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Indoor and Outdoor Plants $25 @ Woolworths (in Store Only)


Went to 2 Woolworths this morning (VIC) and saw fairly large indoors plants for sale for $25. There were outdoors plants too but I didnt look too closely at them.

The label on pot says 20cm Monsterra but when i went home and measured, the plant is over 32cm from top of soil to top of leaves. There was Ctenanthe, Monsterra, peace Lily, some variety of dark leaf ficus and others I dont recognise.

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    20cm doesn't measure the plant height - it's the diameter of the pot

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      Well, I cant use that line anymore. Thanks…..

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        Haha I’m just imagining a guy saying to a potential partner “It’s not the height of the plant that counts, it’s the diameter of the pot” 😅

    • Thanks for this. I too always thought it was height of plant.

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      Lol no I didnt know that was pot size😅. I still think its cheaper than bunnings because the ones I see at Bunnings might be similiar price but the plant is a lot smaller. If you go to a nursery specialising in indoor plants, the plants of a similiar size are about $50.

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    The 20cm is the pot size not the size of the plant.

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    I'm pretty sure the size usually refers to the diameter of the pot itself rather than the height of the plant. Still nice though!

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      its definitely all about the girth

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    There is nowhere else to buy plants at the moment 😔 might go check it out

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      Bunnings is open?

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        Not in Melbourne, there is click and collect but not a fan of waiting for days for my order to be filled and then in a massive queue of cars to pick it up

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          Ahh right, my local is open in Sydney

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            @Wickadz: Yup… Sydney's lockdown is a joke…

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              @gimmick: They're all a joke and should end immediately… But this isn't a forum for lockdowns

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                @Wickadz: @wickadz, I think the comment above actually suggests Sydney's lockdown is a joke because it may not be strict enough

                Lockdown itself is not a joke and better not end until vaccination rate gets up there…

            • @gimmick: 450 cases today and rising. Cant get a haircut i look homeless but i guess we're winning?

            • @gimmick: That's a myth.

        • Bit of an exaggeration. I'm usually in and out of their click and collect in 10 minutes.

          Not many other choices anyway.

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        with power pass you can walk in.

        Just apply on their website with an ABN.

        • Which you can not apply for at the moment

        • Or if you have a white card, I had to drop past recently and noticed that all of their indoor plants were tremendously discounted because there isn't really anyone in there to buy house plants at the moment.

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    Hey mate, not sure if anyone has told you yet but 20cm is pot size

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        Oh my… You didn't get the joke comment….

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    are there any with "medicinal" characteristics?

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    Is this in other stores?

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    • That’s amazing

    • Wow

    • Oh wow, I couldn't keep a straight face, warning NSFW lol

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    Seems like standard price for that size plant.

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      Yeah, for a 200mm you're looking between $20-$32.50. Really depends on your supplier and maturity of stock.

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    Always been the same price

    • Yeah it’s not a special. But on the other hand, it’s a place to actually see plants you buy, which is a rarity for some areas of Australia at the moment. And there’s fresh spring stock. Picked up a nice speckled begonia for $15 at my local woolies, not shop-worn yet.

  • did not know they had such plants now ..

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