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Meross Smart Garage Opener (Apple Homekit Version) $72.20 Delivered @ Meross Direct Amazon AU


Apple Homekit version on sale again. Link to the specs for the unit on Meross website with some support details
Compatibility Check(meross.com)

Mod: Warning - Be aware of safety standards and laws regarding the use and installation of this before purchasing.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I have had this installed for about three months now. It’s my most reliable HomeKit device, I’d say. The only annoyance is that is says that there is an obstruction, but there isn’t. Still opens and closes without issue, though.

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      Go in the Meross app and set the timeout to 30 sec. Looks like it’s called “Opening time”.

      Works a treat 🙌🏻

      Basically the problem is the default is like 10 sec, and so if the sensor doesn’t line up in that time it thinks there’s an obstruction, even if it closes later.

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        Ohh, you’re a legend! I’ve updated it and will see how it goes - thanks!

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    Thanks OP! Been waiting for this to go on sale.

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    Yeah have to say don’t hesitate on this purchase. As someone with a history of purchasing gadgets of questionable value to our house this one is one of the best purchases and at the price it cannot be beaten.

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    Does anyone have a list of all garage door that it's compatible with?

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    I just installed this kit on the weekend - works great and was very easy to install. I use it with Apple CarPlay which is super handy (if you can’t be bothered with the garage remote). I did have to turn my iPad into a home hub though for the garage to pop up on CarPlay before I arrived home.

    • Ummm wait what now? So I can’t just drive home and say “Hey Siri open garage” …

      • To keep your homekit devices contactable over the internet. you'll need either a homepod mini, apple TV (not sure which models), or ipad setup as a hub.

        • Can I just use their app to open the garage?

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            @Legend279: yes, when you are close enough for your phone to be on the same wifi network as the door opener. you can use the meross app
            Often this means your car is pulled up in front of the garage door. Not as convenient as asking siri to open the garage when you are almost home then driving straight into the garage

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          Rightio thanks for this Im all Alexa devices in the house. So wow I just assumed my iPhone HomeKit would pass my request to the app and then send it to the garage opener.

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            @Fuzzyduck: Installed this yesterday and it’s awesome. My iPhone is very easy to Just ask Siri a block away to open garage and have door opened via CarPlay. Then my partner has android Auto and it’s also seamless. Though I can’t get it to be p/word free on my partners google assistant. 🤷‍♂️ Then when were in the house we use Alexa and it’s work great, but also with p/word.
            If you’d told me beforehand that this would work so well across all three ecosystems I would have never believed it. Seems cheaper via Meross website. And there’s a code for a discount
            MSG100HK5 comes to $61.99.

  • For anyone with compatibility issues I just wired my DIY version to the contacts inside the wall mounted push button, which is just a garage remote in a large wall-mountable housing.

    • Can you share some information or photos of the setup?

      • I use a wifi smart switch powering a 5v power pack which operates a 5v relay. The relay contacts are wired to the button solder joints inside the wall switch.
        Jaycar has the prefab relay boards.

        I set automation for the smart switch that turns it back off after 2secs so it simulates a momentary press of the wall switch.

        I also use a door/window sensor that notifies me of door activation and current position.


  • so this will only work with home kit and not google assistant? - the Amazon page says compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant?

    • Homekit version is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & SmartThings. But if you do plan to use it with only Alexa or google, I think it better to buy the other version, one without Apple homekit. Reason — its cheaper (approx. $20 price diff)

  • Anyone know how these work? Glad I read the comments as I almost pulled the trigger

    Aka doesn’t matter if you use HomeKit or Alexa, etc you still have to be in range of the home wifi?

    If so seems a bit pointless pulling up the drive then waiting for wifi to connect

    • If you have HomeKit, then you can control it via the Home App no matter where you are.

      In the comment above, they are referring to people that do not have HomeKit/Alexa setup and in such case, it seems like they can control via the Meross App within the same wifi network.

    • The device will connect to your home wifi and your phone can send commands via internet.

      CarPlay shows an extra button on the home screen to open garage door when I am near my house

  • Is this compatitble with the Stoddart Single Garge Door Opener T series? Not listed on the compatiblility link.

    • What model? For example the Stoddart SDO4 is just a Centurion SDO4 rebranded. That one has an internal header which you can short to open the door. (N/O to COM).

  • Does the included sensor work for detecting obstructions when preventing/stopping it closing rather than just monitoring/advising of the current status open/close?

    Also does the sensor work with sliding gates rather than garage doors?

  • Note that this unit only controls one door. For 2 or 3 doors you can buy the MSG200 which is for sale on the Meross website

  • I have these pins on my garage door opener.
    Will this work?

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      Check your manual.
      Then confirm by sticking a paper clip into the 2 holes. If the paper clip works to open/close the door then just insert the 2 wires from this door opener to connect it up.

  • Appears to be slightly cheaper direct from the meross site. Am I missing something?

  • I will suggest you email their support email address ([email protected]), they were very helpful for me when I contacted about my Avanti garage door motor which is quite new.

  • I bought this for my stoddart double garage door, it wasn’t in the compatibility list , but still worked perfectly. Just had to figure out which points to short. Once that was done installation was easy.
    Just struggled a bit to find the right place to put in the sensors..

    • Where did you end up placing the sensors? Do you have roller shutters?

      • The SDO-4 has a shuttle that travels down the main, centre rail. If you place one magnet on the shuttle and the reed switch on the "home" position on the central rail, that works pretty well. Just buy some cable clips for the sensor wire, because those double sided sticky tape squares are a waste of time. You can't really use cable ties in that location because the shuttle has to travel down the rail.

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