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[Pre Order] Roborock S5 Max Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (International Version) $609 Delivered @ Dick Smith by Kogan


Been keeping an eye on this one and finally pulled the trigger as I don't think we'll ever get the Prime Day pricing back soon. Ships from 7 October.

This is from Dick Smith/Kogan but I tried my luck with Appliances Online and managed to get it price matched without issues - this is for an AU model too.

Took advantage of the CBA rewards as well (spend $300, get $30 back with AO). So check if you've got this too :)

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  • How do people find these deals on Dick Smith? Who is monitoring their pages still?

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      Just saw it came up when I googled

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    I just looked at AO’s price beat terms and they specifically call out Dick Smith which is interesting.
    “Appliances Online is unable to match prices for products from Dick Smith until further notice.For these products, we will provide the best possible prices we can.Thank you for your understanding.“

    Does anyone know what the difference is with the international model?
    Does it just come with a power plug that has an adapter on the end?

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      I actually gave them the links for Kogan and DS - the operator said she can price match DS so didn't have issues when I tried. YMMV.

      Not sure about the International model.

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        Mileage did vary compared to some here. I was able to get a price match and getting delivered tomorrow.

        I honestly do rate AO as a company having bought several large appliances from them in past. Their delivery service is amazing.

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          Nice one!

          I tried but was knocked back - cited No DS or Kogan.
          Good luck to everyone else who tries!

  • How do u price match with AO? Sorry noob here thanks

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      I did it via live chat on their website.

      • Thank you! How does AOs 1 year manufacturer warranty compare against others?

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    "Order took nearly 6 months to arrive. Kogan should say if item is not available for immediate purchase prior to taking your money. The expected delivery date just kept being pushed back with no real explanation. An offer of a refund after already waiting 3 months just means you have to start the process all over again."

    "Ordered a top of the line vacuum for $999. Product was in stock and purchase was completed however when the product finally arrived they sent me the wrong model and sent me the basic version of the product - worth for $300 less!!!! When I followed up I was told "sorry we were out of stock" shrug Awesome service."

    "I ordered the s5 Max but received the s6 pure instead."

    Just saying

  • Cheapest Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max price ever was $479 at Kogan in April 2021.

    • I believe there were quire a few problems with shipments during that deal - multiple reports of receiving the wrong model.

      • I was one of those people. To Kogan's credit they had the correct model at my door within a couple of days.

    • I lucked out with this deal and got the correct model. Saw a lot of people at the time who weren’t as lucky though.

  • This is probably another grey import by Kogan which is not under warranty by Australia's distributor/agent.

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      Agreed. The deal here is if you can get the AU model from AO at the same price.

    • There aussie distributor/agent sucks when it comes to warranty……. If i could get it cheaper from kogan ( which has to give me consumre warranty) i would in a heart beat.

  • Just tried to get AO to match the price but they didn’t, citing their Dick Smith clause so your mileage may vary.

  • Waiting on AO online chat for about an hour now, still no response.

  • I have been waiting for a sale on the S5 Max for a while and so many other robo vacuums has came out or dropped in price. I'm really thinking about the Dreame L10 Pro which extra sensors and 4000pa of suction, but waiting for a sale. Anyway which one would people pick, the S5 Max or the Ecovacs 920 @Aldi for $399 possible cheaper via ebay?


  • tried to price match with AO and they said they could not do it because of their Dick Smith Policy.

    I need to buy this vacuum cleaner for my parents house. Is it better to buy the international version from Dick Smith or Australian version from HN at $849?Or wait for another Australian deal to come around…

  • So made no difference if the website is Kogan?

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      I mentioned Kogan site specifically.
      It gave me the $609 price once their free trial was applied.

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        Is that AO who price matched for $609?
        I called them but said no to Kogan.

        • They’ve probably been getting a fair few enquires I’d say. Must have got lucky like some others.

          • @edsnails: Over 100 calls apparently and sales staff been told specifically no to price matching

  • Seriously, no idea how you guys are getting this price matched with Appliances Online. They flat out refuse to on chat and also phone.

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      OP said they got the price match via live chat but YMMV.

      EDIT: some other commenters said if you get certain reps they accept and others refuse

  • not sure about s5 max it is a older robo vac now, no 3D obstacle avoidance, suction power low, no auto bin don't think it worth this price anymore competitor have caught up and have newer tec

    • What should I look out for? Am in the market for one in this price range

    • Thanks Chris what which model would you recommend around the same price point please? I am so confused with all the models

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      Which ones would you recommended that has similar or better performance and features for a similar price?

      I thought the consensus was for the $500-$600 the S5 Max occasionally be found on sale, it still has among the best value proposition.

      • We have the s5 max, its awesome and has no troubles getting around the house with varying surfaces 👍

  • Geez I thought I was going to win! Did chat to price match with AO and he wanted to call me. When he called me he was asking all sorts of questions about where is it being delivered to etc? I'm thinking he is going to price match it!

    Then after a while says can't price match because it's a pre-sale.. got my hopes up! Haha. Guess he was hoping I would still buy anyway!

  • Got knocked back on AO due to ‘DS not having any stock’

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    Keep trying the AO online chat, guys!! Their chat system is quite handy and you can have multiple chats going with different consultants. Just click back and create a new chat from the menu.

    "Albert" was first - "No. We do not price match Kogan as they are classified as a wholesaler".
    "Ricky" was next - "No. We do not price match this international model".

    Then I got "Hugo" who agreed to price match Kogan. Gave him my number and he rang me back a few minutes later. $629 successfully price matched including express delivery, due to arrive tomorrow.

    Just keep trying the chat guys. My work colleague did the same this morning and after 10 different consultants, successfully had "Floyd" to price match. He also got denied by the same consultants as I did.

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      yeah, got one from him too lol. he was like, yup we can match dse.

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        Pretty sure Hugo won't be employed after today LOL

        I seriously can't be arsed now…spent ages on chat and calling and no dice…..

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      Yes! I kept trying after reading this and got it with Floyd

      • Guess both Floyd and Hugo won't be working there much longer after this LOL

    • I got George and he wouldn't match

      • Open another chat and try again.. Took me 3 tries and my colleague 10 tries.

        • I've had Albert, Ashleigh, Justin, Georgia, Shaunee and two phone calls, all of them said too bad, so sad.
          no joy at all so I give up….

          • @Homerlovesbeer: Dont give up! You will get there. My success came in the morning (must have been diff shifts)

  • Got Xiaomi Dreame D9 and it is so so perfect, worked like a dream.

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    Just tried my own luck at this and got hit with this message…

    'I have seen the OzBargain post haha, unfortunately, we can not price match with Dick Smith as its an international model with different warranty.'

    theyre onto us!

    • Same for me. Tried this morning without luck ☹

      • Same. I called AO and had no luck.

    • If DS or Kogan are selling here, won't the local standard warranty apply anyway? Does anyone know the differences between international model and Aus model?

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    I don't mean to be a downer to this all, but I don't think it's fair to Appliances Online to keep trying to get an uninformed rep to match a grey import. You're probably just screwing over the rep that is making the mistake at the end of the day.

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      It's not the rep's fault for their mistake - it's the trainer's fault for failed knowledge transfer.

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    I made an order to AO at 1PM yesterday. and got my S5 Max at 6:30AM today. super quick delivery!

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      Mine arrived pretty early this morning too.
      Always super happy with AO!

  • Confirming AO matched the price over the phone without any issue. I was also looking for a discounted gift card for AO but couldn't find any online - just curious, do they offer discounted cards like JB Hi-Fi and TGG? If TGG or JB Hi-Fi stocked this product and priced matched, it would mean 5% cheaper with GCs. CR also has 2% cashback which may not work with a coupon though.

  • Is anyone willing to share their order number (via pm)? Guys at AO said they couldn't match since they cant find the model number but are happy to do with dicksmith if they show me a similar order placed. I understand this could be a wild breach of privacy so delete my comment if this isnt allowed (newbie here)

  • Will there ever be a good deal for S5 Max?

    • Agree, it's been a long wait.