Gaggia New Classic Pro Coffee Machine $659 Delivered @ Appliances Online | $639 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Stainless Steel is cheapest at $659, however the estimated delivery is 15th of Oct. Other colours slightly more expensive and available for next day delivery are Cherry Red $679, Industrial Grey $689 & Blue $699.

Also available at Costco $639 Delivered. credit KaiserKid7 or possibly still $599.98 in-store.

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  • Hasn't it always been this price? Cherry Red also cheaper by a dollar on their eBay… Link

    Edit: Costco has it for $639.

    • Thanks, have updated OP.

  • You can get an extra $20 off with coupon code also

  • Costco had the stainless for $600 in store recently.

    Costco online has all 3 colours for $640 each inc. delivery

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    Not sure what the "new pro" model has, but a colleague has an older one. He changed the psv set point and added a digital temp controller and it honestly produces a cup of coffee up there with the best in Perth (combined with skill, grinder, and beans of course).

  • Any ozb feedback on this machine? How’s it compare to your breville’s which come up often?

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      I have a classic pro in black, bought from alternative brewing a couple months ago.

      It's a semi-pro machine, without any of the bells and whistles of the breville/other coffee machines on the market. All of the cost has been put into a solid, low complexity but high quality machine.

      This means no "one shot" button - it only has 3 buttons total: Machine On, Espresso Pump on, and Steam Heater on.

      If you're slightly nerdy and willing to learn a little about how to pull a good coffee it's a great machine.
      If you're living with people who are also willing to learn the bare minimum of how to pull a shot, it's a pretty good machine.
      If you or other people who will use it just want a no-fuss "Click button and coffee comes out" then - probably best to look elsewhere.

      The included "things" are semi-decent - the grouphead is solid. It doesn't come with a stainless jug for frothing milk (But those are cheap elsewhere), and you'll most likley want to buy a better 58mm tamp, as the included one is shit (but does the job)

      Also: There are numerous mods, if you really want to get into making coffee. Things like changing the springs to reduce the pressure to 9 bar, and adding PID temperature control.

      When I bought it I had notions of modding it - and still might one day - but for now, with a little practice it makes a great coffee with no hassles.

      • Awesome review and feedback mate. Appreciate it !

      • Can't add much except to highlight the quality difference. The Gaggia is a very premium feeling machine comparatively, and uses much higher quality components. Anything Breville will likely be in landfill before the Gaggia even needs a service.

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      I have one, solid machine but if you are asking that question, the Breville Bambino is way better value. Modding to add a PID and a spring to bring the pressure to 9 bars is at the cheapest around 200 dollars, with a DIY ugly PID, which is what I have :-D, which brings this unit to the Breville Dual Boiler price range when on sale. This used to be the go to entry level prosumer machine and still is a very well built machine but the Breville Bambino plus is OOB more capable than this and probably the best " beginner" machine . In the right hands this one will pull better espresso shots occasionally, the Bambino would pull acceptable espresso shots every time with a medium to dark roast. I will be getting a Bambino plus when they get to the 300 level. If you know what you like in an Espresso, the type of bean, the extraction of all the notes of said bean, buy it and you will love it, if not buy the Bambino plus. But whichever way you go buy a decent grinder.. that is more important than the brewing machine.

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    Relevant video: "TURNING A $450 MACHINE INTO A $3000 ESPRESSO MACHINE!: Gaggia Classic Pro FRANKENSTEIN"

  • Can confirm today, silver version available at Costco Ringwood $599.98.
    Other stores may vary.