi Mix 3's SD845 and especially my iPlay 40's T618 processor when you push it. If you're looking for value for money and you want well future-proofed performance, then the 8gb model is the phone for you. Beware though - it's weight, size and fingerprint sensor/power button placement makes gaming on something like a Xbone controller with phone holder clip "challenging" and it only barely fits in my Razer Kishi with some finagling and not at all in my trusty Ipega PG-9087.
    I used it as my daily driver for a week for calls, web browsing, video streaming, emails and photos where the beefy CPU doesn't make much difference so I switched back to my Note 10 Pro because of its better screen and cameras. While I can't definitely say, the Note 10 Pro felt like it had better battery life too although the X3 Pro felt like it had better reception.
    I think my Note 10 Pro is a bit more stylish with it's blue-ish white back and I was keen to cover the X3's blue rear up with a case (I read the black looks good though).

  • Can I use cashback with this? It seemed to revert to a non sale price when i applied coupon via shopback link.

    • 8gb model only. 6gb worked fine.

  • Using this phone from 6 months, absolutely happy with it in all sense.

    • do you have any internet connection issue?