Intex Rectangular Pool Cover 4.5m x 2.2m $2 (Was $24) in-Store @ Big W (Limited Stores)


My first deal so please be gentle with me.

On clearance at Big W, check store stock as my local store said no stock online but had one on the shelf. I went there ready to pay the $24.

Little larger than the pool I got given by a friend but still does the job and has tie downs.

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    I don’t have a pool. Maybe I can use this as a blanket?

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      DYI car port, maybe a gazebo shade at camping or beach. Good luck if you find one, none around my area.

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    A quick search shows that BIG W Echuca is the only one listing low stock in the whole of Australia… Good luck to whoever can find it elsewhere.

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      I found mine in big w Noosa. Online said none in stock. Says available for click and collect Maroochydore but says no stock there. Best bet to check your local store if keen for one.

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        Big W stores here are closed :)

        • Ahh bummer sorry

  • How do you dispose of the water when it is time to empty it?

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      slowly siphon into the drain with a garden hose?

      • This man thinks.

  • Lots of pool chemicals on sale too :)

  • Where is the best place for getting a temporary pool like this?

    • Clark rubber is where mine came from originally.

      • Thanks, Do you think the pool can be used for at least 2-3 years?
        I am considering this.

        • Should if you look after it, mine is the same as that one. Was used by my friend once and has sat in his shed for 7 years as they got an inground pool.

          I've been watching a lot of videos on youtube on how to maintain it. Took me about 2 hours to set up by myself with help of youtube.

          • @Davbar24: I don't get the point of a temporary pool when they require a permanent pool fence anyway.

            • @Niximus: My yard is fully fenced anyway but yeah if you didn't having the fencing already for sure. Was going to put a pool in but wouldn't get done until next winter, high demand on sunshine coast.

              • @Davbar24: That might not be enough, I'd double check your local regs. You'll likely need a self-closing gate with a child-proof latch to be compliant.
                My house had a spa when I bought it, but checking the regulations I got rid of it as it would have been too much hassle to set the fence and gate up and my yard is fully fenced off.