Stanley 45 x 30cm 200kg Premium Plywood Platform Dolly $32 (Was $59) @ Bunnings


Credit to Pricehipster. Almost close to half price. $59>$42>$32 now

200kg Weight Rating
Ergonomic handle
anti-scuff rubber trimming
non-slip surface
Strong layered plywood base

The Stanley Moving Dolly has a strong 200kg weight capacity to make any moving job easy. It is made of strong multi-layered plywood and has a non-slip surface. The rubber trimming allong the edges will mean no scratches or marks are left if bumped into anything. This dolly is a perfect helper for the home, at work, at the fair or during the move, for the energy-saving and back-friendly handling of unwieldy objects. This dolly comes with an integral carry handle for easy transport and wiidely spaced wheels to help prevent the platform from tipping over.

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  • +9

    Hello Dolly!

  • Special order only.

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    Pretty sure the Aldi version of these go for $20 a couple of times a year, if you're not in a rush

    • +1

      Got the $20 one from Aldi a few weeks back and the quality is very good, same size

      • Same. Happy with my Aldi one!

      • yea bought 3 and definitely worth the $20.00. Able to move on timber, aggregate concrete, pavers no issues

      • Yep i think the aldi one was rated at 250kg so 50k more then the stanley one

        Also the stanley one has plastic wheels so may scratch floors

        • +1

          my aldi one snapped going over a bump while moving stone pavers (no where near 200kg). snapped at the counter bored holes for the bolt. was able to chop board shorter and reattach wheels.

          I rkn Stanley's plywood beats aldi boards.

          happy with aldi one indoors and lighter stuff or going over non-bumpy.

          • @DONMAI: This. I wouldn't really love using the Aldi one for serious work, mostly because if it busts I cant just take it into ALDI and pick up another one.

    • +2

      I got the Aldi one too, no particular use, just fun to have around the house

      • +3

        A skateboard for tradies?

    • Is there a way to track Aldi prices?

  • +10

    This is also known as an industrial stakeboard for us ozbargainers. Meets spec.

    • +3

      Is it safe for cats? I'm keen to train mine.

      • +2

        Worth at least a few of your cats 9 lives.

    • -1

      Does it kickflip?

      • Everything kickflips with enough force.

    • +1

      You meant skateboard? Yah, did that. Needed to be careful as it was a bit wobbly.

  • +4

    Would it be better than this one which is in stock and cheaper?

    And this one?

    • +1

      I'd go the MoveIt for the rubber wheels alone, hard wheels might mark floors.

      • +5

        Hmm the specs of the Moveit one specifically mention: "Grey rubber castors that are ideal for use on: Concrete and paving, Tiles (not delicate), NOT recommended for use on timber floors or other delicate or decorative surfaces, Reduces noise."

        • TBH I think they all suck. Get a quality dolly or just make one, but be sure it has rubber non-marking castors that'r good for any surface.

    • rubber top? not worth the hassle of a special order though

  • +2

    Looks like cheap hard plastic castors, hard to push and might mark the floor. Rubber non-marking castors would be preferred.

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    Do a kick flip

  • seems like a special order item in most bunnings

  • I have one of these and it's ok. It's good for placing a heavy item on top and storing it until you need to move/shift around without applying too much force. I wouldn't definitely use it for a trolley or a daily moving system internally. I use the Supercheap trolley that was on special recently to move stuff back/forth which is fantastic.

  • +1

    Unless you specifically need the plywood because you're likely to be using it in wet weather, moving liquid goods etc this still seems like much better value for money ($14)