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Moleskine Classic Briefcase $80 (Was $199) + $8.80 Shipping @ Milligram Outlet


The Moleskine Lifestyle Travelling collection of urban bags and cases is designed for a mobile lifestyle. With their clean design, they recall the supreme simplicity of the Moleskine notebook. Moleskine have released the new and improved Classic Collection. A discreet and iconic notebook-inspired collection with space for everything you need when on the move. The new Classic briefcase is elegant and lightweight for serious business. Featuring removable padded shoulder straps, it fits up to 15" devices and also comes with a trolley strap for longer journeys. This briefcase is made of a high quality polyurethane with a molded base so it will stay standing.

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    Even at $80 it's still a PU bag …

    • -1

      Though definitely a nice one.

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        link says the outside is plastic.

    • +1

      Yep, Disappointed Moleskine ain't moleskin.

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      it's still a PU bag ā€¦

      It smells ??

  • WAS $199

    No it wasn't, it was the same price last week…

    • Hello! Yes, this one was marked down mid last week and we're sharing it with you now. The original price was $199. Thanks! :)

      • -2

        The original price was $199

        When did you last sell one for $199 ?

        The product wasn't on your website before….

        • +1

          Hello! This product wasn't on our Outlet website however was available on Milligram.com for $199. Thanks so much! :)

  • Does anyone remember the price of the bellroy classic backpacks from the Somedays sale? Is this cheaper at $96?


    • That's a good price. Forget the Someday's sale, it was already sold out when that deal was posted.

  • I am curious as to the authenticity of this item … could this be a cheap 'knock-off' copy of the genuine article? I ask that question because, looking at the apparently 'genuine' article at https://www.moleskine.com/en-gb/shop/bags/device-cases-sleev... and at https://www.amazon.com.au/Moleskine-Leather-Briefcase-Classi..., in those latter photos it can in my assessment be more clearly seen that the product there appears to be made of leather, or at least a more leather-like material, and the logo / branding is much higher on the side of the bag then shown in the item being sold by Milligram.

    I can find nothing that looks like the bag being sold by Milligram, on the Moleskine website.

    Perhaps $80 is all the article being sold by Milligram is worth?

    • Milligram's parent company Telegram are the authorised distributor of Moleskine in Australia; they're not selling fakes. Plus you're comparing the wrong bag. The links you've provided are for a Leather Briefcase. The one being sold here is a Classic Briefcase with different design and material.

      You can't find it on the Moleskine website as it's discontinued.

      • Thank you for the clarification!

    • Hello! Thank you for your comment. Milligram is an official retailer of the Moleskine collection. This particular bag is not made of leather. Telegram Co is the exclusive distributor for Moleksine in Australia and has the affiliation with Milligram. Thank you!

  • -1

    What an ugly bag

    • +1

      We're sorry to hear you don't love this deal. Feel free to peruse our store for any other bags that you might like better than this one. Thanks! :)

  • +1

    ā€œ high quality polyurethaneā€
    No such thing.

  • Remember, pleather is just leather, with a little extra.

    • pleather, pronounced pleb-ather