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Lenovo Legion 5 Pro (5600H, RTX 3060, 16" WQXGA IPS 165Hz 500nits 100% SRGB, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) $2124.15 Delivered @ Lenovo


The one with 5800H can be had for $2,209.15 delivered

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    Intel version for $2464 using same code for those that need TB4.
    Link : https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/laptops/legion-laptops/legion-5...

    • What's the advantage of TB4 ?

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        Never used it but better docking and eGPU compatibility AFAIK

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          TB4.0 would matter more for laptop/host devices rather than eGPU/peripheral products. In the peripheral space, TB4.0 chipsets (for dock products) currently has less PCIe lanes for the GPU because the rest has been used as downstream TB4.0 ports. So most eGPU solutions are stucked at TB3.0 Alpine Ridge or TB3.0 Titan Ridge.

      • My workplace used the lockdown to replace everyones old ThinkPad t470s with the ThinkPad E14 series with AMD Ryzen cpu. Sweet! i thought… until i realised i couldnt connect my laptop to my TB dock…

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          Probably the only thing I don't love about my E14 - while I was aware of the Thunderbolt issue, to add to that the USB-C port only supports DisplayPort 1.2, so you're limited if using dual monitors to 1920*1080 at 60Hz.

          • @raisinberry777: Yep spot on. My TB dock was now useless and i had to connect everything directly to laptop. #firstworldproblems i know but yeah, annoyed haha

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        TB4.0 is a rebranding/marketing exercise. The core technology is the same. But in TB4.0 Intel now makes it easier for consumers to know what they are getting. Intel is now mandating a higher floor requirements in order to gain TB4.0 certification. For example TB4.0 products must now support up to 2m cable length, minimum 2x 4K/60 displays, mininum PCIe 32Gb/s and USB3.2 10Gb/s, TB networking, Intel VT-d and at least one PC charging port (USB-C 96W PD). In comparison to TB3.0 there was a lower floor requirement. For example only 1x 4K/60 despite TB3.0 marketing suggesting up to dual 4K/60.

        Therefore from a consumer perspective, you're getting a better and more consistent outcome. But if you're getting the best of TB3.0, you're not upgrading to anything. From a technical perspective, there are slight changes in the quality of service and tunneling.

        USB4.0 also uses TB technology but has a much looser implementation. For example the minimum requirements are at least 1 video output with no minimum resolution. Practically speaking a manufacturer can outfit a USB4.0 product to match TB4.0/TB3.0 specifications and still be slightly cheaper (due to no need for TB certification). It remains to be seen if chipset manufacturers would go down that path and compete with Intel though.

    • Those are slim tip not USB C power so I think you miss out on main advantage of a single cable docking?

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    This is also available in the Lenovo Education Store for $1970.10 using "EDUCOMM". Please PM me if you want access to it.

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      How much is the 5800H & RTX3070 on the EDU portal?

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        That configuration is $2,330.10.

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          Hi doweyy

          Is that for 1tb and 32 ram?

          Or 512 GB and 16 ram?

          Thank u

          • @agalea101: same question here please

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            @agalea101: When I tried to customise to a 5800h/3070 it came to $2357 with code, 16GB-3200 and 512gb

            Adding 32GB RAM and 1tbh ssd brought it to 2973 for me. Would be cheaper to upgrade yourself if ram nonsoldered

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            @agalea101: Sorry for the late response, that's for 16GB /512GB.

            It looks like they may have just jacked the price also, showing as $2375 now.

            • @doweyy: Insane price for 5800/3070.

              I paid 2100 clean for my 5800/3060 512gb/ 16gb

              • @ThatguyfromCBR: You can also try to negotiate but to be honest the best out of discount cycle I could get was around $2350 anyway.

            • @doweyy: Is that the price through the education store? My wife might need to upgrade if that's the case…

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                @twjr: The education store currently has the L5P 3070/512GB/16GB (part number 82JQCTO1WW) for $2357.11 if you use the EDUCOMM eCoupon code.

                • @WookieMonster: Delivery is 4+ weeks?

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                    @Niceone8: “Ships in more than 8 weeks”

                    To be fair, there is a lot of demand for the L5P 3070 because it is sooooo good, plus there are parts shortages, restrictions on the number of people who can assemble the laptops at any one time due to COVID, etc…

                    This is why I suggested earlier that if you are interested in a L5P, ask a sales rep on live chat for a “more accurate” shipping estimate.

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                      @WookieMonster: Spoke to a rep on live chat and he said the system parts and assembly is all done in China and cannot give an accurate shipping date. All he can say is 8 weeks +

                      • @Tedster10: Damn, that’s annoying.

                        When I asked a rep last month about my L5P 3070/16GB/512GB order, they said it would probably ship around October, which equates to a 3 month total wait time. It is probably sensible to apply a similar timeframe to an order you place for a L5P right now…

                • @WookieMonster: Have you got the link?

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      can't get the EDUCOMM code to work, could I get a link to the edu store promotion please? nevermind, worked it out

  • What's the main difference between this and the basic 5, is it just the 500 nits?

    • This has 16 inch screen, different chassis altogether. Worth the upgrade

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      The main difference is the display.

      Component Legion 5 Legion 5 Pro
      Size 15.6” 16”
      Type IPS IPS
      Resolution 1920 x 1080 2560 x 1600
      Aspect Ratio 16:9 16:10
      Refresh Rate (Hz) 165 165
      Anti-glare Yes Yes
      Brightness (nits) 300 500
      Contrast Ratio 1000:1 1200:1
      Viewing Angle (°) 170 178
      VESA HDR 400 No Yes
      Colour Gamut 100% sRGB 100% sRGB

      Other differences:

      • The L5P uses aluminium for the case material, whereas the L5 uses ABS plastic.
      • The L5P may be around 50g heavier (depending on your configuration).
      • The Y symbol on the back of the L5P laptop can light up (whereas it cannot on the L5).
      • The L5P and L5 come in slightly different colour schemes for the case.
      • Apparently the 3070 L5P has a higher boost clock (1620 MHz) than the 3070 L5 (1560 MHz), but I don’t think theoretical maximum boost clocks actually matter.
      • The L5P can support external monitors via HDMI up to 7680 x 4320 @ 60Hz, whereas the L5 only supports monitors via HDMI up to 4096 x 2160 @ 60 Hz.
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    If you’re interested in this laptop, it would be a good idea to ask one of the sales reps on live chat for an estimated shipping timeframe.

    Lenovo are notorious for stating on their web pages that a laptop will ship in four weeks, but once you place an order, the estimate on your order will actually be more like 12 weeks (especially for the Legion 5 Pro).

    For example, I ordered a L5P 3070 in mid-July with an estimated shipping timeframe of four weeks, but the estimated shipping time changed three times in four weeks before I ended up with a December 31 estimated shipping date…

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      Can we cancel without any fee if that is the case?

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        Yes, as long as the order has not already shipped. I cancelled my L5P 3070 order in August and incurred zero cancellation fees.

        • Thats a problem with Lenovo when you customize a laptop.

    • Yeah and then they went and screwed the people who had outstanding orders and released a new batch and shipped them within 3 days to people.

      I only ordered mine early August and i got it 3 days later 3070/1TB/16GB.

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      Mine was the opposite when I ordered a Legion 5. It said 6 weeks for delivery but shipped 2 weeks after I ordered.

    • Yep, I've had this same problem with the last 3 laptops i've ordered through them

      Delivery on the website says ships in 2 days, or ships at the end of August.

      The one that said ships by end of August is only set to arrive today, 2 weeks late (it's not like we're running a business here or anything)

      Just have to make sure whatever you order is locally stocked (if any of them even are?) They all seem to come from overseas.

      If they weren't such great laptops, i would get elswhere.

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    5800H & RTX3070 = $2,464.15

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      for slightly more, this is a better deal.

    • $2,506.66

      • Yeah not sure if the price went up or??

        • Mr. congo might of just been referencing a previous OZB post and not actually the current price available on the website.

        • i noticed in the past, adding the 3070 option adds $300 to the order amount however now its $350.01
          I believe that might have caused the price hike.

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            @Tohnio: yes, the upgrade added $300. They have price jack it to $350 for the upgrade now.
            Price went up after I checked.

  • 12% cashback from ShopBack?

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      "Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack" maybe it won't work?

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        Good luck getting more than $10 tracked by SB. They've been terrible for the past year.

    • interested to know too

    • I asked them and they just replied with what kei posted.

      I still shopped through ShopBack just for luck, so will see how that turns out.

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      I had my shopback tracked when I purchased mine a couple of months ago. The amount (about $240) was confirmed earlier this week. Lucky me.

    • used cashrewards, lenovo was very chill, they paid out everything even though it shouldn't based on t&c

  • Whats the main differences between this and a legion 7 pro?

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      Theres a 5pro and 7 but no legion 7 pro

      5 pro:
      kinda the midrange gaming laptop which is extremely decent for its price.

      7: higher tier
      fancy RGB lighting around the chassis and facier RGB on keyboard too (downside is iCue software battery drain)
      lighting illuminates revealing type I/O socket at back of device
      vapor chamber cooling
      slightly better webcam (like slightly)
      Screen hinge can go around ~170 degrees compared to ~120 degrees on the 5 pro.
      more configuration options e.g. R9 and RTX3080

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        If you are looking for the 5800H/3070 combo it's like a $500 difference between L5P and L7.

        So you have to work out if you are willing to pay that difference for slightly better cosmetics and different cooling option (that is benchmarked to be only slightly better than what the L5P has)

    • +2


      You'll hopefully find your answer here.

  • If you go 3070 and stay at 5600h is that going to be limiting the laptop majorly?

    • You can't upgrade to 3070 on the 5600 model I don't think.

  • Can you please recommend one similar to this with touch screen?

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  • Pay attention to the delivery date if you need it in short while. A long delay recently from lenovo.

  • But will this RTX3060 last for next 5 years no issue? My son current GTX1060 has slowed down on APEX (low settings only around 30FPS), if going for a new laptop, should he go for at least 3070 instead?

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      I would definitely go for RTX 3070, the performance difference is much bigger between 3060 to 3070 vs 3070 to 3080.

    • Is it dirty/dusty? Is it thermal throttling? If the CPU is going to 100 degrees have a look at throttlestop videos online. This is if you used to get more fps.

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      Wow you got mad skills if u got that price.

      Any trigger words or just milk and cookies?

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      Yeah, pics or it didn't happen.

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    The delivery date on these models are in Dec if anyone is curious. Would make more sense to wait for Black Friday sale later in the year.

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    Lenovo's shipping estimation:

    ships in 4 weeks = 5~8 wks
    ships in 6~8 weeks = 3mons
    ships by mid of a month = ship by end of the month

    The only reliable date is "ship in 3 business day"

    You may get it sooner but prepare for the worst (commonly happens) as above.

    Correct me if I am mistaken.

    • Ordered 21 September 2021 with Estimate 4 weeks.

      Got shipped 25 September 2021

      waiting now…

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    I'll leave this here as a cheaper alternative to get a 3060 95w laptop:


    I got mine 3 weeks ago for $1149, delivered in 1 business day. I believe the price will dip to $1149 for the weekend again.

    I am not saying it's better: 250nit 144Hz panel with about 65% sRGB coverage, 8GB RAM only, and CPU is nothing to write home about, but it is $1k cheaper, so..

    could be an alternative for someone who doesn't have the budget for Lenovo.

    plays games like Control, Ghostrunner very smoothly.

  • Ordered on July 21 with the 3070 upgrade and my delivery date is changing from mid Oct to January and back to Oct. I have no issues with that at all as I was warned in the thread back in July but yeah ordering today could mean a Dec shipping date.

  • Good specs… I would jump on it if I had money to spare….

  • But how's Lenovo build quality compare to Alienware or ROG?

    • see my comment below… I wouldn't buy another Lenovo even with deep discount.. It's just a headache. I wouldnt compare a Lenovo against an Alienware or ROG.. they are different machines for different purposes.
      My nephew bought an Alienware and was happy with it. BIg and heavy/clunky.

  • $85 for the Ryzen 7 5800H version.
    I’d take that in a minute, but maybe not for everyone, I guess?

  • In need of some advice as I'm not very educated on all the functionalities. My laptop is in dire need of an upgrade. I would only be doing casual gaming (something my current laptop cannot even handle) and will have a bunch of tabs from online learning + coding programs.

    Would the Ryzen 7 5800H + RTX 3070 (It seems that this is a worthwhile upgrade from the RTX 3060?) be enough leaving the memory as 2x8gb and just with the 512gb second ssd? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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      Ryzen 7 5800H + RTX 3070, 16gb ram is definitely great laptop specs, and should work fine for gaming, web browsing, spreadsheets and what not.

      I would go with this over the ryzen 5 5600H when similar priced.

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    What's the attraction if you have to wait months for delivery? Why not get something that will arrive sooner? A no brainer for me.

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    Stay away from Lenovo. Do some research reg the battery and most of all, their services. I bought an X1 7th gen less than a year ago, It went back to Lenovo twice to fix the battery issues (laptop can't detect it and wouldn't charge). The same issues now come back and they asked me to run all the tests again. When it first happened, they conned me into upgrading the warranty for more money. Failing that, they asked me to open the laptop to clean the battery terminal and warned that it would void the warranty!! Went to their fb to complain but they moved the msg right away so ppl like u cannot see it.

    I've warned you as another Ozbargainer.

    • Yep agreed Lenovo is terrible

  • Should I go for this one or the Asus Zephyrus 14 FHD (ryzen 7 5800HS 16gb 512 ssd)? Price is $2099

    • Doesn't the $2099 one come with a 3050?

      • Yeap it is!

    • For an extra $25 you can get the advertised L5 pro with 3060 and 16" QHD 165hz. For me its a no brainer.

  • Anyone got any suggestions for a laptop similar to this but lighter? Everything else about this laptop would've been perfect if it wasn't for the weight

  • got 5800 3060 for $2000 by online chat

  • Just bought one - does anyone know if cashrewards/shopback works when you purchase through the Lenovo Education Store? It says no - but I'm curious if it might still work

  • Tried the chat and see if I can get the 5800, 3060 for $2000 as mentioned above - no success, best price for that configuration was $2300. However the rep did managed to quote me the intel version, 3070 one for $2475. thought it's not best for an intel version and 3070.

    Legion 5i Pro Gen 6 16" Stingray
    System details ▶

    ● Processor: 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-11800H (8C / 16T, 2.3 / 4.6GHz, 24MB)
    ● Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64
    ● Display Type: 16.0" WQXGA (2560x1600) IPS 500nits Anti-glare, 165Hz, 100% sRGB, Dolby Vision, HDR 400, G-Sync, DC dimmer
    ● Memory: 2x 8 GB SO-DIMM DDR4-3200
    ● Hard Drive: 512 GB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0x4 NVMe
    ● Warranty: 1 Year Premium Care
    ● AC Adapter: 300W Slim Tip
    ● Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3070 8GB GDDR6, Boost Clock 1560 / 1620MHz, TGP 140W
    ● Second Hard Drive: N/A
    ● Battery: Integrated 80Wh
    ● Camera: 720p with E-camera Shutter
    ● Fingerprint Reader: No Fingerprint Reader
    ● Keyboard: Blue Backlit, English
    ● Wireless: 802.11AX (2x2) & Bluetooth® 5.1
    ● Integrated Mobile Broadband: N/A

    • I told the rep im a tafe student but got no edu email, wonder if i could get student discount, then he offered $2000 for it (5800 3600).

      • Hmmm maybe i can try again. But is the intel + 3070 worth the 475 dollars upgrade though? Heard intel is better for gaming (which is what I will be using it most for) and 3070 might extend the life of the laptop. But $400-500 is still a lot.

        • I got offered the Legion 5i Pro Gen 6 16" Stingray for $2,500 rather than the listed price $2,969. Maybe you can do better? live chat rep didn't seem like there was any space to budge though.

        • Any chance you could share the quote ID pls? Keen on getting the Intel+3070 also. Thanks.

          • @kenwit: It’s a direct purchase, so they don’t send you quotes. You add in the item you want to the cart, then get the cart id (lower left side) then speak with the rep quoting the cart id. They then go to your cart and change the amount for you to purchase

  • I was able to pickup this unit for $2550 using my partners educational email. Also registered for the BF2042 promo.

    Arrives today, hopefully the quality control is okay.

    Replacing my Lenovo 5Pi 2060

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