[QLD] Nintendo Game and Watch: Super Mario Bros $79.95 (C&C) @ EB Games


Game and Watch Super Mario is back in-stock (selected stores) at EB games for $79.95 - seems to be only click & collect with no option for delivery. Also, only 1 per Customer

If you missed out before, this is a great chance to grab one

Available in these three stores.

Rockhampton Fair EB Games / ZiNG
120-331 YAAMBA RD
Park Avenue QLD 4701
(07) 4927 0600

Central Highlands Marketplace EB Games
Shop 24 Emerald Marketplace
Cnr Capricorn Hwy & Codenwarra Road
Emerald QLD 4720
(07) 4982 3549

Mt Pleasant EB Games
Shop 12b Mt Pleasant Centre
Phillip St
(07) 4942 8263

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  • No stock in SA.

  • Picked this up last batch earlier in the year, is in storage. Appears to be sold out.

  • No stock anywhere

  • -1

    Not a "deal" is it? Just a "Back in stock"

  • Got it on day one. Still in the box.

  • Sorry, it doesn’t seem there is anymore stock despite eb website saying in-stock.

  • Isnt there plenty of this stock around?

  • -2

    Nearly bought one of these a while back for the kiddo who likes Mario. Then I was like…do I really need to buy her this, when the reason she likes Mario all together is an old BittBoy I gave her with SMB built in?

    Anyway point being I modded my 2DS the other week and now she's given the 3D ones a whack. Cool alarm clock though. Actually wait, does it do alarms or just show the time? bc tbh it is a pretty cool alarm clock.

    • Why the vote downs? It’s true, there are better ways to play these games on the go.

      I only brought it as a collectors item.

  • Yeah it's been this price for quite some time on EB. Only stock seems be in QLD.

  • Will these be worth anything one day if you hold onto it?

    • gamers love Nintendo more than any other brand, and original G&W's appreciated nicely so I'd say… yes.

    • doubt it, it's not a rare collection if everybody has one

  • I've got some unopened but I am tempted to play them!!