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Vaseria 17cm Terracotta Italian Pot $1 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Bunnings


This is a great value pot.
Free Click & Collect.

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    it's a normal price. you can buy it at any time.

  • What's the deal OP? Click and collect not showing up either..

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    Will this fit plants taller than 17cm ?

    I'll let myself out.

    • 17cm is the circumference. Height is 15cm.

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        I thought 17cm is a diameter. To measure size by circumference is quite odd and not informative I believe.

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          It is 17cm diameter. 17cm circumference would be 5.4cm diameter, which would be comically small. And the Bunnings website shows width and length as 17cm.

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          It was supposed to be a joke referred to his masculinity I'm afraid

        • It is Diameter.

          And to help the ladies visualise the pot, the girth is 17cm wide while the length is only 15cm. Fat and Short.

          on the serious side, pots at this size is good for growing seedlings.
          I am buying 10 of these along with some cucumber seedlings. When they are big enough, will transfer them out.

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          Of course it's the diameter. I seem to have mixed up my English math terms (sorry I don't sing my mother tongue)

  • Not a deal, always this price

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    That’s not the cheap pot I’m looking for. ;-P

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      Did you want plastic plasticoooohhhh wait now I get it.

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    Value trap. Not much you can grow with a pot that size.

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      You don't need anything bigger. The clue on what to grow is in the title -"pot".

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        i thought you need complex set ups to grow cannabis.

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          Nah weed grows in my concrete drive.

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        Yeh probably only good for "herbs".

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      I grew sunflowers in these pots. They grew up to more than a meter tall.

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      the value trap is when u reach out to try and buy the plate to go with the dish.
      they sting u with 180% of the price of the pot :P

      • better of getting 2 dishes

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    $1 cheap for pot

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    Hi Nadia.. if you flip it there’s a flat surface

  • Thanks OP!

  • Hmmm ok my local Bunnings has it in store but doesn’t allow me to C&C? Wtf why not? Lol

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    How can they manufacture these in Italy, send them halfway around the world and sell them for $1? Must be a loss leader or the slimmest of slim margins for everyone along the supply chain.

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    Where’s it made? I don’t want to support China

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      where's your computer made? your mouse? your chipboard? stop using them right away I say!

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        Actually my computer is not from China I rather support Australian business first then international markets but not communist countries. Just a preference same goes for everything in my home. And I don’t buy McCain they don’t support Aussie farmers.

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          you may not have purchased your computer from china but you paid someone else extra to have them buy it from china and resell it to you.

          almost all chips are manufactured in china.

    • You should click the link and find out for yourself.

    • Joke’s on you, good luck with that.

  • Any deal for 20000 of these and a hydro set up?

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    I looked at them a while back, they are very light and fragile.

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    These pots only seem to come in once every 6 to 9 months and sell out very quickly so it is good to hear about this as I can jump on a lot of them and use them for Christmas presents with plants in them. Thanks OP.

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    Can I use it for charcoal BBQ?

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      I'm going to try using the larger 30cm pot for a 'fire pit' on the weekend.
      Just make sure it's on a suitable surface as this 17cm does heat up ALOT. 3 teacandle bs heater crap that was a fail lol.

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        This may have fixed my cheap hibachi need. I may try one in near future.

      • Thanks. I just bought the $60 hibachi tho :(

  • Is it made in Italy?

    • Only the terracotta ;)

    • I think they mean that the word 'terracotta' is italian


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    This is great value pot.

    Should be "This is a great value pot". Completely different meaning.

    • Thank you. I fixed it.

  • The pots are $1.49 now

  • it's $1.49?