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[iOS] Paramount Plus Subscription for $5.99/Year (iOS App Required)


Seems like there is a pricing error for Paramount+ on the Apple ecosystem.

Need an iOS device to take advantage.


  • Download the Paramount App on iOS
  • Sign up to a Monthly subscription (you are not charged here as there’s a free 7 day trial)
  • Go into your Subcriptions in Apple Settings and select “anual” at $5.99
  • You’re good until 2022

Get it while you can and enjoy 😄

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  • +1

    Done. Thanks

    • +1

      Great value, but it's a shame there doesn't seem to be much on it.
      In comparison to Disney+ and Netflix that is.

      • +3

        I subscribed to this for a few days ago for Paw Patrol The Movie (a reward for my niece.) Curious to know whether it will ever appear in the Australian catalog noting it is viewable in the US.

        But also for those interested, Seasons 5 & 6 (latest series) of Paw Patrol are available, though absent on Stan.

        For adults, the films Infinite (new release) and Wonder Woman were thoroughly enjoyable.

        As other have alluded to, the catalog is nowhere near as comprehensive as other providers - but obviously worth every cent at $5.99.

        By far the best deal of the year. Well spotted!

        • +1

          Paramount plus is shite.

          Very little content

          • +4

            @Franc-T: It might be shite for $9/month but not when it’s $6/year

            • @kaal: Oh - I misread the subject thinking it was a month! yeah, for a year its fine!

      • +1

        It has cheers and Frasier. That's me set for the next few months.

  • +2

    App not available in NZ. Sad.

    Edit - looks like Sky TV NZ made sure it didn’t launch in NZ.

    • +3

      Make a free AU account to download app & use a vpn.

      • +2

        Yeah in the process of creating another apple ID. Can get access to the app through Kodi + VPN, just need login details.

      • +1

        ahh bugger need an Australian payment method. Ah well was worth the try.

  • +1

    Nice, worked for me :)

    Question: How can we stream from PS5? Doesn't look like there's an app.

    • +1

      I haven't used Paramount, but it's plastered throughout the AppleTV app on my PS5.

  • Done! Thanks OP!

  • +7

    Worked, see what happens when 'anual' rolls around

    • +33

      Could end up with the “U” missing! 😇

    • +1

      Well it says

      Your subscription automatically renews for $5.99/year starting on 11 September 2022 until cancelled.

  • Thanks OP, worked :)

  • Damn, it actually worked. Thanks

  • +3

    Done. Thank you. I wonder if it will stick though.

  • Got it thanks OP! :D

  • Lets hope they dont cancel and refund! Thanks OP!

    • Right, let's hope they cancel and don't refund lol

  • Works great! Thanks OP!

  • Done thank you

  • +3

    I just sat down on the toilet, taking a big number 2.

    What's the chance this deal will still be up by the time I get out of the toilet and onto my iPad.

    • +2

      It looks like they have the “subscription” non-region locked so it’s likely a special in some Spanish region where anual and mensual are a special deal, ie $5.99/month or $8.99/month etc.

      Looks like a typo, But… /shrug.
      It’s a digital product.

      If they do undo this, I would probably refund this as there’s not much content. It May require a VPN to get access to US or UK content.

    • +28

      A true ozbargainer would squeeze it off and get the deal.

      • +15

        Penny "pincher"

    • +1

      What! You don’t have your iPad with you on the can?

    • +2

      Mate of you're still stuck on #2 then you should prob go see the doc

  • Can I cancel the yearly subscription right after the hack was successful?

    • +17

      yup, just canned it and it says i can still access until 10 sep 2022

      • +1

        Confirmed yes 10 sep 2022 and screenshot but I bet screenshots don’t hold up legally

  • Umm just thought. Does it mean 5.99 a month for signing up to it annually, so you’ll just be charged 5.99 for 12 months instead of the usual 8~ a month

    • +15

      Says renewal date is September 2022

      • +7

        maybe lockdown will be over then

        • +1

          Omg. Hope there is no more lockdown in Sep 2022!

          • +1

            @congo: Don't worry it'll wrap up late Aug 2022

    • 5.99 a month for 12 months

      Relax with the neg votes lol. I’m just saying it’s meant to be 5.99 a month for 12 months. Obviously an error; let’s see if they honour it

    • +13

      App store subscription page tells me next billing date is September 10 2022.

    • +9

      Dear hopper,

      This email confirms your subscription purchase:

      App Paramount+
      Subscription Paramount+ anual
      Content Provider ViacomCBS Digital DTC International LLC
      Date of Purchase 10 September 2021
      Renewal Price $5.99/year
      Payment Method PayPal

      Your subscription automatically renews for $5.99/year starting on 10 September 2022 until cancelled.

      To avoid being charged, you must cancel at least one day before each renewal date. To learn more or cancel, review your subscription.


  • Done!!! Thanks OP!!!

  • Doneee

  • Thanks op

  • +2

    Email confirmation received clearly states $5.99/year
    Keep it as proof. Great find Squiddy

  • Let's see what happens here…

    • -1

      Just got an email from Apple (because I had a few days of an existing subscription left).

      Total purchase amount: $22.98
      Amount refunded: $2.32

  • Done. Thank you

  • Solid. Thanks

  • Is prime still $3.99 on iOS?

    • +1

      Wth… Never heard that deal

      • Yeah it was for prime video only though not the other stuff included in normal prime

    • +2

      Prime is free fir a year if you have Optus

      • What? How am I only hearing about these deals in the comments.

        Oh, just checked and it's for new amazon customers only. I already have my Prime Video, Prime and Twitch all set up.

        • -1

          You can cancel then when it expires sign up for it. I did, had a mnthly prime, cancelled, contact amazon support and had immediately cancel (vs waiting) and signed up via optus for 12 mths free. 15 mins work…

    • Yes

  • Got it, thanks

  • -1

    Waiting for the cancellation email lolz….

  • exclusive to iOS, anyone tried with Android?

    • +2

      yup, no go :'(

      • Can you signup on iOS, and then access the same account from Android?

  • +48

    OzBargain bargain of the year contender here

  • Done. Thanks OP.

  • +2

    Done, thanks!

    Close to a record for the number of upvotes within an hour?

  • Thx OP

  • Done, it actually worked! Thanks

  • Great. Worked a treat

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Confirmed worked at $5.99/yr

  • Great find Op! Whichever way the penny drops!

  • Pay by Apple credit?

    • Yes, I did

      • +1

        Thanks, I have so much free apple credit from ozbargain years ago.

        • +1

          You can even use it to buy hardware from Apple now

        • How did you get free credit??

          • @Smol Cat: Many years ago deals from here can't remember the details, not anymore

        • Nice. I remember over a decade ago I got 50% off at Big W, but that’s all gone too.

          • @tomsco: That was very long time ago when I bought my iPad 3 and now I am on Android and lately just bought iPad 8 for my wife.

            Remember there were a lot of deals with free Apple credit.

  • Great.. Thanks OP..

  • Done thanks

  • Thanks OP! Done.

  • Great find! +1

  • I don't have an apple device, anyone know of any other way?

    Or does someone want to split the cost?

    • Can you use your friend's device?

    • Sharing an Apple ID and password with a stranger? No !

      Start making friends who use apple devices :D

      • I registered a different email to my appleid and worked fine i then logged in on my sony tv android all works fine

  • Great post, thanks OP!

  • Glorious

  • I don’t have a payment method attached to my account so they won’t allow me to get the free trial. Had to remove my card due to in-app by kids.

    • +1

      Set up a family sharing and limit kids accounts for purchases

    • If you have any credit on your account then it will work. Hint, add a $20 gift card from Coles/Woolworths.

      Have never had a credit card associated with Apple, I only ever use the gift cards

  • +1

    Deal of the year! Thanks op! Getting quick!

  • Actually amazing now to praying they uphold it!

  • Looks like my 7 day trail is ended when changed the subscription to anual. Hmm.

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