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[PC, Epic] Free - Nioh: The Complete Edition @ Epic Games (10/9 - 17/9)


Nioh: The Complete Edition has been added for this week. Available from 1am.

Creating a new post to seperate it from next week’s games.

This week's other free game - Sheltered .

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      Nice, the link on the Epic site is broken at the moment. Just goes to https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p which is broken.
      Grabbed it with your link.

      Edit: Epic have fixed their broken link, you still beat them by 2 minutes though :)

      • Yep. Link is live now :)

    • this is real DEAL!!!!

  • Much better offer than Sheltered

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    Unbelievable. Ty

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    I just saw this on Epic too. Amazing!

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    Unexpected. Anyone have any tips? Dark souls type games are my kyptonite.

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      Git gud.

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      From my understanding this is similar difficulty/gameplay wise to those Ninja Gaiden remakes that came out on Xbox. Best bet would be to look up a video on the fighting mechanics, get a good feel for them early on.

      And don't stress about making mistakes, it's all part of the learning experience.

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        Ninja Gaiden on Xbox

        Don't stress

        Sir, you can only have one.

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      From memory there's this slow down time ability that makes the game extremely easy.

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        Yes, it's the sloth talisman and it works on bosses to slow them down. You can only charge a certain number of them but if you and your coop partner both spec into it from your skill trees you should be able to slow down the bosses for 90% of the fight and easily cheese them all.

        Taken from Google:

        You won't be able to unlock the skill from the get-go. Instead, you'll need to first reach the game's second region. After finishing The Ocean Roars Again mission and completing The Way of Onmyo: Adept training mission, Talisman: Sloth becomes available.

        You'll need a total of six Onmyo skill points, because you're going to have to unlock the skills that precede it in the skill tree. After that, you'll be able to prepare it at Shrines the same way you would any other skill.

        It's amazing how a boss like Hino-enma, one of the most in-your-face bosses, becomes so trivial to fight using Sloth.

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      don't play it

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    I am in way of the Nioh in Nioh 2 atm. This game will take 500 hr + to complete. If you wanna get through everything with the SPECIFIC gear set you want.

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    For real?

    So used to getting good freebies that people were disappointed with the announcement of Sheltered despite it being a really good game, and now they've just casually thrown in Nioh too…

  • Thanks OP

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    What an absolute steal

    I wonder if those epic game haters have been sticking to their guns and missed out on all these amazing free games lol

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      epic game haters

      I had no idea they existed.

      Free is free. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.

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        There definitely were/are.

        They hate the Epic because of a little privacy issue at the start and said they didn't want to ever use a new platform, that it would die out extremely quickly, steam is the only platform for them, yadda yadda.

        Can probably dig out the haters on OzBargain by simply visiting an earlier Epic deal.

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          while i don't hate epic, i do hate that they tried (and successfully) made some new games epic only.

          I hate platform lock-in.

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        There are a lot of Steam only zealots out there.

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    That just happened

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    Epic > Steam

    Welcome to 2021

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      As a free games dispenser, yes.

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    This game is so good.
    Even better on PC with 60FPS

  • Niiiice. It's a shame that I missed Surviving mars yesterday, but this sure makes up for it.

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      thats been given away on various platforms about 3 times in the last few weeks, might happen again you never know

      • That will be nice lol.

  • Will get it since its free. Does this use Denuvo by the way?

    • Nope, no DRM on this one. On Steam it only used Steam protection so I assume on Epic it is only using the Epic store protection.

      You can use https://github.com/derrod/legendary to launch it no issues. You could also try the -EpicPortal command line method but not sure if that will work.

      My biggest question on this release is if the multiplayer works between Steam & Epic users or if your friends who own already have to start over on Epic to play with you.

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        No problems you can crossplay with Steam players:

        PC Features:

        Gamepad compatibility
        4K Ultra-HD support*
        Cross-play with Steam players

        • Thanks did a bit of research on this myself after posting the comment and the Epic version has full cross-play with Steam users and also has exclusive cosmetic you can get from the boons menu. Don't believe there's a way to transfer save from the Steam version to Epic version though.

      • No Denuvo on the Steam version either for Complete Edition.

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    One of the best games I've played. Getting it for free is unbelievable.

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    Honestly, this must be the greatest Epic freebie ever offered. A triple-A title, given away for free, no strings attached, less than seven months after launch. Unbelievable.

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      err… I think you are confusing this with Nioh 2.

      This is the original Nioh . It was released back in 2017 on PC.

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    Finally convinced me to download Epic.

  • Cyberpunk 2077 next

  • Jesus

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    great freebie, but man really? another "souls-like" game…… imo these games are soo dull, combat feels the same, just artificial difficulties all over the gameplay.

    like can someone explain why enemies magically respawn when you get to one of the checkpoints?? I get the point but how does it fit in in all of these "souls-like" games? it's just weird in certain settings…

    • I guess not everything has to be your cup of tea.

    • Enemies respawn when you hit the checkpoint because you have a limited number of use healing item that heals you to full. Recharging that at the checkpoint would let you cheese your progress if you can kill the enemies in one little area then run back and recharge the healing potion then go to the next little area.

      In Nioh you also have ninja abilities & Onkyo magic items you can recharge each time you rest at checkpoint, there's skills to increase the max number of charges of the item so if you could get unlimited by constantly running back it would make those upgrades meaningless and ruin the flow of the gameplay.

      Nioh is not as cheap as Dark Souls, the combat is more nuanced as you have low/normal/high stance for each weapon which handle very differently and you have a lot of extra items you can use against harder opponents to level the field that you don't get in Dark Souls.

    • imo these games are soo dull, combat feels the same
      LOL Nioh is quite different to other soul like games with a really fun combat system
      and I can't believe people are whining about a freebie. If you don't like it, just ignore it

  • Just clicked to boost my total account value

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    What do you think of this guy?


    He is selling the free Epic games by creating the accounts and selling the accounts with the linked games.

    I take it he started selling these recently.

    His next item next week will be Nioh.

    • -1

      "more than 10 available"

      I wonder if he's using a custom email domain & a script to mass generate epic accounts? Pretty good idea for some extra cash on the side.

      When I was poor as hell I sold the Gran Turismo 5 Jaguar DLC car they gave away free on Facebook, made over $300 selling it on eBay and bought some Audio Technica AD700 headphones. Still have them, good times.

      It was a lot of work for the money though as you had to go through a lengthy flash player embed before you could get a key and had to keep making new Facebook accounts too. This Epic store thing is way more streamlined for the money.

      Would've been really good to make around 50 or more epic accounts when Grand Theft Auto 5 was the free game as that's probably the most desirable one they've given out. Selling them as $10 through Facebook market & eBay would be the good stuff.

      • I wasn't trying to give ideas, to me it just doesn't sit right.

        To me Epic does not need to give out free games every week, if this gets abused too much, Epic will stop giving out free games.
        It would ruin it for everyone.

        I do not see this guy selling the free games from Indiegala, maybe the Larry games.

        The free games EA Origin and Humble Bundle games they used to give out has dried up long ago.

        Maybe Epic will start deleting accounts, or email a password change request and the user would get locked out because it is linked to some random email.

        No one every has wondered why Epic is so generous.

    • This guy is showing some great initiative.

  • Guide to launch Nioh through Steam so you can use Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or other unsupported gamepad via the Steam gamepad API


  • Can we easily connect a ps4 controller to play this?

    • +1

      you surely can.

  • Cheers!

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